Modern Study Room Increase Productivity & Minimize Distraction

46+ Modern Study Room

ID# 110210 | – Credit© Evelyn Pierce Design Studio

Modern Study Room with Red Bench and Brown Walls

Brown paint is not a primary choice for the walls. However, this modern home office perfectly shows us the sleek and elegant beauty of the brown. The paint is also used on the ceiling to enhances the impact. White window frames and a white desk pop up between the dark shades and create a fresh look. The white desk, black chair, and black desk lamp make a modern twist between the more traditional features. The large pendant light highlights the study area. The red bench elevates the design.

ID# 110201 | – Credit© Residents Understood

Transitional Office with Black and White Floor Tiles

In this transitional study room, black and white tiles make a statement and enhance the traditional feel with the brass accents. The wooden desk and cream chair are paired with two wooden chairs and a black coffee table between them. The furniture brings a modern appeal. The built-in bookshelf provides storage space and evaluates the unused corner between the windows.

Sleek, Minimalist, and Modern Study Room Ideas

A study room should give privacy to concentrate on your work and feels comfortable. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The modern style can easily adapt to a study room and create the sleek and peaceful environment that you want. Let us now look at a few latest modern study room design ideas that will inspire you to design a place for working.

Clean lines, sharp edges, fresh looks

When designing a study room, the main features of a perfect design are a good desk, a comfortable chair, and natural light or well-designed lighting fixtures. Also, these rooms must contain cabinets or libraries for storage. Clean lines, sharp edges, and fresh looks of the modern style can work well with the relaxing feel that we want in the study rooms. So, if you are lucky enough to dedicate a space for studying, this helps to increase productivity and minimizes distraction. Whether you are working on a dedicated room or just a small corner, you can decorate a modern study room that reflects your personality. In addition, you can also create a small resting nook with a cozy sofa and fireplace, in your study room.

Scroll down and find more information and inspiration about the modern study room designs!

ID# 110202 | – Credit© Рожкова Полина

Modern Study Room with Yellow Chair and Wood Desk

A desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting fixture are enough to create a perfect study room. In this modern design, the wooden desk and yellow chair are placed next to the generous glazing and highlighted by the rose-gold chandelier. The floor-to-ceiling white curtains provide both privacy and light control.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Experience the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance with the white and gray marble subway tile, offering sophisticated and elegant finish.

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Experience modern sophistication with the white glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a bright and elegant finish that transforms any space.

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Designed with a chevron pattern and long size, our white marble chevron mosaic tile offers a sleek appeal with a sense of luxury.

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Our long gray porcelain tile, with its honed finish, creates an ultra-modern look that blends sleek lines with an elegant touch for a refined finish.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Our beige porcelain tile features a long, slim shape and elegant design, providing a modern and stylish enhancement.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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Featuring a modern look with a dynamic pattern, our white, gray, and brown chevron mosaic tile delivers a chic and eye-catching design.

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ID# 110203 | – Credit© Yamamar Design

Minimalist Home Office Idea with Spectacular View

Is there any better place to work than against this spectacular view? The answer is obvious: NO! In this modern study room, the wooden countertop is fitted with white drawers and paired with a green chair. The desk continued all along the wall under the wide window opening. The picture frame of the window enhances the spaciousness without disturbing the view.

ID# 110204 | – Credit© Dickson Architects Limited

Wooden Desk with Black Leather Chair and Pendant Light

In this modern home, the study area is placed in the corner of the living room. The compact size of the wooden desk perfectly fits the space and maximizes the functionality with its drawers and shelves. The black leather chair brings an elegant look while the black pendant light complementing the modern style.

ID# 110205 | – Credit© BRFS

Modern Study Room with White Floating Desk and Black Chairs

The clean lines and fresh looks of the office furniture bring a modern appeal to the room and contrast the rustic feel of the stone vaulted ceiling. The white floating desk gives an open and airy feel while black chairs emphasizing the design. The colorful artwork, green desk lamp, and leaf prints on the rug brighten up the atmosphere.

Decorative Mosaic Tiles

Bring elegance and modernity with our glass and metal mosaic tile, offering a stylish and refined finish.

