Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen – Sleek & Elegant Backsplash Designs

24+ Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen

White Kitchen Shimmery Black Glass Modern Backsplash Tile BA8021

ID# 181107 – Product BA8021 – Shimmery Black Modern Glass Backsplash Tile

Glossy Black Backsplash Tiles with Quartz Countertops

This modern kitchen is fitted with white cabinets punctured by black hardware and a black glass backsplash! This combination feels both elegant and dynamic. While the white cabinets, quartz countertops, and white floating shelves provide a bright and spacious atmosphere, the addition of the modern black backsplash tiles brings depth to the space. Even though these tiles have a black color, the glossy finish of the tiles is well coordinated with the white surfaces.

Modern White Kitchen Copper Metal Groutless Backsplash Tile BA8801

ID# 181113 – Product BA8801 – Copper Metal Sheet Backsplash Panel

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Wood Table

Another great example of how metal sheet backsplash designs can create a modern look for kitchens! In this contemporary kitchen, the copper metal sheet backsplash directly draws attention between the white cabinets and countertops. The warm copper color of the backsplash panel softens the stark white appearance, bringing warmth to the space. The wood dining table and chairs complement this warm sense while the black pendant light adds a much-needed contrast.

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen

Serving for both functional and aesthetic purposes, a backsplash is an essential material for kitchen walls. There is no doubt that the classic beauty of the white kitchens is timeless. But which kind of backsplash works well with these kitchens? If you are looking for a backsplash design that can work with a white kitchen, the options are literally endless. However, if you want to give a clean and sleek look with your backsplash, modern backsplash ideas will be a great addition to your white kitchen. From intricate marble mosaics to metal sheets or dramatic natural stones, there are lots of different alternatives for a modern backsplash for white kitchen designs!

Create a Sleek Appeal with Modern Backsplash Ideas in Your White Kitchen

White kitchens are popular for a good reason: they are bright and spacious, making even the tiniest space feel more open. When it comes to choosing a backsplash for this monochromatic approach, modern backsplash designs stand out with their clean and sleek lines and timeless appeals. Whether you want to create an all-white kitchen or add a splash of color, there is a plethora of modern backsplash for white kitchen designs. Ahead are 24 designs that are centered around a white kitchen with a modern backsplash. If you are ready, let’s start discovering some design ideas!

Contemporary Kitchen Marble Countertop Chevron White Backsplash Tile

ID# 181101 – Product BA631613 – Gray Marble Chevron Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Wood Floor

This high-ceilinged kitchen design has a bit of everything, offering a tactile and visual journey for kitchen users! To start with cabinets, the white cabinets dominate the room and provide a bright and spacious atmosphere. The marble chevron tile backsplash with gray grout reaches through the ceiling and creates an elegant backdrop. Eliminating the upper cabinets and using glass open shelving perfectly cooperates with the airy feel and emphasizes the accent wall which consists of marble tiles. The marble countertops seamlessly blend with the tiles while the stainless steel appliances and the long cabinet hardware enhance the modern aesthetic.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

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Brown Cabinet White Backsplash Tile

ID# 181102 – Product BA62046 – White Glass & Marble Diamond Mosaic Tile

Full-height White Backsplash with Shaker Cabinets and Black Island

Graced with a high ceiling, this transitional kitchen lives up to its potential to the fullest! At the back, the white shaker cabinets are paired with white quartz countertops and a white full-height backsplash. Even though this combination has a monochrome look, the glossy finish and the diamond patterns of the white backsplash tiles enhance this white backdrop. The black kitchen island topped with a white countertop adds much-needed contrast to the space. The abundance of stark white surfaces is softened and warmed up with brass cabinet hardware and medium-tone wood floor.

What backsplash looks good with a white kitchen?

White kitchens act as a blank canvas that provides endless design opportunities. That’s why almost every type of backsplash can look good with a white kitchen! Before your final decision, you need to consider different types of materials and colors of tiles. When it comes to backsplash materials, marble, glass, ceramic, and porcelain are the most popular options. For the color alternatives, white backsplashes are the most failsafe and timeless pair for a white kitchen. You can go with dark neutrals like brown, black, or gray to create a contrast or add a splash of color with shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, or orange.

