Kitchen Storage Cabinet Unique Pantries for Beautiful Kitchens

42+ Kitchen Storage Cabinet

ID# 100827 | – CreditHughes Developments | © Photo by Adam Scott / Architectural

White Kitchen with White High-raised Storage Cabinet

Located in a bright kitchen, this storage cabinet was impressively designed and found its place in the kitchen. The dark tone wood used in the interior stands out by contrasting with the exterior. The storage white kitchen cabinet has different sizes of storage space, and the first four compartments have space for heavy steel items. In the lower compartment, a microwave compartment is designed, excluding the usage area with drawers. This offers a user-oriented design.


ID# 100807 | – Credit© Naked Kitchens

Grey Shaker Cabinets with Wood Details

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen embodies all the traditionalism of shaker design such as aperture beading attached to the face frames and contrasts of color between oak with a neutral gray background. The minimalist and stylish pewter handles and glazed panels on the upper cabinets, reflect light and illuminate the cabinets feature piece contents and oak interior.


Impressive, Pleasant, and Complementary Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with Creative Storage Areas!

One of the latest trends among modernized kitchens is large and open-plan kitchens, which have a more streamlined look as well as a more spacious feel. In addition, island countertops with cupboards or washbasins have become very common in the kitchen. The design and colors of the cabinets are of course important in stylish and modern kitchens, although light tones and even white are chosen in general, the harmony of contrast colors is still among the favorites. That’s why you should take a look at these kitchen storage cabinet ideas we have prepared.

Choose a useful design that is compatible with kitchen colors.

Storage cabinets, which can be located in a corner of your kitchen, can also be positioned in your pantry room, if available. You can keep the foods and other items you do not use every day in your food cabinet as you wish. Storage cabinets, besides their usage features, also offer stylish model alternatives to suit the decoration of your kitchen. While meeting your storage cabinet needs, you can also make your kitchen decoration beautiful. Storage cabinets can offer different features such as doors and compartments.

You can choose wooden or metal shelves in accordance with your cabinet colors with their crowd-gathering feature and stylish appearance, These cabinets, where small kitchen appliances can also be stored, contain sliding, fixed, and thin shelf systems in different.

ID# 100801 | – Credit

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and White Countertop

In this kitchen design dominated by white tones, the first thing that catches the eye is the stylishly designed island. This island, which has a white cabinet and countertop, has a good harmony with the rest of the space. The dark color used on the floor reveals the rest of the space. Storage cabinets in gray color have also contributed to the kitchen by being designed versatile and functional.


ID# 100802 | – Credit© Kitchen Interiors

Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry with Light Gray Shaker Cabinets

In this country kitchen design we have seen, light tones are preferred on the floor. One of the prominent elements in the kitchen is the island with a white countertop and a gray shaker cabinet. A light gray-colored multi-layer design is presented as the pantry storage cabinet. In this cabinet, which offers a useful space, light tonewood is preferred for interiors, and wood parts add warmth to the atmosphere.


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The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 100803 | – CreditMW Architects | © Photo by French + Tye

Kitchen Pantry Cabinets with Grey and Yellow Doors

The storage area, which we have seen in this design with a bright space, is well designed. Dark gray cabinets with a white countertop are preferred in the kitchen dining room, supported with a white backsplash. The pantry storage cabinets, which continue towards the upper parts of the space, have an open design and some places feature closed cabinets.


ID# 100804 | – CreditLisette Voute Designs | © Nick Smith

Traditional Kitchen with Natural Wood Kitchen Pantry Design

A double-width integrated pantry is designed to offer a lot of storage space for the kitchen product. It offers a nice area to store non-light steel household appliances. A marble surface was used on the interior island. This island also contributed to the emergence of natural tones of the pantry storage cabinet in wood. The white color prevailing on the floor and throughout the kitchen provided a bright working environment.