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Our Beige and Cream Glass Mosaic Tile features a dynamic rhomboid design, serving as a modern and stylish element.

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Our black and white glass mosaic tile features a striking color combination and unique textures, creating a timeless appeal.

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Experience timeless elegance with our white and beige marble mosaic tile. The delicate flower pattern provides a chic and classic enhancement.

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Achieve a modern look with our pure white marble mosaic tile, featuring a geometrical shape that adds a sleek and sophisticated touch.

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Featuring a refined leaf pattern and radiant marble surface, our white mosaic tile provides a chic and glamorous look.

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Our mother-of-pearl and marble waterjet white mosaic tile combines a unique design with a luxurious finish for an elegant touch.

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Experience modern sophistication with our white marble backsplash mosaic tile that features a bold geometrical design.

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ID# 110206 | – Credit© Designtheory Inc.

Modern Study Room with Blue Cabinets and Yellow Chairs

You can evaluate any corner of your home to create a workspace for yourself or your kids. This contemporary study room is placed in the hallway. Instead of an empty, boring hallway, placing a study area adds visual interest. The navy-blue built-in cabinets stand out between the white walls and create a powerful look. The yellow chairs contrast with the blue cabinets to enhances the impact of the design.

ID# 110207 | – Credit© K Design

Neutral Home Office with Rounded Waterfall Desk

The neutral color palette of this modern study room offers a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The concrete desk with rounded waterfall edges creates an open and airy feel. The leather chair and wooden ceiling fan elegantly complete the desk. The green sofa, black floor lamp, potted cactus, and wall décor provide a cozy resting nook.

ID# 110208 | – Credit© Cultivation Design

Modern Study Room with Wooden Desktop and Red Chairs

This modern study room offers a cozy cabin-like space with natural wood textures. The wooden built-in desktop wraps the corner and provides a space for three people to work. Red chairs bring color into the design. Windows let in natural light and fresh air even they are small. Since this room has a sloping roof, the designer preferred sconces instead of ceiling lighting.

ID# 110209 | – Credit© Design Studio Neapol

Tiny Study Room with Gray Cabinets and Concrete Wall

Gray built-in cabinets, black chair, and wood floating desk take advantage of this tight corner in this modern apartment in Yekaterinburg. This study room offers both style and functionality even it has compact dimensions. The gray cabinets and concrete walls are paired with a wood desk which enhances the warmth in the atmosphere. The black chair complements the sleek design of the study area.

ID# 110211 | – Credit© PASS26 – Engineering & Design

Modern Study Room Design with Wood Cabinets and White Desktop

A combination of natural wood and stark white offers an elegant modern study room design. Natural wood cabinets bring a rustic feel and add a nice texture with their beautiful grains. The white counter of the wood cabinets is expanded in an l-shape to create a study area with a gray chair. Thanks to the large window opening, this study area maximumly takes the advantage of natural light.

ID# 110212 | – Credit© Realm Interiors

Bleached Oak Desk with Rattan Chair and Graphic Rug

The bleached oak desk sits center stage in this home office and stands out with its sculptural design. The rattan chair adds a breezy and warm feel while the black and white graphic rug bringing dynamism. The Kate Moss poster creates a focal point on the black-painted wall. The globe chandelier adds a dose of sparkle with its gold details.

ID# 110213 | – Credit© Tailor Build

Tiny Modern Study Room with White Built-in Cabinets

Instead of filling the whole gap with built-in cabinets, the designer is opened a space next to the cabinets and placed a tiny study area. The wood floating desk and black chair create a cozy study area while white cabinets providing plenty of storage space. The white shelf increases the spaciousness of the atmosphere.

ID# 110214 | – Credit© Joy Flanagan Design

Modern Office Furniture with Blue Patterned Wallpaper

This home office provides the ultimate place to work. The blue patterned wallpaper surrounds all the walls. The blue patterns of the wallpaper reminisce of the ocean and create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The wooden desk, black chair, and desk lamp serve as modern furniture.

