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Metal Backsplash Tile – (Modern Look!) Stainless Steel | Metal Mosaic Tile

$ 32.25

Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

$ 27.50

Modern brown metal glass mixed mosaic kitchen backsplash tile for kitchens

$ 28.50

Luxury look metal & glass gold color backsplash tile

$ 22.50

Brown copper color glass & metal mixed linear mosaic tile for modern movement

$ 27.50

Modern brown marble metal mix tile traditional modern kitchens or bathrooms

$ 17.50

Dark brown sophisticated copper metal subway mosaic backsplash tile

$ 28.95

Modern 3D Mixed Gray & Black Metal tile for modern kitchens or walls

$ 27.50

Gray metal modern tile for contemporary to modern kitchens bathrooms.

$ 22.50

Modern brown glass and metal mesh-mounted backsplash & bathroom mosaic tile

$ 22.00

Gorgeous gold and copper glass metal backsplash tile, ideal option for your project

$ 22.50

Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

$ 17.50

Gorgeous brown copper metal mosaic tile, an ideal option for your backsplash

$ 17.50

Modern brown tones self-adhesive metal aluminum backsplash & wall tile

$ 16.50

Beautiful brown and bronze glass metal mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

$ 25.50

Beige blue-black glass metal mosaic tile, perfect for the kitchen backsplash

$ 17.50

Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

$ 28.50

White interlocking marble glass & metal mosaic tile contemporary look mosaic

$ 29.50

Modern white glass, metal & marble mix kitchen backsplash tile


If you’re seeking a gleaming and glittering backsplash tile for your decidedly modern backsplash ideas or contemporary kitchen update, look no further than this metal backsplash tile. With a range of options to choose from including slick silver metal in highly polished subway tile ideas to more neutral mosaic squares complemented with beige glass insets, metal backsplash tile quickly becomes the star of your space.

Metal Backsplash Tile for Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Featuring mostly clean lines, high shine, and an overall eye-catching appearance, metal backsplash tile ideas are ideal for modern spaces seeking plenty of movement. The light will dance off of its highly reflective surface, which could be strictly sleek or interspersed with pops of bold color and glitter glass or stone.

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas spaces will fall in love quickly with the versatility of metal backsplash tile. Pair the various options with any shade of cabinets from white to brown to black for a perfectly put-together presentation. Your guests will never fail to notice the simplicity and elegance of your kitchen. Metal mosaic tiles also can go with stainless steel countertops.

Maintaining your Metal Backsplash Tile

One of the biggest draws for modern and contemporary design is simplicity, both in the design and in the upkeep of the products they choose. Metal backsplash tile doesn’t fail to impress with its easily maintained surface that needs only to be wiped clean occasionally with a damp rag.

Highly polished metal backsplash tile will allow water droplets and other spills to roll right off of its slick surface, making your routine cleaning a breeze. No need to spend unnecessary time to maintaining your kitchen with this option that keeps you moving forward with the rest of your day.

If you’re in the market for a metal backsplash tile, our high-quality mosaic tiles will certainly exceed your expectations for an effortlessly modern and contemporary space. Browse around to see which mosaic tiles catch your eye and bring your design dreams to life.

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