Cream Kitchen Backsplash Make a Soft Touch with Cream Color

25+ Cream Kitchen Backsplash

ID# 140010 | – Credit© ANDdesign / Александра Дашкевич

Harmonious Kitchen design with Cream Kitchen Backsplash

In this Kitchen, simplicity achieves a very nice harmony and balance by combining different colors and materials. The kitchen backsplash, kitchen countertop, and part of the floor covering are the same color: Cream. It provides unity in the whole area. The cream kitchen backsplash and the kitchen countertop, which are in the same color and material as the backsplash look very soft and it does not stand out at all, on the contrary, the other details emphasize more. It adds a different atmosphere to the white kitchen cabinets with a very nice shade of green and bright structure.

The dining section of the kitchen continues as a wooden covering on the floor, thus making a warm transition to this side. The pendant lights in pastel tones are beautiful details of the space and add a warm atmosphere to the kitchen. The cream kitchen backsplash, kitchen countertop, and floor have with all other colors a balanced appearance.

ID# 140033 | – Credit© АВИЛА. Студия интерьера и архитектуры

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash in harmony with nostalgia

A small nostalgic kitchen unit standing in a large and high space. The Whole Kitchen consists of a stove and fireplace under the big black hood. The cream tile backsplash covers the entire wall and creates a clean backdrop for the rest of the kitchen. The wooden ceiling details and the pendant lamp emphasize the nostalgic atmosphere of the environment, while the glass door on the right symbolizes modernism. The perfect harmony of black, cream, and wood adds warmth to this environment.

Cream Kitchen Backsplash

The cream kitchen backsplash is great for any type of space, in kitchen decors. Because it is easy to combine these colors. Cream fits into almost all possible color schemes and styles. It is also possible to find many different materials in this color, for example, glass, stone, marble, and ceramics. This color can add warmth to your kitchen. With a cream kitchen backsplash, it’s possible to combine unlimited colors and patterns for kitchen cabinets.

Different desired effects can be also used together with this color. The backsplash is important for a kitchen and is an element that changes the whole atmosphere of the space. For this reason, it is a choice that should be made carefully, so a Cream kitchen backsplash can be a risk-free choice.

ID# 140011 | – Credit© ZROBIM architects

White Cabinets and Black Accessories with Cream Kitchen Backsplash

The cream kitchen backsplash completes the white cabinets in this kitchen. The color cream can easily adapt to almost any space. The cream backsplash and cream countertop broke the contrast between black and White and makes a smooth transition. Black metal hangers around the black paddle box, which also provide ease of use, are in harmony with the chairs in front of the counter. The island in the middle which serves as a preparation area has the same material as the kitchen counter and the kitchen backsplash.

The lower part of the island gives a beautiful appearance with dark gray marble. In this modern kitchen, which is generally dominated by white and cream colors, accents are made with black color, while the kitchen lower cabinets and dining table in dark wood tone create harmony even with the contrasting materials.

What color cabinets are good for a cream backsplash?

For the cream backsplash, you can use almost any color of kitchen cabinets. For those who love colorful kitchens, having a cream backsplash can bring colors to the fore. It can be combined very well with white or black kitchen cabinets for more simple and modern styles. For traditional styles, wood and cream are always a nice alternative.

ID# 140012 | – Credit© Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors

Cream Kitchen Backsplash with contemporary design

The cream-tiled backsplash completes the natural design of this contemporary kitchen. Stained wood Kitchen base cabinets, natural stone island in gray tones, countertops and hood, and cream tile backsplash give together the impression of a farmhouse. This perception is strengthened by using natural materials. With wood-clad ceilings and flagstone floors, this space reflects naturalness and comfort. The hood, which is positioned alone on the cream tile backsplash, makes the kitchen feel more spacious despite its size. The kitchen counter, which is made of the same material, is in perfect harmony with some of the backsplash extensions. The organic materials and tones create a generally peaceful environment.

