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Backsplash Edge – (Shop Best Edge Deals!) at

$ 9.95

Custom travertine edge for kitchen and bathroom projects, 12" long 0.59" wide.

$ 10.25

Slim glass edge trim for kitchen & bathrooms. 0.72″” thickness x 12″ long

$ 12.50

Bullnose slate edge trim for kitchen & bathrooms. 0.39"" thickness x 12" long

$ 14.50

White Marble Edge. 12" inch long individual pieces, the white marble edge


Finish Your Project with Backsplash Edge

No backsplash tile project would be complete without the appropriate finishing touches. Don’t allow your mosaic tile to simply end with a rough edge exposed. Instead, you need to create a seamless and finished appearance with an backsplash edge lining the edge of your project.

With a half bullnose edge, our backsplash edge can make your project feel more put-together and look more professionally completed in no time at all. Let its gently curved edge create slight movement in your backsplash and clearly indicate that your backsplash is officially over.

Available in a number of colors and materials, backsplash edge is certain to match whichever mosaic tile you select for the rest of your project. Whether you opted for the creamy beiges of travertine stone or the timeless effect of white marble, there’s an backsplash edge for you to finish your project professionally.

Functionality of Edge Backsplash Tile

Our high-quality backsplash edge is a breeze to install in straight lines across the finished seams of your mosaic tile creation. It will lend an air of sophistication and clear delineation for where your backsplash stops and the rest of your room begins.

Maintain it quickly and easily, just as you do the rest of your mosaic tile. Wipe it clean with a damp rag and keep its half bullnose edge routinely free of dust and grime. When spills occur, simply wipe them up quickly and you’ll have a piece that remains stain-free. With the proper maintenance, your backsplash edge will be a long-lasting element in your sophisticated space.

Let help you to finish your kitchen backsplash with all of the accessories you need. Our backsplash edge will put you well on the path to having the perfectly put-together kitchen of your dreams.


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