Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Create Visual Illusion with Tile Designs

18+ Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Blue Ceramic Backsplash Effect for Small Contemporary Kitchen

In the kitchen, which consists of blue and white flat cabinets, wooden countertops are used. The terrazzo ceramic used on the floor fits into the energy of the space very harmoniously. Under-counter sinks and built-in appliances are used. In kitchen cabinets, some upper cabinets are applied as built-in and open shelves. For this reason, white paint is applied to the remaining parts of the wall. Blue vertical subway ceramic is used as a backsplash. This single-row backsplash acts as a wide baseboard. It makes a sweet concept in this kitchenette. It has an energizing appearance with its glossy texture. As a dining table, its tiny white legs and top are made of the same ceramic as the backsplash. It’s a sweet design. Its gray fabric is in harmony with sports styles on chairs. It creates a nice detail in the copper lighting on the table.

White Cabinets and Countertop in Contemporary Design with Mosaic Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash Effect

In a modern kitchen design, white raised-panel cabinets, white countertops, and white-gray mosaic tile backsplash look dazzling in perfect harmony. Small mosaics add cool dynamism with the double color combination. In the kitchen, which has a simple and elegant stance, brass hardware cabinet handles create a luxurious atmosphere by adding weight. While stainless steel appliances and under-counter sinks are used, brass hardware is chosen for the sink faucet, which stylishly adapts to the environment. Dark wood parquet is used on the floor. The warm feeling of wood is reflected in the space, with the drapery and the hood box made of teak wood with an arch around it.

Small Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

When designing a small kitchen, there can be some design challenges when it comes to decorating spaces. However, considering its location and shape, successful studies can be carried out. In addition, the design and implementation cost of a small area is of course more appropriate. A backsplash is one of the most important design features for kitchens. And when designing a small kitchen, a backsplash can be a feature that can create a visual illusion and make the space feel larger- In this article, we gather different small kitchen backsplash ideas that will inspire you for your next project!

There are countless backsplash options for small kitchens, from traditional backsplash materials like ceramic tile and glass to higher-end materials like stainless steel and granite. When choosing materials, two factors in front of you will determine your choices. One is style, the second is budget. If the design style you want to pursue calls for something quality like a granite backsplash despite a limited budget, there are many synthetic materials available that approximate the look of almost any natural stone or other material.

Backsplashes are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. When deciding on your material, you can create color and beautiful visuals for a small kitchen design, adding a certain character without overwhelming the space or making it feel cramped.

Small Kitchen Scandinavian with Blue – White Cabinets and Backsplash Design

The kitchenette design, consists of blue-white recessed-panel cabinets, white solid-surface countertops, under-counter sinks, and built-in appliances are used. Brass hardware, sink mixer, and cabinet handles are used. Until the end of the cabinets, blue ceramics are applied on the floor and white patterned ceramics in the middle. The same white linear patterned ceramics used on the floor are also used between the countertops. A beautiful backsplash design that adds movement is formed by the combination of linear at different angles. The movement of tiles with the energy of blue creates a successful work in this small space.

Tile Backsplash for Small Kitchens

Tile backsplashes are the most common types of materials used. It is very easy to apply and clean. In terms of cost, it is suitable for most types of backsplash materials. It can be easily adapted to any design as it has unlimited varieties, colors, patterns, and sizes.

When designing a small kitchen, every element used in the space is important and kitchen tiles have been chosen to play a major role in this. If you want your kitchen to be comfortable and spacious, it is useful to choose warm colors that are compatible with your cabinets. Choosing the right size tiles is important if you want to make it feel as big and bright as possible. But it’s not all about tile sizes. Dark tiles used in the wrong part of the kitchen can make the kitchen look smaller and provide a suffocating look. It is necessary to pay attention to these.

Another way to make a small kitchen feel bigger is to use the same backsplash and floor tiles. For example, rectangular tiles laid vertically will make the room appear longer while placing them horizontally will make the room appear wider or taller.

Color is also an important factor when using backsplash. A color palette that blends seamlessly from tiles to cabinets and countertops will create a cohesive look. For example, if you are using white cabinets, striking designs can be created with bright mosaic tiles or linear more minimally patterned tiles to create a characteristic space.

The most commonly used forms of tile backsplash are subway tile, hexagon tile, herringbone tile, chevron, and mosaic tile.

Subway Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

While designing the kitchen, it should be practical but at the same time, a place that makes you happy should be created. Subway tile is a beautiful choice for almost any kitchen design and has a timeless style. In terms of cost, it is affordable. It has endless options, working with almost any color palette, and despite its very traditional nature, subway tile excels in many trendy, new, modern designs.

Subway Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash Design with Gray Cabinets

In this very small kitchen design, dark and light colors are perfectly balanced, and they offer a dynamic design! The stone subway tile backsplash creates a striking focal point thanks to its natural texture. Also, with these textures, subway tiles complement the gray cabinets and dark gray countertop. The metallic hardware adds a dose of sparkle. The small peninsula adds another function to the space.

