Onyx Fireplace Ideas Luxurious Designs in White, Gold Brown and More!

17+ Fireplace Ideas

ID# 91101 | Houzz.com – CreditPepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

Modern Masculine Space with Golden Onyx Fireplace

This modern space exudes masculinity as exhibited in the deep, dark brown hues and the massive, rectilinear furniture. The fireplace here employs a simple firebox with backlit golden onyx slab for its fire surround. The flooring is of wood strips in a polished finish, which pleasantly reflects the large scale veining of the onyx. The walls are of a dark wood veneer, whereas the accent wall in the background employs granite stone. Note the play on ceiling levels using coves, which makes for a functional yet multi-level ceiling.

ID# 91102 | Houzz.com – CreditEMI INTERIOR DESIGN

Contemporary Blue Agate-Clad Fireplace and the Ocean

This contemporary fireplace definitely deviates from the norm, what with the use of blue opalescent agate stone slabs as a floor to ceiling fire surround. Note how the offset mantle makes for tasteful asymmetry. The flooring is a continuation of the blue agate, which is then surrounded by blonde wood strips—a picture alluding to ocean and sand, a conceptreinforced by the shells as accent pieces.

Onyx has been worshipped since ancient days check our onyx fireplace ideas

Romans believed that nail clippings of Venus that had sunk to the bottom of the Indus river birthed this translucent, crystal-like stone. Of course, in the present, we know that onyx fireplace is just metamorphosed limestone, nonetheless, this material remains highly regarded.

Luxury Look! Unique Onyx Stone

Onyx has had various applications throughout history. Because it is such a soft stone, it was easy to carve and was applied in small accessories. Warriors used shields adorned with onyx, because it was believed it had protective and strengthening properties. Mourners donned black onyx jewelry in the Victorian era because, similarly, it was believed they could draw strength from the stone. Today, onyx stone design ideas is used as a luxury material in interior applications like, fireplace, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or kitchen backsplash tile, to wall cladding.

Onyx Fireplace Cost / Price;

Onyx varies between $40 and $250 per square foot.

ID# 91103 | Houzz.com – CreditDebra Ackerbloom Interiors

Contemporary Living Area with Backlit Golden Onyx Wall-Cladded Fireplace

In this contemporary living area, ones’ eyes are immediately drawn to the massive, backlit golden onyx. The back lighting emphasizes the onyx’s abstract veining, giving it an almost molten lava-like effect—a striking contrast with the fireplace’s icy blue flames. The flooring of diagonally aligned, exotic-grained wood planks is covered by a plushy area rug, while the walls are painted in a subdued hue, which really brings out the main attraction: the onyx fireplace!

ID# 91104 | Houzz.com – CreditRUFproject

Contemporary Bedroom with Backlit White Onyx Fireplace

This contemporary bedroom exudes luxury and elegance thanks to the backlit, white onyx fireplace. Interesting contrast is formed when this cream-colored stone is juxtaposed against deep, dark wood grains found on the walls and floor. The mere fact that the fireplace is four-sided, as opposed to being flushed into the wall, is a statement in itself. Note how the large windows with geometric brise soleil makes for interesting silhouettes, adding drama to the space.


  • The breathtaking beauty : – of this cryptocrystalline stone is its main claim to fame. It is usually the main design feature seen in the most luxurious of spaces, such as hotels and mansions. At present, designers usually have the onyx slabs backlit–as it is a translucent material–giving it an almost ethereal aura. Onyx is also incredibly rare and unique, and comes in a variety of colors and vein patterns. For this reason, using onyx to frame your fireplace will most definitely set it apart from any other home.
  • Backlit Light: –At present, designers usually have the onyx slabs backlit–as it is a translucent material–giving it an almost ethereal aura.
  • Rare & Unique: –Onyx is also incredibly rare and unique, and comes in a variety of colors and vein patterns. For this reason, using onyx to frame your fireplace will most definitely set it apart from any other home.


  • Expensive : –While the aesthetic aspect of onyx is undeniable, there are other factors to take into account. Mainly, that it is incredibly expensive due to its rarity and beauty. The additional expense is in the maintenance—onyx periodically needs to be refinished and cleaned with a special stone cleaner. Additionally, it is relatively difficult to install onyx, and slabs come in smaller sizes as opposed to other natural stones because it onyx is so soft and fragile. 

If you are looking for a material that exudes luxury and will set your fireplace apart from any other fireplace, and are willing to put in the extra funds for it, then onyx is the perfect material for you!

Buying Options Where to Buy Onyx Fireplace

  • Any local granite & marble fabricators will provide onyx fireplace.

ID# 91105 | Houzz.com – CreditON Plane

Contemporary Chic Living Area with Black-brown Onyx Fire Surround

This contemporary living area is already chic what with the tasteful selection of furniture and accessories, yet the black-brown onyx fireplace adds luxurious elegance. The veins of the onyx practically ripple. This fire surround features a wooden niche, perfect for displaying art. A pile plush rug covers the flooring of light-colored wood. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to stream in through the creamy sheer curtains. Pops of color like the orange throw pillow perfectly complement the deep blues and greys in the rest of the space.

Rustic style travertine brown onyx fireplace idea

ID# 91108 | Houzz.com – Credit | ON Plane

Massive Travertine Onyx Fireplace Emphasizes Verticality of This Contemporary Space

The churches of the Gothic era always emphasized verticality, to strike awe in the people. The same can be said about this onyx –clad wall that climbs from the floor all the way up to the high ceiling. The striated veining is book-matched for a satisfying symmetrical effect. A luxurious, warm area rug covers a polished concrete floor. The walls are simply painted in a warm hue to allow the fireplace to stand out. Note the contemporary art pieces and the sectioned tree trunk tabletop, adding more character to the space, all the while not overpowering the main attraction—the onyx fireplace.