ID# 100805 | – Credit© Higham Furniture

Traditional Kitchen Pantry with White Oak Interior Cabinet

An example of a classic eat-in kitchen design with white shaker cabinets, white solid surface countertops, and stainless steel appliances has achieved a nice harmony. The pantry storage cabinet designed with medium tonewood has a double-lidded area designed for the storage of heavy metal materials and spice dishes. Lighting elements with a stylish design are preferred in the kitchen, which has a warm working environment.


ID# 100806 | – Credit© Symes Interiors

Elegant Kitchen Shaker Cabinets in Grey

We see a kitchen design dominated by gray colors. Gray shaker cabinets, granite countertop, gray backsplash, and mid-sized cottage galley terra-cotta tile are used. On the other hand, we see a double-door design consisting of 8 compartments in different sizes. This pantry storage cabinet, which has a fixed upper part and a sliding lower part, is also preferred in gray color, as in the rest of the kitchen.


ID# 100808 | – Credit© My Fathers Heart

Farmhouse Kitchen with Recessed-panel Red Cabinets

This impressive red recessed-panel storage cabinet that we have seen consists of 6 compartments. The first 4 compartments are fixed and different storage areas are provided in the last 2 compartments. Designed as an open concept, this pantry storage cabinet offers comfortable to use due to its large storage area. Lightwood is preferred and it has a good harmony with the floor of this kitchen.


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The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Combining rustic California gold slate with burgundy glass, distinctive and unique aesthetic.

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 100809 | – Credit© Lewis Alderson & Co.

Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry with Double Larder Cupboard

This kitchen we have seen is an example of a huge cottage limestone floor kitchen pantry design with flat-panel gray cabinets, and granite countertops. The color of the cabinets and the wood tone used in the interior are some of the prominent features in the space. Designed with 5 compartments and double doors, this cabinet provides useful storage space customer service. In the design where the first four shelves are fixed, a basket is used for storage space on the last shelf.


ID# 100810 | – Credit© Vogue Kitchens

Contemporary Monochrome Kitchen with Flat Panel Pantry Storage Cabinets

This minimalist open plan kitchen designed like a room in which to cook and entertain the handleless kitchen maximizes space and minimizes clutter. Carbon grey-fronted storage abounds in this kitchen which features floor-to-ceiling cabinetry including a full-size contemporary pantry further cupboards with pull-out units and shelving together. Quartz countertop features an extended.


ID# 100811 | – Credit© Roundhouse

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Gray Tone Storage Cabinets

In this kitchen example, where we see a beautiful harmony of white and dark gray, a stainless steel countertop is used for the island. Designed in harmony with the dark gray colored island used in the cabinets large and wide windows close to the ceiling increased the light quality of the space. The part used as pantry storage inside the dark gray cabinets is designed as a 6-compartment double-door, but no extra shelves are placed on the doors cart. The first two of these 6 compartments are fixed the last four are designed in different sizes and sliding.


ID# 100812 | – CreditDay True | © Photo by Gary Summers

Navy Blue Cabinets with Wood Storage and Brass Hardware

This beautiful hidden mini-pantry has room for all bits and pieces and when the cupboard doors shut will combine with the rest of the kitchen. This beautiful example of a large trendy kitchen pantry design with dark wood cabinets offers stylish storage space. It presented a stylish design example with an impressive cross design wine cabinet at the top a section with heavy steel materials in the middle and a shelf on a single cover.


ID# 100813 | – CreditHana Snow | © Photo by Adam Carter

Transitional Kitchen with Gray Storage Cabinets

In this transitional kitchen example where light tones are preferred, we see a comfortable and spacious design. The marble countertop used in the island the gray and stone slab backsplash used in the kitchen, the ceramic tile in large sizes and beige tones used on the floor have been good examples of design. The area used as a storage cabinet is designed as 8 compartments, double doors, 4 of them are railed drawers and the rest are fixed. The usage area has been increased by designing shelves on the doors.


