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Onyx Backsplash Tile – (Luxury Style!) Natural Onyx Tile

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With its warm honey onyx colors and radiant glossy effect, our hand-cut glass mosaic tile offers a sophisticated handcrafted feel.

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Nothing gives the subtle air of elegance quite like the presence of precious stones adorning your walls. Onyx backsplash tile creates an instantly elevated atmosphere in a modern kitchen that seeks a unique and beautiful focal point that is sure to draw attention to itself.

White & Gold Onyx Backsplash Tile

While most people envision onyx as a dramatically dark and timeless black, you can also find pieces that come in lighter golds and beiges, making it ideal for neutral color palettes. Whether dramatically dark or lighter in color, the ambience it lends to modern spaces is equally impressive.

Mixed with glass, it can add an interesting aesthetic of matte and glossy finishes for a texture that will catch your eye immediately. Glossy finishes reflect light for a brilliant and bright space will the matte pieces give a more casual feeling to your kitchen. The combination is striking.

Why is Onyx Backsplash Tile Best?

Our high-quality onyx backsplash ideas will impress even the harshest critic. Not only does it lend aesthetic beauty that is difficult to rival, but the material itself is strong and durable. This onyx backsplash tile will keep your kitchen feeling sleek and sophisticated far into the future.

Maintenance is simple for this type of mosaic tile. A quick wipe with a damp rag over the material’s surface will wipe away all of those pesky stains and splashes that have accumulated throughout the day. The ease of cleaning your kitchen backsplash is paramount, and our onyx backsplash tile makes it even easier to choose a dramatically elegant piece that features form and functionality.

For a sophisticated space with a modern or contemporary twist, consider our elegant onyx backsplash tile for your kitchen project also can be use onyx fireplace ideas, onyx kitchen countertop ideas any onyx bathroom vanity ideas You won’t regret making this mosaic tile the stunning focal point of your family’s kitchen.

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