Beige Mosaic Tiles

Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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Beachy brown & beige slate natural shell & glass mosaic backsplash tile

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Beige glass rhomboid design kitchen backsplash tile

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White Beige Marble Elegant Mosaic Backsplash Tile

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ID# 140013 | – Credit© Giulia Novars

Elegant and Calm Design with Cream Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen, which consists of white shaker cabinets, is accompanied by cream kitchen backsplashes and countertops of the same color. The fact that the backsplash and the counter are the same color gives a sense of unity. In general, a very elegant and calm design is obtained. Again, the appliances in white ensure that the white cabinets continue without dividing them. Silver handles make a luxurious impression. The veined mid-tone parquet on the floor adds a warm atmosphere. The round table adds a different atmosphere to this kitchen with its stylish design. It is a stylish and simple transitional kitchen design.

Should the backsplash be lighter or darker than the cabinets?

It can never be said exactly which one is right or should be better. Generally, it is a darker backsplash for light cabinets or vice versa, a lighter backsplash for dark cabinets. That is, to create contrast. Contrasting choices create visual depth, especially when it comes to small kitchens. Depending on the general design of the kitchen, the backsplash can have the same color as the cabinets, or it can be used in many different forms and patterns. It all depends on the ambiance and taste that is desired to be created.

ID# 140014 | – Credit© Ocean & Merchant

Cream Kitchen Backsplash for Butcher Block Countertops with Gray Cabinets Design in Kitchen

The kitchen, which consists of dark gray shaker cabinets and the warm effect of the butcher block countertop, complements it with square backsplashes made of cream tones. The different tones of cream with some gray tones and the moving surface of the backsplashes create a moving effect neutral effect. The glass details used in the kitchen upper cabinets add a different atmosphere to the design. The combination of the veined mid-tone butcher block countertop and the dark grey cabinets adds a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The square blended with cream kitchen backsplash adds vitality to the kitchen and gives a very pleasant design.

ID# 140015 | – Credit© Clever Closet Company

Cream Kitchen Backsplash Combination with Wood

The cream backsplash is used in a light wood tone and the upper kitchen cabinets extending to the ceiling continue in the same tone but a different wood texture. These gradual transitions of wood invite nature into the space. While the lower kitchen cabinets give the space a serene look with their plain texture and dark gray color, the white kitchen counter adds light to the space. Long handles emphasize the horizontality and add a modern feel. The glass detailed cabinet on the left side of the kitchen adds a romantic atmosphere to the kitchen.

The floor covering in gray tones follows the dark gray kitchen lower cabinets, which makes the wooden backsplash and upper cabinets stand out more. The light leaking from the window above the washbasin helps to brighten the area.

White Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white frosted and clear glass thin linear clean look backsplash tile.

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White ceramic arabesque shaped mesh-mounted mosaic tile.

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Large size white chevron marble mosaic tile for kitchen and bathroom projects.

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Modern look white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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White Glass Herringbone Marble Look Mosaic Tile

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ID# 140016 | – Credit© ArdenHomes

Cream Kitchen Backsplash in combination with wood

The perfect harmony of cream kitchen backsplash with wood. This kitchen design, which stands out with its white walls and near-white floor covering, has a very warm atmosphere with wood tones. A part of the island extending from the middle of the kitchen serves as a preparation section and a part is used as a dining area. This division is also isolated from each other by using different materials. The white kitchen countertops give the kitchen a clean look. The white pendant lamp on the island adds elegance to the space.

ID# 140017 | – Credit© Exactus Homes

Cream Kitchen Backsplash with Classic Style Kitchen

The classic style kitchen accompanies by a large marble cream backsplash. White kitchen cabinets reinforce the classic look with silver handles. Kitchen countertops in different patterns but the same color tone and backsplash follow each other. Kitchen appliances in silver color add an industrial style. The dark wood-colored parquets on the floor give a general soft atmosphere to the kitchen.

Material Options for Cream Kitchen Backsplash

There are many different material alternatives for the cream kitchen backsplash. It can be in many different tones and easily adapts to many environments. According to the material used, the cream kitchen backsplash can stay in the background and highlight the other elements of the kitchen. For example, with a plain pattern less ceramic or glass material. On the other hand, cream kitchen backsplash can be the focal point of the kitchen, again depending on the material selection. For example, in the use of stone materials.