ID# 100814 | – CreditHumphrey Munson | © Photo by Darren Chung

Transitional Kitchen with Large Gray Recessed-panel Cabinets

In this kitchen example designed in the simple color palette, light gray is used in the cabinets. This color also contrasts with wood elements, contributing to the prominence of wooden elements. The storage cabinet we have seen is designed with 6 compartments, and these compartments are designed in different ways to offer different usage purposes. Minimalist ceiling lighting is preferred in the kitchen with a bright area.


ID# 100815 | – Credit© Woodale

Transitional Kitchen with White Storage Cabinet

In this kitchen where white color is used impressively, medium tone wood is preferred for the storage cabinet. In this storage area designed with 7 compartments, the part used as a cabinet at the top is cleverly designed. Offering an equal area of 3 by 3, the cabinet has two different designs, sliding and fixed. Storage space has been increased by placing additional four-compartment shelves on the cabinet doors.


ID# 100816 | – CreditHumphrey Munson | © Photo by Paul Craig

Transitional Mid-sized Kitchen with Well-designed Storage Cabinet

This classic contemporary space feels so calm and collected attention. The white color used in the floor and cabinets make the space impressive. The area designed as a storage cabinet consists of 7 different compartments. The first four of these are designed in different sizes and in sacrifice. There are 5 different drawers in the last 3 compartments sort filter. Dark tonewood is used and the names of the materials to be stored are engraved on wood for the convenience of the user.


ID# 100817 | – Credit

Transitional Kitchen with Beige Floor and White Storage Cabinets

With this bright design dominated by white color, the large I-shaped beige floor storage cabinet stands out in the kitchen. Unlike the bright tones of the kitchen, dark wood was preferred. This has made the closet stand out. The cabinet is designed in 7 different parts united kingdom. The first 4 of these are fixed and in different sizes. The five different cabinets in the last 3 compartments are designed in different sizes and contain features that will provide convenience to the user. Shelves on the doors provide additional space for jars or bottles.


ID# 100818 | – Credit© Davonport

Corner Dark Blue Pantry Cabinet with Wood Details

We see many impressive elements in this dark blue storage cabinet design. Having a large volume, the cabinet has many different compartments and storage areas. It has different usage areas, sliding and fixed. It also contributed to the storage space by considering the cabinet doors. By using medium tonewood in the interior of the design, the storage area has become prominent. This pantry cabinet can be adjustable for different styled kitchens.


ID# 100819 | – Credit© Cue Group of Companies

Gray Pantry Cabinet with Tropical Wallpaper

An example of a transitional concrete floor kitchen pantry design with dark wood cabinets offers a beautiful design. This storage cabin which is designed as 7 floors has 3 compartments at the top. These three compartments have storage areas of different sizes. In the middle, an area is provided for the storage of heavy steel kitchen utensils, and in the last 3 sections, sliding drawers are designed. Shelves are also designed on the doors and the usage area has been increased.


ID# 100820 | – Credit© Davonport

Transitional Kitchen with Dark Gray Storage Cabinets

Inspiration for a large transitional kitchen pantry remodel with gray cabinets, wood countertops, and an island offers a good example of design. The impressive pantry hand-painted in a dark shade of gray provides helpful storage for appliances, mixing bowls, and dried food. The racks on both doors optimize the space fully whilst the oak drawers in the bottom half of the pantry offers additional storage.


ID# 100821 | – Credit | © Lewis&Hill

Contemporary Kitchen with Limed Oak Modern Storage Cabinets

A clean and contemporary style was the brief for this modern design, a good example of design. White painted hardwood cabinetry with oak interiors echo the limed oak floorboards with white Silestone worktops in leather finish reflecting light from the windows back into the room. Medium tone wood is preferred for the storage cabinets and it is designed as 8 layers shipping. Cabinet doors were also used as shelves and storage space was increased.


ID# 100822 | – Credit© Johnny Grey Studios.

Contemporary Kitchen with Stylish Pantry Cabinet

An example of a trendy storage cabinet design has a different design approach. Inspired by Indian recycled tinware but made of stainless steel, this stunning and ingenious cupboard provides amazing storage for a whole variety of jars and condiments. Ply dividers create an order for the different-sized bottles and canisters. The height of the cupboard maximizes the use of a tall narrow wall.