What backsplash is good for a small kitchen?

Backsplashes in neutral tones are the best choices for small kitchens. It diverts attention from cramped, dreary spaces and creates a sophisticated effect in the space. However, when using neutral colors, you should take care to choose materials that are easy to clean, such as quartz, Corian, ceramics, and granite.


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Wood Cabinets with White Countertop and Backsplash

In this contemporary kitchen, the white subway tile backsplash brings a fresh and bright look between the dark wood cabinets. The white countertop completes this bright look while the black grout of the tiles complements the neutral color scheme.

Herringbone Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

Herringbone tiles are a classic design material that is currently experiencing a huge revival that is frequently used by designers. It has a sophisticated appearance and is a versatile product. It offers unlimited design possibilities with its various sizes and colors. The way of laying looks very active and interesting, especially when used with a contrast joint, and creates cool designs when used in simpler and the same tones. Herringbone tiles are also very suitable products for small kitchens, especially since large sizes make the space look larger in small spaces, functionally larger models can be preferred.

Herringbone Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash with Green Effect in Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Black cabinet handles add style to the kitchen design, which consists of white flat cabinets and gray countertops. Gray hexagonal tiles are used on the floor. On the opposite wall of the cabinets, a mini-bar table is created. Wooden bar chairs provide a warm look in the kitchen. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. The sink mixer is also black. Floral wallpaper is applied on the hood box and the opposite wall. And the most interesting and assertive element of the kitchen, the green herringbone tiles, becomes more striking with the white grout, providing an energetic environment. This vibrant green color combines with other simpler elements, making it a pretty cool design without overwhelming the small kitchen.

What is the most popular backsplash for kitchen 2022?

White kitchen backsplashes are among the most popular and preferred choices for all kitchen types. It remains popular in 2022 as well. Like classic white subway tiles, modern hexagons, and white backsplashes come in an endless variety of styles, shapes, patterns, and textures.

Small Traditional Kitchen Design with Herringbone Tile Backsplash

In the kitchen design, which consists of white shaker cabinets and white countertops, dark wood is used on the floor. Brass hardware cabinet handles add a stylish flair. Stainless steel appliances and under-counter sinks are used. And one of the most striking points of the kitchen is the dazzling white herringbone tile backsplash with its glossy texture. Using the same color grout and offering a neutral effect with white cabinets, these backsplashes attract all attention with a very cool stance.

Hexagon Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

A key element of modern design, hexagonal backsplashes reflect the retro style, but also play the leading role in dynamic and playful designs. This honeycomb tile design adapts to all tastes and wins everyone’s heart. It is available in various sizes and colors, do not be afraid of the hexagonal form, it is very easy to lay like other tiles. In small kitchens, as always, large-size models will be better for this tile. To make the space appear larger and more spacious than it is.

Multicolored Hex Tiles with Gray Shaker Cabinets

In this transitional kitchen, the stainless steel hexagon backsplash adds a nice texture to the design and completes the dramatic and elegant appeal of the black shaker cabinets. The marble countertop contrasts with the black cabinets to emphasize the look while the black faucet complements the cabinets.

What size tiles are best for a small kitchen?

Tiny tiles make small kitchens feel dense and cramped, while large tiles make them feel airier and more spacious. One reason for this is that the number of joint lines is less with larger tiles. This provides a visual illusion. Be careful not to choose tiles that are smaller than standard 12 x 12-inch tiles.

Blue Cabinets with White Quartz Countertops and Brass Details

The combination of blue, white, and brass offers a timeless and elegant look for this transitional kitchen. Quartz countertops enhance the luxurious feel in the room while wooden flooring brings warmth to the atmosphere. The large white and gold pendant light creates a focal point above the blue kitchen island.

Chevron Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

The chevron tile backsplash is quite similar to the herringbone decking. Herringbone backsplashes end with 45-degree angles, while chevron tiles give a completely different effect with their flat finish. It can create different designs with many color options. These backsplashes, which have a very stylish atmosphere, create characteristic effects where they are applied and successful designs are obtained. It offers refreshing effects in small areas, especially with its laying styles. When working in small spaces, the only thing to be considered is that if a heavily colored backsplash is preferred, calm, plain cabinets should be used or vice versa, so that messy and suffocating spaces are not created.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with White, Small Chevron Tile Backsplash Effect

Shaker cabinets and white countertops are used in the modern kitchen design, which consists of the magnificent elegance of white. Brass hardware cabinet handles create a luxurious atmosphere. While stainless steel appliances and a farmhouse cooker are used, the sink is chosen under the counter. In general, the house, where white is dominant, has a spacious ambiance due to its frequent windows. The window behind the sink adds an extra glow to the kitchen. The brass-equipped glass shelves on the side of the glass create an elegant detail. With its natural and very cool style, the white chevron tile backsplash goes well with this kitchen design. While it looks pretty cool with its shiny texture. it also neutralizes itself with white cabinets. It is a modern and stylish kitchenette design.