ID# 110215 | – Credit© Интерьерный фотограф – Кутырина Анастасия

Small Home Office with White Furniture and Black Lamp

If you have a small space for your study room, using a mostly white color scheme will help you to enhance the spaciousness and brightness of the atmosphere. In this modern study room, the all-white furniture brings the pure beauty of the snow from behind the window into the room. The white desk and chair are placed next to the window to maximize the advantage of the natural light. The black desk lamp contrasts with the whites and adds visual interest.

ID# 110216 | – Credit© Costaud Rénovation

Wooden Desk with Green Walls and Dark Blue Library

If you can dedicate a large room for your home office, you can use darker shades easier without feeling catastrophic. In this contemporary home office, rich and bold hues of blue and green create an elegant design. The wood desk and dark blue chair offer a sleek study area while the wood sofa with beige and cream cushions and the dark blue built-in library provide a comfortable resting area.

ID# 110218 | – Credit | © Annas Udde AB

Minimalist Study Area with Black Desk and White Chair

When you are designing a study room, you don’t have to use high-end furniture or a glamourous chandelier. As you can see in this example, a simple black desk and a white chair are enough to create a private study area. Then you can personalize the design with some wall decors, desk lamps, or some artwork.

ID# 110219 | – CreditWALA | © Dave Kulesza

Black and Wood Cabinets with Orange Touches

The modern study room is bathed in natural light from the overhead skylights! The gray desktop of the wood cabinets is expanded in an l-shape to create a study area with an orange chair. The other orange decors complement the strong impact of the chair while black open cabinets provide additional storage space.

ID# 110220 | – Credit© Yuliya Muryhina

Gray Flat-panel Cabinets with Green Wall and Wood Desk

In this interior design, the study area has placed the corner of the living room and the same color palette with the living room is continued in this area. The floor-to-ceiling window feels more air and space. The gray flat-panel cabinets and the dark green wall stand out between the white walls. The wood floating desk and gray and black chair in a harmony with the other features. The compact size of the study area and color choices complement this minimalistic composition.

ID# 110221 | – Credit© BW Buro

Navy-blue Walls with Wood Shelves and Yellow Velvet Chair

The sophistication of the navy- blue surrounds the atmosphere in this small modern study room. Wood floating shelves and desk create an open and airy feel, also they bring warmth. The yellow velvet chair contrasts with the blue paints and enhances the design. Multicolored floor tiles are laid on a chevron pattern which adds visual interest and dynamism to the look.

ID# 110222 | – Credit© SF PRO

Modern Minimalist Study Room with White Furniture

The white desk, chair, walls, and gray floor tiles offer a bright and spacious home office. The long floating desk is placed in an l-shape to maximize the functionality. Greenery potted plants brighten up the atmosphere and make the room more livable.

ID# 110223 | – Credit© LMD Architecture Studio

Beach Style Home Office with Blue Cabinets and orange Chair

A combination of blue and natural wood perfectly reflects the calmness of the beach style. The white shiplap wall enhances this coastal feel. The custom-made cabinetry features light blue cabinets, a wood floating desk, and a wood panel. The orange chair pops up between the woods and blue and brings joy to the atmosphere.

ID# 110224 | – Credit© Eliza Blair Architecture

Modern Study Room with Premixed Polished Concrete Floor

In this modern study room, every detail is carefully managed with cleanliness. Wooden desk, navy-blue cabinets, black floating shelves, and premixed polished concrete in a harmony with each other, and this combination offers a sleek modern appeal with a distinct personality.

ID# 110225 | – Credit© Melde Construction Company

Industrial Home Office with Concrete Desk and Light Wood Library

The study room centralizes the open space under the white open ceiling. The work area starts with the concrete desk and finishes with the light wood cabinets and library. The concrete desk is complemented by a concrete floor and wall between the cabinets. The generous book collection adds visual interest while the white painted ceiling providing a bright atmosphere.

ID# 110227 | – Credit© Calla Cane

Modern Study Room with Dark Gray Library and Drawers

Bookcases are excellent elements for displaying book collections as well as decorative objects. In this farmhouse home office, the dark gray library creates a visual illusion with its asymmetrical shape. The wood desktop softens the strong color of the cabinets. Tiny gaps between the library, desktop, and drawers enhance the spaciousness and gives an airy feel.