Cream Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Ceramic is a material that is easy to apply due to its structure and is widely used as a backsplash in kitchens. It is possible to use this material in many different models and colors. Ceramic backsplash can accompany traditional, metro, modern, or contemporary designs in many different forms. The cream color is an easy and beautiful color that can be included in the design that can fit all these alternatives. There are a lot of types of ceramic, for example, patterned tiles are among the ideal options to create different looks in their kitchens.

ID# 140018 | – Credit© TB.Design

Cream Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash in combination with wood

This ceramic backsplash accompanies by dark wood lower cabinets and cream upper cabinets reaching to the ceiling. The movable backsplash stands out more with the handleless and plain kitchen upper cabinets. The kitchen lower cabinets in the same tones follow the dark parquet on the floor. It adds a natural feel to the place. The round wooden table, wooden upholstered chairs, and colorful glass pendant lamps are in perfect harmony and add vitality to the space.

ID# 140019 | – Credit© Mihaly Slocombe

Cream Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash with White Cabinets

White lacquered kitchen cabinets combine with cream ceramic backsplash and become a very clean, eye-catching design. White Kitchen cabinets, white countertops, white walls and ceiling, cream ceramic backsplash, and minimal light wood tone details add color to the area. Simplicity is at the forefront of this kitchen. The floor parquet in medium tones adds warmth to the space and provides integrity with its cream color. The wooden framed glass door on the right adds light to the space. Next to that, the tall cabinets in white, although large, do not tire the eyes at all, because of their shape.

ID# 140020 | – Credit | © Vera Tarlovskaya Interiors

Cream Ceramic Kitchen with shaker cabinets

A contemporary L-shaped kitchen in a romantic style with recessed-panel cabinets and a diagonal cream ceramic backsplash. The ceramic cream backsplash stands out due to its form and is in perfect harmony with the kitchen cabinets. Gray flooring and gray lower cabinets give it a bright look with a white countertop. With the patterns and figures from nature on the upper cabinets that reach up to the ceiling, it almost gives a spring atmosphere.

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Natural stone is widely used as a backsplash. Again, it is quite easy to find this material in cream and include it in the design. The continuation of natural stones such as quartz, granite, and marble, which are frequently used in kitchen counters, on the kitchen backsplash creates a very stylish look. Using natural stone backsplash provides ease of cleaning. Also, these long-lasting stones create a very high-quality ambiance.

ID# 140021 | – Credit© Popham Interiors

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash meets a Modern Design

This White and cream open kitchen looks very modern. The white flat panel cabinets are very elegant with the black granite countertop. This combination is accompanied by a cream stone backsplash and adds a natural flair to this modern kitchen. The island with the built-in sink and the vertical wooden decorative posts in front of it make it look aesthetic. İt completes the design with shelves next to the hood in the same tone as these uprights. Along with the wood, the cream stone backsplash supports this natural look and creates a pleasant ambiance.

ID# 140022 | – Credit© Couvaras Architects

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash against the dark color

The cream stone backsplash stands out among plain black panel cabinets, like a work of art. The white island, which is the opposite of black, integrates the design with the wooden stools in front of it. The cream stone backsplash lets the concrete floors and large black cabinets look softer. The white island brings a fresh look to the design.

ID# 140023 | – Credit© Ethos Interiors

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash with large bright cream kitchen

The large, bright, and spacious kitchen design is accompanied by a stone cream backsplash. The combination of cream color with white adds freshness to the environment and gives it a clean look. The white island completes the design with Cream cabinets. The white curtains and plain cream floor make the area feel higher. Stone cream backsplash, on the other hand, adds a warm atmosphere with its natural structure. A great color match for those who love freshness and light.

Is cream backsplash good for kitchens?

Here we can say definitely, yes. Cream color can be applied to many different models. It is easy to match with any style of kitchen. The cream color can be a very complementary tone for modern styles, or it can easily adapt for those who love colorful kitchen cabinets. It is possible to find cream tones in many building materials, and as it offers a wide range of options, it adapts to many designs.