ID# 91107 | Houzz.com – CreditAria Stone Gallery

Contemporary Fireplace with Backlit Golden Onyx Fire Surround

This contemporary fireplace is of a smaller scale compared to the prior entries, but is breathtakingly beautiful nonetheless. The backlit golden onyx with sporadic veining elegantly frames the herringbone-patterned firebox. Ceramic tiles mimicking dark wood grains make up the flooring. The mantle is a simple stud of wood jutting out from the faux concrete tile wall cladding, which completes the contemporary look.

ID# 91108 | Houzz.com – CreditRon Nathan Interior Design Group

Backlit Golden Onyx Wall-Cladding in Art Deco-Inspired Living Area

This modern living area has art deco influences, as seen in the streamlined furniture forms, the overall warm color scheme, and of course, the luxurious stone fireplace. Backlit golden onyx with striated veining crown the simple firebox, outlined by a metal then wood frame. A warm, high pile plush area rug covers a hardwood flooring, whereas simply painted orange walls complement the warmth of the fireplace. Note how the backlit valance boards by the windows add drama to the space.

ID# 91109 | Houzz.com – CreditMitchell Putlack Interiors, Inc.

Contemporary Chic Space of Pinks Complement Green Onyx Fireplace

This contemporary living area screams chic, feminine energy! Crowned by book-matched wood veneer panels, the green onyx with pinkish red veining perfectly complements the rest of the predominantly salmon pink space. 178×178” imitation stone tiles make up the flooring, with a warm, plushy area rug. Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural light while simultaneously opening up the space, with an urban cityscape as the vista. Traditional pieces like oval-backed chair complement the modern, chunky upholstered arm chairs.

White onyx fireplace backlit light

ID# 91117 | Houzz.com – Credit

Contemporary Traditional Bedroom with Backlit White Onyx Fireplace

Chic and elegant are two adjectives that encapsulate this contemporary traditional bedroom. The main design feature of the space is the beautifully veined, backlit white onyx wall cladding, framing a simple black fire surround and hearth. Cream-colored pile plush carpeted flooring adds to the luxurious feel. Deep, dark grain wood veneer clad the walls. Note the wall sconces with biophillic influences–as seen in the plant-inspired stem—which adds a certain playfulness to the space. A contemporary burgere with sequined throw pillow makes for a chic design statement. The overall neutral color scheme reinforces the idea of understated luxury.

ID# 91111 | Houzz.com – CreditPepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

Backlit White Onyx Dominates Contemporary Modern Living Space

This contemporary living area is the epitome of a simple yet elegant space. The backlit white onyx with sparse but dramatic veining dominates the space. The flooring is of marble tiles, which parallel the fireplace in a smaller scale, with a geometric-patterned rug. The walls are simply painted an off white, and an ebony display case is situated next to the fireplace, providing tasteful contrast. Unorthodox forms in the furniture pieces complete the contemporary modern look.

ID# 91112 | Houzz.com – CreditPatrona Marble

Striated Veins in Onyx Fire Surround For this Contemporary Living Area

This contemporary space features a straightforward and simple yet beautiful fireplace. The striated veins in the black-brown onyx provide interesting dynamic in this fire surround, which is framed by a silhouette of grey paint. Cream-colored tiles covered by a pile plush area rug make up the flooring, whereas the walls are simply painted to contrast with the dark grey silhouette. Note the panels of mirrors on the wall, which add rhythm and drama to the space.

ID# 91113 | Houzz.com – CreditParquet by DIAN

Contemporary Bauhaus Living Area with White Onyx Fireplace

This contemporary living area is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style, what with the open space plan and the iconic Wassily chairs by Marcel Breuer.
White onyx slabs that make up the fireplace dominate the room, but in a simple yet elegant manner. Wood parquet flooring is highlighted by the natural sunlight streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

ID# 91114 | Houzz.com – CreditMeditch Murphey Architects

Contemporary Scandinavian Bedroom with Black-Grey Onyx Header

This contemporary space is an example of Scandinavian minimalism, what with the restrained but effective use of décor. The fireplace is evidently the main event, what with the black-grey onyx header and black marble legs and hearth. Ecru carpeting makes up the flooring, whereas the walls are simply painted a flat off-white to emphasize the stone fireplace. A cloud-like light fixture completes the Scandinavian look, illuminating the space along with the natural light streaming in through the large windows that overlook a scenic landscape.

ID# 91116 | Houzz.com – CreditPolanco Designs

Contemporary Traditional Living Area with Backlit Onyx Wall Cladding

This living room is the perfect marriage between traditional with contemporary. The traditional pieces, such as the classic fauteuils and Persian rug, blend perfectly with the contemporary space. The massive slab of backlit white onyx clads the wall, framing a concrete fire surround and simple firebox. Luxury vinyl planks of grey wood grains make up the flooring. Note the upholstered, tufted stool of abstract pattern—a whimsical addition to this elegant space.

ID# 91110

Blue Onyx Fireplace Mirrors Ocean View

ID# 91115

Contemporary Zen Living Area Features Backlit Golden Onyx Fireplace

It is interesting to note the Japanese influences in this contemporary zen living area, what with the rectilinear wooden forms and warm color scheme. The massive backlit golden onyx header to the fireplace is framed in a way comparable to that of washi paper of traditional Japanese shoji windows. Neutral-colored tiles with an abstract-patterned carpet make up the flooring, whereas the walls are cladded in red wood veneer. It is interesting to note the play of artificial lights from the ceiling and backlit onyx. Floor-to-ceiling windows open up the space and allow for natural lighting, as well.

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