ID# 110229 | – Credit© Lisa Lev Design

Teen Bedroom with Study Area and Acrylic Chair

This study area is placed in the corner of the bedroom. The box units, colorful artworks, and books feel like an art gallery and create an accent wall. The metal panel with its magnets is a great classic for study areas to put important notes on it. The gray desk is paired with a blue chair and black lamps which increases the modern vibe of the design. The acrylic chair provides extra seating and gives an airy feel. The gray faux fur and rug beautifully make the final touch.

ID# 110231 | – Credit© Target Brands, Inc.

Modern Study Room with Bunch of Artworks

If you are bored with blank walls, creative wall decors will help you to liven up space and add visual interest. In this modern home office, a bunch of artworks creates an eye-catching backdrop and gives an eclectic vibe. The wood desk and gray chair offer a sleek and minimal workspace while brass details adding a dose of sparkle.

ID# 110232 | – Credit© The Container Store Custom Closets

White Desk with Orange Chair and Turquoise Wall

A great example to show the importance of the color scheme. In this small study area, the turquoise wall paint and colorful touches such as an orange chair, green desk lamp, turn the otherwise ordinary room into a bright and joyful design. Also, the turquoise paint defines the limit of the study area, and it is accentuated by white paint on the lower walls. Colorful accessories, books, and organizers personalize the look.

ID# 110233 | – Credit© KH Home Design and Furnishings

Scandinavian Home Office with White Built-in Cabinets

Instead of placing a single bookshelf unit, covering the whole wall with built-in cabinets provide a sleeker and cleaner look. Here, white open shelves and cabinets offer a clean and fresh backdrop while potted plants and accessories on the shelves adding visual interest. The white desk is paired with a white chair and the other two matching chairs on a beige rug. The wooden legs of the table and chairs complement the dark wood flooring.

ID# 110234 | – Credit© Alex Dampsey Design

White Study Desk with Gold Lamp and Wall Calendar

A sheepskin stool and brass accents like the legs of the stool and desk lamp bring a dose of luxurious feel to this modern study room. The gold framed wall calendar, hanging plant, pink and brown dot boxes, and wicker basket beautifully completes the design and give an eclectic vibe.

ID# 110236 | – Credit© TDS- Thurman Design Studio

Acrylic Chairs with Traditional Rug and Gray Pendant Light

This bright study room features a white desk, acrylic chairs, white floating shelves, and brown cabinets. The white desk and acrylic chairs give a clean and fresh look while floating shelves and cabinets create an accent wall as a backdrop. Colorful accessories, potted plants, and books enhance the visual interest of the accent wall. The colorful rug and pillows of the chairs bring a traditional vibe.

ID# 110237 | – Credit© InDesign / Lori Ludwick

Wooden Desktop with Blue Drawers and Orange Chair

If you are designing a study room for your children, using vibrant colors and some attractive elements will help you to encourage them to study. In this modern study room, the strong contrast between the blue and orange creates a fun and joyful design. The blue drawers of the desk and orange chair are complemented by the colorful artworks and paintings. Using wall-mounted lighting fixtures instead of desk lamps provides an uncluttered desktop.

ID# 110238 | – CreditVictoria Hopkins Interiors | © Zac and Zac

Stylish and Functional Home Office with Tropical Prints

Because the space is relatively small, instead of using cabinets or drawers, the designer placed functional shelving above the desk area. So, the design offers plenty of storage space without feeling catastrophic while the long white desk provides a large workspace for enough to two people. The bright color scheme maximizes the amount of light. Geometric prints in black and white give the room a modern twist and contrast with the safari print.

ID# 110239 | – Credit© AFT Construction

Monochrome Home Office Design with Wood Floor

This minimalist modern office looks modern and stylish with a great view. The strong contrast of the black and white enhances the design. Thanks to the white walls and black-framed corner window, the room has a spacious atmosphere, even it is small. The wood floor breaks the monochrome color scheme and brings warmth to the atmosphere.

ID# 110240 | – CreditSuite Home Interiors | © Montse Garriga

Black Desk with Leather Chairs and White Bookcases

This minimalist study room features a black desk, brown leather chairs with black legs, a black desk lamp, and white bookcases. White libraries provide plenty of storage space for books and documents. Using organizers and baskets for these shelves is a great way to keep the look uncluttered.

