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Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Modern Backsplash Tile Gray Kitchen

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Modern Backsplash Tile


Backsplashes are basically durable wall coverings that will protect your wall from water splashes resulting in stains and molds. Since the kitchen wall is the most likely to come in contact with water, backsplashes always do a good job of keeping your wall dry and protect it from greasy food splatters so as to maintaining its aesthetic value and structural integrity. Moreover, tile backsplashes play a very pivotal role in the kitchen’s decor by harmonizing the various elements of design. Therefore, modern backsplashes can offer that missing link between your kitchen counter top finish, kitchen floor finish and all the other finishes in order to create a composition that speaks tonnes in terms of design. This type of finish can make you stick in the kitchen as it will look amazing.

Modern Backsplash Samples

If you are determined to look for a modern backsplash for you kitchen, there are many beautiful options that will have you in a dilemma. Tile backsplashes range from simple designs to very fancy futuristic designs. The basic categories include glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, stainless metal tiles, ceramic tiles, varnished wooden tiles and stone tiles. Moreover, you can find many fancy designs including mosaics, a mixture of stone and glass and other interesting designs.

Tips on How to Select Backsplashes

There is a wide array of modern backsplashes that you can choose from. In addition, it may become very confusing when choosing backsplashes that fit well with the design of your kitchen and the other finishes. As a result, it is of paramount importance to come up with a criterion for selecting tile backsplashes for your kitchen if you want it to look perfect. Below are some tips that can help you in selecting backsplashes for your kitchen:

1. Pick a Tile Design and Material that You Like Best

There is a wide span of incredible looking tiles in the market that you can choose from. There ceramic tiles, copper and other metal tiles, glazed tiles, stone and porcelain tiles. Furthermore, the above categories can be classified as matte or shinny finishes. Matte finishes fit well in a kitchen that is well lit while shinny finishes can amplify even a small amount of light in the kitchen, adding to the visual qualities of the kitchen. A shiny finish adds an extra glimmer and enlivens the kitchen. Shiny finishes include porcelain backsplashes, glazed tiles and stainless bands. These surfaces are good for those people who enjoy cleaning. In order to make the right choice, it is always a good idea to take home tile samples that please you so as to see whether they match with the other kitchen finishes. The backsplash should match with the overriding theme of your kitchen if there is any.

2. Pick a Color that matches the Other Colors in Your Kitchen

Always try to pick a backsplash that matches the color of your kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are white, choose tiles of a lighter color and if they are dark, choose tiles that are dark. If you choose a contrasting color, your kitchen will look too busy and confusing, losing its aesthetic value in the process. Choosing a matching color serves to link the tile backsplash and the cabinets, giving them more prominence and hierarchy in the design.

3. The Tiles should Sit Well in Terms of the Scale, Proportion and Dimensions of the Room

Large tiles in a small kitchen can distort the proportions in the room making it to appear smaller than it is. On the other hand, tiles that are too small will have no impact in a large kitchen. In addition, they are likely to make the roof to appear very busy. A good size for tiles is one that commands its space and acts in support with the other design elements to create a complete design.

4. Try to Avoid Anything too Busy

For a contemporary kitchen, try to select a neutral tile design that acts as a back drop for smaller kitchen utensils and appliances such as coffee makers, kettles and so forth. A neutral design lasts longer as compared to a fancy design that will be quickly outdated as more designs are created and styles and tastes change. A neutral look can allow you to sell your house easily if you decide to list it in future.

Therefore, if you want to jazz up your kitchen, modern backsplash make a great design element that will make your kitchen the envy of your buddies. If you master the criteria of selecting them, the design of your kitchen will be unprecedented and your kitchen will appear lively.