ID# 100823 | – Credit© Bath Bespoke

Traditional Kitchen with Wide Medium Tone Wood Storage Cabinet

This example of a large classic u-shaped marble and white floor enclosed kitchen design in other with gray shaker cabinets we have seen offers a beautiful design space and no island. It is designed to have plenty of storage space inside the storage cabinet with double doors and a large volume. Composed of 7 compartments, the cabinet has a volume to accommodate many different materials.


ID# 100824 | – Credit© Charlie Kingham | Guildford

White Shaker Cabinets with a Touch of Wood

We see this beautiful example of a farmhouse kitchen design with shaker storage cabinets and an island. This traditional hardwood shaker-style kitchen finished in hand-painted. The countertops are Carrera marble and the table come breakfast bar has an oak countertop with aged cast iron Georgian style handles.


ID# 100825 | – Credit© Jonathan Williams Luxury Kitchens

Large Dark Wood Kitchen Pantry with Wine Cabinet

In this elegant kitchen storage cabinet we have seen, we see different compartments designed for different usage areas. It is designed as solid inframe handmade. In the upper part, there is a section designed as an open wine cabinet. In the lower part, there are 6 different compartments with a large usage volume. Three of them have an open concept, while the other three are designed as drawers.


ID# 100826 | – Credit© Chantry Kitchens

Medium Tone Wood Cabinets with Plenty of Storage

The main idea in this storage cabinet, which we see as a very stylish design example, is to be user-oriented. For the user, the directions have been made in the design and this pleasant storage cabinet has emerged. This design, which has a wide range of usage areas, shelves, drawers, and cabinets, stands out impressively as it has a harmonious color tone in the bright space.


ID# 100828 | – Credit© Charlie Kingham | Guildford

White Kitchen Cabinets with Center Island and Marble Countertop

In this example, we see a hardwood shaker-style kitchen. The built-in cabinets and island are hand-painted pavilion gray. The tall cabinetry is paired with a ladder for easy access to the taller cupboards. The large island integrated with storage. The integrated larder unit includes a built-in Miele microwave and mounted spice racks. It has painted frames with a natural wood interior finish.


ID# 100829 | – Credit© Diamante Storage Solutions

Black Corner Cabinets with Kitchen Storage Racks

These open-concept storage cabinets that we have seen are designed as user-oriented. The black color used helped the design stand out in the rest of the space. This open concept design offers nice storage space with different sizes of shelves and drawers. There is also an area where heavy steel elements are stored and is also used as a wine cabinet. The fact that it is raised from the ground is one of the outstanding details in the design.


ID# 100830 | – Credit© Tommy Hein Architects

Transitional Kitchen with Grey Kitchen Pantry

Designed in a very stylish and user-oriented way, this storage cabinet stands out in the rest of the space. This cabinet, in which metallic colors are preferred on the shelves, has a large volume and offers different storage areas to the user. The doors of this cabinet, which is used as a food storage area, are designed in the same color as the rest of the room.


ID# 100831 | – Credit© Great Kitchens & Baths

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinets with Drawers

We have seen this example of a large classic l-shaped ceramic tile eat-in kitchen design with an under-mount sink, white shaker cabinets. Quartzite countertops, beige ceramic backsplash, and stainless steel appliances are designed in harmony. The multi-story storage white kitchen cabinet that we have seen covers an area from floor to ceiling. It is designed in a structure with drawers in the lower part. A fixed shelf is used in the upper part.


ID# 100832 | – Credit© Michael Kim Associates

Farmhouse Kitchen with Recessed-panel Storage Cabinet

Light wood floor was preferred in the large farmhouse u-shaped kitchen designed with the concept of eat-in kitchen. Farmhouse sink, recessed-panel white kitchen cabinets are used. Beige subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and an island with quartz countertop are designed in harmony. This storage cabinet has become one of the elements that highlight itself with its modern design in the space. Consisting of 7 shelves, this design is designed as sliding.