ID# 140024 | – Credit© Special-style

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash in small kitchens

The small single-walled contemporary kitchen is accompanied by a cream stone backsplash and countertops made of the same material. Flat panel cabinets consist of two levels and create maximum storage space in this small space. The black cabinets, which look like a frame, make a nice transition to the wood-tone upper cabinets thanks to the cream stone backsplash. It provides a good example of creating useful space in a small kitchen.

ID# 140025 | – Credit© Cucina Bella Ltd. – Rebecca Gagne CKD

Cream Stone Kitchen Backsplash in a classic kitchen

In this classic kitchen design, the cream stone backsplash is used in two different forms. The part in front of the hearth is designed in a frame with a different pattern, which makes this part more important. The large silver stove and oven add an industrial flair with their color and size. However, the classic atmosphere of the kitchen is a little broken. In terms of its form, the hood is the focal point in the kitchen. The tile-patterned cream stone backsplash continues with a different patterned countertop made of cream natural stone. Although the patterns are different, the same color stone countertop and backsplash accompany this classic kitchen in harmony.

Cream Glass Kitchen Backsplash

A glass panel kitchen backsplash is a model between countertops formed by placing glossy surface glass panels on the wall. The main advantage of this model is that it is easy to clean. The glass panel kitchen backsplash, which creates a very stylish appearance when used with small lighting fixtures, can be either plain or patterned. There are also 3d designs available. The glass material combined with the cream color adds a pleasant atmosphere to the place.

ID# 140026 | – Credit |© lakeshoregroup20

Modern Kitchen with Cream Glass Kitchen Backsplash

It has a very modern style with medium-sized open-plan white kitchen cabinets and a cream glass backsplash. The white island in the middle is in perfect harmony with the wooden seats in front of it. Cream glass backsplash and cream marble flooring add elegance to the kitchen with their glossy textures. A few dark wood-patterned cabinets follow on the cream glass backsplash. From here, follow the transition to white cabinets. This detail adds warm air to the kitchen. Thanks to the glass backsplash, the kitchen gets a brighter look.

ID# 140027 | – Credit© Found Object Дизайн интерьеров Зеркала

Tiled Pattern Cream Glass Kitchen Backsplash

The square patterned cream glass backsplash accompanies the kitchen whose lower and upper cabinets are in different colors. The cream glass backsplash, which blends perfectly with the wooden lower cabinets, stands out more because of the simplicity of the upper cabinets. There is a metal decorative piece on the upper part of the plain cream kitchen upper cabinets. This section consists of silver-colored records lying horizontally between the lower cabinets in dark wood tones and the silver stalactite on the island add elegance to the space. The kitchen countertop is in gray tones and thus the cream glass backsplash also provides light with its glossy structure. This modern kitchen on dark parquet reflects a very warm atmosphere.

ID# 140028 | – Credit© Griffe Cuisine

Cream Glass Kitchen Backsplash with traditional design

A kitchen design with white symmetrical cabinets, and a ısland. In this kitchen, there is a cream glass backsplash with a pattern. This cream glass backsplash adds a luxurious feel to the space with its shine. The traditionally styled and symmetrically arranged kitchen thus becomes more lively. The granite countertops are again in light tones. The hood in the middle has cabinets with glass details on two sides. The form of the glass cabinets reinforces the traditional vibe. The floor covering in light tones also makes the space bright. The black wood stools in front of the island are the only furniture that creates contrast in the space.

Tile Styles of Cream Kitchen Backsplash

Tiles can be found and laid in many different styles. In rectangular form, square form, metro, and hexagonal form. Decoratively, the tiles you choose for your backsplash showcase the color scheme and theme of your kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional. Ultimately these tiles are the focal point. And it allows you to be creative, but most importantly it should fit your lifestyle. Depending on the choice of Tile Styles for the Cream Kitchen Backsplash, it can become the star of the kitchen unit at this point, or it can be completed in the background. One of the tile models that has remained popular since the past is mosaic stones.