Modern white gray kitchen backsplash tile BA1038

ID# 181103 – Product BA1038 – Modern Long Gray Limestone Backsplash Tile

Contemporary Gray and White Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

In this contemporary kitchen, the juxtaposition of white and gray colors results in a well-balanced design, which feels peaceful. While the white flat-panel cabinets draw a clean and sleek profile, the modern gray backsplash tiles add visual interest as a backdrop. The vertical placement of the tiles perfectly complements the modern style of the cabinetry. The oversized gray range hood creates a focal point on the tiles, enhancing the modern aesthetic with an industrial feel. For the rest, the stainless steel appliances and the brushed nickel cabinet hardware make a cohesive final touch.

Modern Backsplash Materials for White Kitchen

In today’s market, modern backsplash materials come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and pattern options. And marble, quartz, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and metal are some of the most popular tile materials for a modern backsplash. Each of these materials has its own benefits and drawbacks. Before your final decision, it is better to know more about these materials and their impact on the white kitchens. Let’s scroll down and get inspired by the stunning white kitchen ideas!

Modern Glass Backsplash for White Kitchen

Are you looking for a low-maintenance material? Being eco-friendly, glass tiles are one of the most popular backsplash materials which come with multiple aesthetic and functional benefits. With their reflective surface, they are best at lending brightness and letting light bounce around the room. The design options with a modern glass backsplash are arrayed for customers in a wide range of colors, patterns, and forms. Whether you want to use a glossy glass mosaic or a sleek glass sheet, a modern glass backsplash will be a great addition to your white kitchen!

Besides their glamorous appeal, glass tiles are also durable materials, thanks to their stain-resistant and pore-free nature that requires no sealing. You can easily wipe down the tile surfaces with soapy warm water and a clean cloth, whether you want to clean grease, oil, or water spills.

Shimmery White Glass Modern Backsplash Tile BA8022

ID# 181104 – Product BA8022 – Shimmery White Glass Modern Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Gray Walls

This white transitional kitchen abounds in texture, creating a harmonious whole! First, even though the kitchen cabinets have a crisp white color that exudes a plain appeal, the diamond patterns on the cabinet doors make them a statement piece. The marble countertops create a cohesive look with the cabinets. Above, the white textured glass backsplash tiles shine like a diamond and bring an airy feel to the space. The gray wall paint makes the backsplash tiles pop out even more while the brass accents add a dose of sparkle.

Gray Countertop White Cabinet White Chevron Marble Look Glass Mosaic Tile

ID# 181105 – Product BA5506 – Marble Look White Glass Chevron Mosaic Tile

White Shaker Cabinets with Gray Granite Countertops and Chrome Hardware

With the right material choices, you can easily turn functional elements like backsplash into visual statements. As you can see in this transitional kitchen, the white glass chevron mosaic tile backsplash is adorned with black veins that evoke marble texture. These glass tiles act as a piece of art between the white shaker cabinets and turn this otherwise classic kitchen into an eye-catching design. The gray granite countertops and chrome cabinet hardware make a harmonious final touch.

White Mosaic Tiles

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White Kitchen Glitter Design Backsplash Tile BA8001

ID# 181106 – Product BA8001 – Modern White Glass Subway Backsplash Tile

All-white Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash

There is no doubt that white subway tiles are the most popular materials for kitchen backsplashes. Due to their simple shapes and versatility, they can easily work with any space. But if you are looking for the most timeless option, pair your subway tiles with white shaker cabinets and quartz countertops! As you can see in this transitional kitchen, this combination looks very stylish and elegant which is a testament to time. You can finish this look with brass cabinet hardware to add warmth to the white dominance.

Modern Marble Backsplash for White Kitchen

If you are after a classic and luxurious finish, the white kitchen with a marble backsplash is the route to go! Coming in tile and slab formats, marble backsplashes open up limitless design opportunities for white kitchens. With their delicate veining and color changes, each marble tile or slab looks unique, providing a timeless elegance for kitchen walls. Modern marble backsplashes generally prefer large format or geometrical tiles. For the stone slab versions, the lack of grout lines makes it more practical and easier to clean for homeowners. Chevron, subway, hexagon, and herringbone tiles are also suitable for modern designs.