ID# 110241 | – Credit© Forma London

Contemporary Office Design with Gray Coffered Walls

Minimalist yet impactful! In this contemporary study home office, the wood boxes of the library have the front painted the same color as the wall. in this way wood acts as an accent. Also, the boxes complement the coffered wall panels. The wood desk creates an elegant look with its waterfall edges. The dark wood chair and wood-framed painting between the wall panels beautifully make the final touches.

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ID# 110242 | – CreditVesta Design | © James Green

Elegant Modern Study Room with Wood Floating Shelves

A pair of desks with shelves above provides a space for the kids to do their homework and a private workspace for the dad. The dark wood desks, brown leather chairs, and black and gold desk lamps create an elegant look. The wood floating shelves give an airy feel while providing a space for decors and books.

ID# 110243 | – Credit© Woodhouse and Law

White Desk with Navy Blue Chair and Floating Bookshelf

The rich plum hue of the wall feels effortlessly stylish and serves as an eye-catching base for the white furniture. White bookshelf hung above the desk, and it provides storage space for books and some accessories. The white desk is paired with a beige top, blue chair, and brass desk lamp. The combination of the plum, navy blue, and gold accents offers an elegant design.

ID# 110244 | – CreditEmma Painter Interiors | © Chris Snook

Dark Wood Desk with Blue Chair and Light Blue Coffered Wall

With placing a wooden desk and blue velvet chair between the pillar and cabinets, a small yet functional study area is created. The coffered wall panels are painted in lighter shades of blue than the built-in cabinets and a pillar. So, the study area is emphasized. The black sconce hung right above the desk, and it creates a focal point on the coffered wall. The dark wood desk is complemented by using the same wood material in the open cabinets.

ID# 110235

Modern Study Room with Acrylic Desk and Yellow Stool

The beautiful bright hue of the blue surrounds all the surfaces like a box and creates a visually interesting study nook. The acrylic desk, curved white chair, and yellow stool add a personality without feeling busy against the bold blue wall color. The warmth of natural light comes through the window and provides a bright atmosphere while greenery potted plants making space more livable.

ID# 110217

Red Armchairs with Black and White Graphic Rug

You can easily liven up the monochrome designs with simple color touches. In this contemporary study room, red armchairs and wall decors stand out between the blacks and whites and turn the otherwise ordinary room into an eye-catching design. The black and white graphic rug adds a nice texture and defines the limit of the study area. The ‘IF’ sign behind the desk creates a focal point.

ID# 110228

Kids Study Room with Child-size Furniture

Although it is important to create a working environment at home for adults, providing the same environment is also important for children. If your kids have a dedicated room for study, this will increase their productivity. In this kids’ room, the combination of the wood, white and black creates a Scandinavian-inspired look. Also, the child-size furniture supports a child’s independence and provides more ergonomic use for them.

ID# 110230

Unique Study Desk Design with Glass Top and Wood Boxes

The study desk, white chair, and a metallic floor lamp offer a sleek workspace in the corner of the living room. The unique design of the desk gives an airy and light feel. The wooden boxes are attached to the metal stand of the desk, and they provide storage space for documents. The gray carpeted floor creates a soft floor space and brings a cozy feel to the atmosphere.

ID# 110245

Kids Study Room with Corkboard and Red Chairs

This transitional design offers a little nook where the homeowners’ son can work on his homework, art, or LEGO designs. Colorful accessories, toys, and red chairs add visual interest for the child. The custom built-in corkboard between the desk and upper cabinets can hold all of his ideas and pictures of friends.

ID# 110246

Turquoise Wall with Custom Bulletin Board and Green Lamp

Bright and cheerful, yet cheeky and fun! This beach-style study room is perfect for teenagers to do their homework in an organized way. The relaxing feel of the ocean is reflected by a Benjamin Moore paint color in a beautiful turquoise blue. A custom bulletin board above the desk is a great place to tack party invitations and notes from friends. The pink patterned cushion of the white chair and green desk lamp add more pops of color to the design and enhances the impact.

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