ID# 100833 | – Credit© Inspired Closets by Tom

Farmhouse Mid-sized Kitchen with Storage Cabinet Room

In this modern mid-sized storage cabinet, medium tone porcelain tile is preferred on the floor and the upper parts of the place are tried to be highlighted. White cabinets are preferred at the top and are designed in an open concept. In the lower part, a user-oriented design has emerged by preferring sliding partitions. By using a brown wood countertop, space was tried to be brought to more natural tones.


ID# 100835 | – Credit© Vanillawood

Contemporary Kitchen with Integrated Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet wall is 12’4 “and the height is 8’2”. Designed from medium tonewood material, the cabinet stands out in the white cabinet with its different design features. It contains a wine refrigerator and stainless steel appliances. In the design that is integrated with the refrigerator, sliding and lidded storage areas of different sizes are preferred.


ID# 100836 | – CreditBrayer Design | © Lain Kemp

White Cabinets with Grey Backsplash and Marble Countertop

Transitional kitchen idea with gray shaker cabinets is designed in perfect harmony with granite countertops, gray backsplash and stainless steel appliances. The storage cabinet is designed from floor to ceiling and has a large volume. In this design consisting of double-door, fixed shelves, cabinet doors are also used as shelves. Medium tone wood, which is preferred as a material, is in harmony with the rest of the space.

ID# 100839 | – Credit© Woodstock Furniture

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Gray/Green Storage Cabinet

In this design, where all the elements are designed from scratch according to the user’s request, we see a storage cabinet with a bifold door. Its color is revealed by the customer’s preference and medium tone wood material is preferred. There are 8 fixed shelves of different volumes. The light tone ceramic preferred on the floor adds a bright atmosphere to space.


Traditional Mosaic Tiles

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Mother of Pearl Waterjet White Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White Gray Dot Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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White pearl and marble mixed mosaic tile, elegant look for projects.

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Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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White & gray marble flower pattern floor wall mosaic tile

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ID# 100840 | – Credit© Mylands

Traditional Kitchen with Gray/Blue Storage Cabinet

We see a beautiful design approach in this gray/blue storage cabinet placed slightly elevated from the floor. The interior material of the cabinet, which is designed to have 3 doors, is preferred as a light tonewood. The cabinet, which has fixed and sliding shelves in different sizes, offered a good solution for the user. It is located harmoniously with the rest of the room.


ID# 100834

White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Wood Floor

In the kitchen example of which small elegant dark wood floor is preferred, with recessed-panel cabinets are used. White cabinets are in good harmony with marble countertops. Gray mosaic tile backsplash, paneled appliances, and no island contributed to the design. This storage cabinet has a very large volume and has many hanging storage areas. Sliding cabinets fixed storage areas, drawers are designed as open and closed concepts.

ID# 100837

Matte Navy Blue Cabinets with Central Island and Gray Counter Chairs

In this design, which has a very bright and spacious environment thanks to the skylight, we see that dark blue color is preferred in the cabinets and countertop of the island. Medium tone wood is preferred for the floor and interior material of the storage cabinet. The storage cabinet, which offers different sizes of storage space, is designed as fixed and drawer shelves. The double-door storage cabinet highlights itself in the space.

ID# 100838

Blue and White Kitchen Design with Gray Subway Backsplash

We see an impressive presentation in this example of a kitchen with a stylish design. The white and maple islander paint used in the cabinets has revealed the fascination of the place. Quartzite countertop and gray backsplash have caught a perfect harmony, stainless steel appliances are well-positioned. The minimalist and traditional design storage cabinet placed in the corner of the island offers a nice look in this design with many cabinets.

ID# 100841

Transitional Kitchen with Medium Tone Wood Floor and White Shaker Storage Cabinets

Designed to be floor-to-ceiling, this storage cabinet is positioned in the corner right next to the refrigerator. This cabinet, which is placed at an important point in the kitchen, has a usage area from different angles. It has vertical and horizontal drawers and fixed shelves are located at the top and bottom. The cabinet pantry has a 28 “wide plan.

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