Aside from their subtle elegance, marble tiles are also heat-resistant and durable materials. However, due to their porous nature, these tiles require regular sealing. And they are more expensive than the other alternatives like ceramic, porcelain, or glass.

White Quartz Countertop Modern Long Marble Rosewood Gray Backsplash Mosaic Tile BA1080

ID# 181108 – Product BA1080 – Modern Rosewood & Gray Marble Backsplash Tile

Modern Marble Tiles with White Cabinets and Black Pulls

Even though the combination of white shaker cabinets and marble backsplash is one of the most classic appeals, you can modernize this look with a modern marble tile design! Here, for example, marble tiles are adorned with a long and slim shape which gives a sleek and modern appearance. The black cabinet pulls puncture the white cabinets for a sense of accent while the stainless steel appliances enhance the modern aesthetic.

white cabinet black granite countertop subway marble backsplash tile

ID# 181109 – Product BA1034 – Modern Marble Subway Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Black Cabinets

It is no secret that the combination of white cabinets and a marble subway tile backsplash gives you a timeless look. But if you want to make a modern spin on this classic pattern, try laying the tiles vertically! As you can see in this transitional kitchen, the marble subway tile backsplash perfectly completes the elegant appeal of the white shaker cabinets and black countertops. With its soft gray veining, it also provides a smooth transition between the white and black surfaces!

Modern White Kitchen Modern Long Marble White Gray Backsplash Mosaic Tile BA1079

ID# 181110 – Product BA1079 – Modern Gray Long Marble Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

Though oxymoronic it may sound, this contemporary kitchen offers decluttered lines with white flat-panel cabinets and white quartz countertops. Between them, the modern marble backsplash tiles create a cohesive look with the white surfaces, adding a nice textural look with a touch of opulence. The greenery and potted plants give the space a lived-in look.

Modern Metal Backsplash for White Kitchen

With their clean and sleek lines, modern metal backsplashes are a perfect way to add a touch of sleek sophistication to a white kitchen design! From cool stainless steel panels to warm brass or copper tiles, these tiles come in a wide range of material options, creating a timeless and elegant look. Thanks to their versatility, these tiles also can easily work with different materials. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combining different metals for a more dynamic look. For example, you can create an eye-catching mosaic with a combination of glass and metal tiles.

Coming in tile and sheet formats, these tiles are also available in different finishes such as polished, brushed or hammered. Besides their visual impact, metal tiles are extremely durable materials. Their smooth surfaces make metal backsplashes easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution! Besides the classic options like ceramic or porcelain, these tiles have higher price tags but they can definitely add value to your home!

white kitchen with copper glass backsplash tile BA62010

ID# 181111 – Product BA62010 – Modern Glass & Metal Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen and Chrome Hardware

Instead of pairing the white shaker cabinets with classic beveled subway tiles, why not go with a statement backsplash tile? This transitional kitchen features a glass and metal mosaic tile backsplash that creates a striking focal point, transforming this otherwise white space into a masterpiece! With its gray and copper colors, this mosaic incorporates cool and warm shades and provides a well-balanced appeal.

White Kitchen Modern Silver Steel Metal Groutless Backsplash Tile BA8802

ID# 181112 – Product BA8802 – Modern Silver Metal Sheet Backsplash Panel

Metal Sheet Backsplash with Modern White Cabinets

Just like the tiles, metal sheets are another great alternative for kitchen backsplashes. Characterized by sleek lines, these panels are perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-maintain material. Their groutless design provides a seamless look that creates a modern flair. Thanks to this design, you can simply wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth and soapy warm water. To complete their sleek modern appearance, white flat-panel cabinets and pure white countertops are excellent choices!

Modern Backsplash Colors for White Kitchen

White kitchens with their clean and fresh appeal, offer a bright canvas, making it perfect for exploring various modern backsplash colors. White, blue, green, gray, and black are the most popular modern kitchen backsplash colors. Just like the materials, each color has its own impact on the overall look. That’s why, when choosing a backsplash color, you need to consider the desired look for your kitchen.

When it comes to backsplash colors, there is no doubt that white is the most popular one. And a white backsplash will be the most failsafe option for the white kitchens. On the other hand, you can bring some contrast with darker colors or add a splash of color with blue, green, yellow, or even pink tiles!