These mosaic stones, which are usually made of ceramics, can be a great choice to complement solid white kitchen cabinets. Mosaic tiles can add movement to the kitchen. It is also possible to have sparkling kitchen tiles like mirrors. Of course, choosing such a tile may seem risky, but for this, modern or minimalist is the best option in terms of style. In general, this material can appear in many different styles.

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Metro ceramics, which are highly preferred for kitchen backsplash, are textures that create a nostalgic look. These can be used in any size desired today. Metro ceramics create a warm ambiance. Metro ceramics can be arranged in different ways to add movement to the space! For example Right Angle, Traditional Herringbone, One-Third/Cross/Cross half Offset, Basket Weave, etc. Among them, it can be chosen according to the ambiance desired to join the space or how much you want to highlight the backsplash.

ID# 140029 | – Credit© Key Piece

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Effect with white Shaker Cabinets in Traditional Kitchen Design

The white shaker cabinets and the cream subway tile kitchen backsplash create a harmonious look. This working area, which is not very wide, looks spacious with white cabinets. The white upper cabinets extending to the ceiling again meet the white ceiling, helping the space to appear longer. The cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash adds a warm atmosphere to the space. The gray island and parquet flooring add color to the design.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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ID# 140030 | – Credit© MRTN Architects

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash in a Natural Kitchen

The cream subway tile kitchen backsplash completes the open kitchen design dominated by wood and natural stones. Between the flat panel wood cabinets, the cream subway tile backsplash adds a nice texture. The stacked layout of the tiles adds an orderly atmosphere to the kitchen and stands out among the cabinets. This kitchen design, which blends perfectly with the high and asymmetrical ceiling, gives the feeling of being in nature. On the island part, the cream and white bench covering looks great. Black window joinery, dark floor covering and stone walls create a very warm ambiance while increasing the naturalness of the space.

ID# 140031 | – Credit© White Door Design

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Integrates with the whole Kitchen

This traditional style kitchen with open white shaker cabinet has a warm ambiance. The cream tile backsplash actually covers the walls of the entire kitchen. Thus, the naturalness of the environment increases and provides wonderful integrity. The fireplace in the shape of the stove and the wooden shelves on it add a very nostalgic atmosphere. While the wooden details support this nostalgic look, metal studs and metal support on the ceiling also add modernity. In general here is a synthesis of modern and nostalgia.

What countertops are good for a cream backsplash?

Countertops can be used in the same material and color as the cream backsplash. This gives a very nice whole and clean look. In addition, the cream backsplash can be used with wooden countertops because the cream fits perfectly with every shade of wood. These are just two possible examples. Many materials and colors like this can be added because the cream is a very comfortable color and adapts to everything.

ID# 140032 | – Credit© Kitchen Envy – Custom Kitchens

Cream Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Effect and Cream Shaker Cabinets in Traditional Kitchen Design

A cream subway tile backsplash installed in an offset form in one-third accompanies this kitchen, which consists of almost one color. In this traditional style kitchen, cream shaker cabinets create a cohesive look with the subway tiles. Electrical items are silver with the only different color items in the area. The cream-colored floor tiles complement the backsplash and cabinetry. A calm and unobtrusive design.

Travertine Mosaic Tiles

Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Light beige and brown travertine with glass inserts mosaic tile in a diamond pattern

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Try a Sample
Try a Sample

Cream Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Tile kitchen backsplash can also appear hexagonal. Although this usage is not very common, it is a nice alternative for those who like diversity. This type of backsplash is among the ideal options for creating different looks. According to the figures and patterns, modern looks or more natural looks can add to the kitchen.

ID# 140034 | – Credit© Amsted Design-Build

Cream Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplash Effect with White Shaker Cabinets in Transitional Kitchen Design

In this symmetrical kitchen, white shaker cabinets are accompanied by a hexagonal cream backsplash. The use of this form emphasizes the wonderful harmony of cream and white and adds a pleasant atmosphere to the kitchen. Thanks to the white framed window on the right, the environment is brighter. The kitchen, which stands on dark parquet, stands out more. This different style also adds a romantic atmosphere to the kitchen.

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