Modern White Backsplash for White Kitchen

White backsplash ideas are popular for a good reason: they are versatile, timeless and bright. And if you are looking for a backsplash that can complete the airy feel of your white kitchen, a white backsplash will be a fail-safe addition. While an all-white kitchen may seem like an easy design pick, it gives a nice base for making a modern and fancy area. With their clean and bright appeal, modern white kitchen backsplash ideas can further enhance the timeless aesthetic of a white kitchen!

Calacatta Countertop Shell Glass Backsplash Tile BA8023

ID# 181114 – Product BA8023 – Shimmery White Modern Glass Backsplash Tile

All-white Transitional Kitchen with Glossy Tiles and Brass Hardware

If you have a penchant for all-white looks, sure, go for it. But don’t forget to add some details to enhance the stark white look! As you can see in this transitional kitchen, the white color surrounds all the surfaces through the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. The modern glass backsplash with its glossy finish stands out between the matte surfaces of the cabinets and countertops and brings an airy feel. The brass cabinet hardware is the only element that breaks the white dominance and brings much-needed warmth to the space!

White Backsplash With White Quartz Countertop Ba62046

ID# 181115 – Product BA62046 – White Glass & Marble Diamond Mosaic Tile

Glossy White Backsplash Behind the Stainless Steel Stove

What makes this modern kitchen more intriguing is the addition of a backsplash behind the stove! Even though these backsplash tiles have the same white color as the cabinets and countertops, the glossy finish and the diamond pattern of the tiles make this mosaic a masterpiece that creates a focal point. While the white shaker cabinets and paneled range hood act as a blank canvas and perfectly frame the tiles, the stainless steel stove emphasizes the backsplash area.

Quartz Countertop White Cabinet Glass Calacatta Gold Mosaic Backsplash Tile BA6702

ID# 181116 – Product BA6702 – Calacatta Gold Marble Look Glass Picket Mosaic Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Wood Accents

One of the best ways to liven up a kitchen with white cabinets and countertops is to integrate some textures. And this glass backsplash does this job perfectly! Adorned with Calacatta gold marble veins, these glass picket mosaic tiles redefine the modern aesthetic, providing an alluring backdrop. The plain appeal of the cabinets allows this patterned tile to stand out even more. For a final touch, the wooden accents of the cabinets soften the stark white colors and bring a warm sense.

Modern Gray Backsplash for White Kitchen

Offering a touch of sophistication, gray backsplash designs are a perfect alternative to white tiles, still maintaining a clean and contemporary aesthetic! From very light gray to almost black ones, gray tiles come in a wide range of shade options that provide a versatile backdrop for kitchens. You can create a cohesive look with a light gray backsplash for your white kitchen or add a dark gray tile to create a focal point and bring depth to the white surfaces.

White Kitchen Cabinets Marble Countertop Marble Backsplash Tile

ID# 181117 – Product BA631613 – Modern Gray Marble Chevron Mosaic Tile

White Traditional Kitchen with Marble Countertops

If you are lucky enough to have a window behind the sink, you can emphasize more this area by adding some details. The symmetrical layout of the white shaker cabinets makes this window a focal point of the kitchen. The marble chevron tile backsplash surrounds the window, creating an elegant backdrop. The black faucet of the undermount sink and the brass sconce enhance the impact of the window by drawing attention.

Modern white kitchen with gray backsplash tile

ID# 181118 – Product BA1038 – Modern Long Gray Limestone Backsplash Tile

Modern White Kitchen with Lacquer Cabinets and Leather Chairs

This open-plan contemporary kitchen features a single-wall layout supported by a modern island that accommodates two seats. At the rear, the white lacquer kitchen cabinet and white Caesarstone quartz countertops provide a sleek and fresh backdrop. Between them, the modern gray limestone backsplash brings a slightly contrasting look, adding texture. The leather counter chairs of the island break the monochrome color scheme and enhance visual interest.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern White Kitchen And Countertop Long Backsplash Tile BA4503

ID# 181119 – Product BA4503 – Modern Gray Long Porcelain Backsplash Tile

Modern Gray Porcelain Backsplash with White Grout

The protagonist of this all-white achromatic design is the gray porcelain tile backsplash laid in horizontally. The white grout emphasizes the stacked pattern even more, enhancing visual interest. To maintain the sleek appearance of the white cabinets and countertops, built-in appliances are the best choice!

What color tile looks good with white cabinets?

As we mentioned before, white cabinets offer a blank canvas that can work with any color scheme. When it comes to color options, white, black, gray, blue and green are the most popular shades that look good with white cabinets. However, you can always try something different and make unexpected color choices for your backsplash tiles!

White cabinet gray countertop slate backsplash tile BA1045

ID# 181120 – Product BA1045 – Modern Black Slate Subway Backsplash Tile

Modern Slate Subway Tiles with Gray Countertops

Though achromatic, this contemporary kitchen makes itself stand out with dark gray slate subway tiles! The slim shapes of the tiles make a modern twist on this classic pattern while the white grout emphasizes it to create an eye-catching backdrop. The gray countertops perfectly complement the elegant appeal of the slate tiles. The white shaker cabinets provide a clean and fresh frame for this combination.

Modern Colorful Backsplash for White Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to change the overall look of your white kitchen is by adding a colorful backsplash! From serene blues to adventurous greens, sunflower yellows and romantic pinks, modern backsplash tiles come in an endless array of color options. You can always play with different patterns and textures to see how these different types help your backsplash color stand out even more!

White Kitchen Blue Backsplash Tile BA5501

ID# 181121 – Product BA5501 – Marble Look Blue Glass Hexagon Backsplash Tile

Beach-style Kitchen with Blue Backsplash and Wood Floor

This all-white beach-style kitchen surprises its users with the blue backsplash tiles. Adorned with marble-like textures, these glass hexagon tiles directly draw attention and create a focal point. The white shaker cabinets and white quartz countertops perfectly frame the backsplash tiles, allowing them to stand out even more. On the floor level, the wooden parquets complete the beachy vibes and bring warmth to the space.

Gray Mosaic Tiles

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White Kitchen Blue Glass with Sparkle Design Subway Backsplash Tile BA8010

ID# 181122 – Product BA8010 – Sparkled Blue Glass Subway Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Blue Subway Tile Backsplash with White Floating Shelves

If you want to create a sleek timeless look, keep the patterns simple, and play with the colors! Here, this blue subway tile backsplash is more than enough to make the entire design pop. These glass tiles adorned with gorgeous blue shades evoke the beachy feel and bring the serene feel of the ocean into the room. For the rest, the white cabinets, countertops, and floating shelves provide a clean and fresh look. The white floating shelves are used in place of wall units further drawing attention to this beachy backsplash!

White Countertop Green Unique Glass Subway Beveled Glass Backsplash Tile BA8013

ID# 181123 – Product BA8013 – Green Glass Beveled Subway Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Modern Backsplash for White Kitchen with Nickel Hardware

Besides their functional aspect, backsplashes are the focal points of kitchens that add visual interest. And if you want to make a statement with your backsplash, you will love this glass subway backsplash! Adorned with gorgeous green shades which are the reminiscence of gemstones, these glass tiles act as a piece of art, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Using white cabinets and countertops is a great way to punctuate this glamorous look even more.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than walls?

You cannot get the right answer to this question because it is all about what kind of aesthetic you want for your kitchen! Making use of lighter walls and darker backsplash tiles leads to visual contrast that makes the backsplash a focal point. In case you have darker walls, using a lighter backsplash will even out the whole scheme and prevent it from being too dark. So, before your decision, order a sample to achieve the best results.

Blue Gray Hexagon Glass Marble Mosaic Tile BA62026 4

ID# 181124 – Product BA62026 – Blue Glass & Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Beach Kitchen with Hexagon Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

This otherwise white kitchen makes a statement with its blue hexagon mosaic tile backsplash! Peaking behind the white cabinets, these glass and marble tiles create an eye-catching backdrop, bringing a coastal breeze. The shaker cabinets and quartz countertops draw a classic profile, providing a bright and airy atmosphere. The chrome cabinet hardware makes a cohesive final touch that enhances the contemporary aesthetic.

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