Mosaic Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

It has a mosaic tile style, a large amount of visual diversity, color, and products that can appeal to any space. Thanks to this, it is very popular in all kinds of kitchen designs. There are many options such as glass, ceramic, granite, and stone. In general, ceramics are more affordable materials than other materials. How should I use it, for example, in a simple, contemporary kitchen design, it can be complemented with a simple black and white design, or you can create striking effects with a vibrant, multi-colored mosaic. Using glass often creates a brighter and more reflective design, while stone or granite can feel fuller and sharper. Successful designs can also be made in small kitchens, taking into account the concept of the house. With the right combinations, it can leave a refreshing effect in small spaces.

Beach Style Design with Mosaic Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

A green square mosaic tile backsplash is applied in the beach-style kitchen, which is formed by the combination of gray recessed-panel cabinets and white countertops. In this kitchen, which has a sweet elegance, classic, wooden, style bar chairs are used around the peninsula counter. On the sidewall of the peninsula, green square mosaic tile backsplashes are used to create an energizing and original design with gray cabinets. When using under-counter basins, Vintage-style basin mixers provide a striking appearance. Glass capped pendant lights on the peninsula create a cool style.

Marble Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

Marble tiles are a great material for backsplash, as an example of luxury and elegance. It has both a trendy and traditional stance and works wonderfully in many different kitchen styles. From modern to classic, there is a marble tile backsplash for every kitchen style. Although it is a little more costly than other products, it is a product that gives its right when evaluated with performance. It is very easy to maintain if used with care.

It is a product that can be used easily in small kitchens. These materials, which are laid without leaving a joint gap, can even be one of the most suitable material types because they do not cut the eye in small areas.

White and Wood Cabinets with Marble Tile Backsplash in Small Traditional Kitchen Design

Black cabinet handles create a characteristic line in the transitional kitchen design, which consists of wooden and white shaker cabinets and white countertops. Wood-look vinyl flooring is used on the floor. While stainless steel appliances and under-counter washbasin are used, the black basin mixer is in harmony with the style of the space. The counter, which rotates as a peninsula, is a very harmonious detail with a modern bar made of black and wood. Glass lanterns are very suitable for pendant lighting with their simple and elegant appearance. And in this kitchen, every detail of which is prepared beautifully, the herringbone tiled marble tile backsplash impresses with its quality and stylish stance. An intimate kitchen design is created with the effect of simple, elegant, and wooden colors.

How do you make a small kitchen look bigger with tiles?

Another way to make a small kitchen feel bigger is to use the same tiles on the wall and floor. For example, rectangular tiles laid vertically will make the room appear taller while placing them horizontally will make the room appear wider.

White Cabinets Design with Marble Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash Effect

We are faced with a stylish transitional kitchen design using white shaker cabinets, white countertops, and a subway marble tile backsplash. A beige tile is used on the floor. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. Metal cabinet handles and sink mixers are preferred. A very stylish and cool space is created by using island cabinets, light wood cabinets and countertops, and gray quartz. Also, this quartz countertop and marble tile backsplashes achieve a beautiful harmony and complement each other as a general concept. The marble tile backsplash, which continues to the ceiling, displays an elegant stance and looks quite remarkable.

Glass Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

The glass tile backsplash is very durable and easy to use materials like ceramic tiles. They do not have problems such as mold and stains. They are quite easy to clean. Glass tiles are also very useful in places where there is not much lighting, thanks to their reflective properties. Because glass backsplashes can look brighter and larger by taking advantage of the natural light in the space. This is an excellent feature for small kitchens. It not only attracts attention with its lively appearance but also makes small kitchens useful by leaving deceptive effects thanks to the play of light. Many designers have started to use it easily thanks to the wide variety of colors and combinations. And thanks to this, glass tile backsplashes are among the popular products.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Light Green Glass Tile Backsplash

In the kitchen design, which consists of white flat cabinets, wood-like tiles are used on the floor. Built-in appliances and under-counter sinks are used. A large window behind the sink makes the kitchen bright and spacious. While the gray countertop creates a cool effect, the gray countertop, which is also used on the island, extends from the sides to the floor, creating a stylish environment. And finally, by using a light green glass tile backsplash, a natural look is provided, and thanks to the reflection feature of the glass, it creates a sparkling look. Also, this simple and modern kitchen minimally attracts attention.

Ceramic Tile Small Kitchen Backsplash

Ceramic is the most used type of material for backsplashes. It creates many designs with its options in unlimited shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. It is preferred because it is very easy and comfortable in terms of application and use. Also, it is practical in terms of maintenance and cleaning.
It has very useful options in small kitchens. Since the desired product has different sizes and unlimited color options, depending on the style and concept, spacious and useful products can be chosen without suffocating them. Thanks to this wide range, ceramic tiles that come to the minds of designers and users and always give satisfactory results are always popular.

Scandinavian Design with Glazed Ceramics and Black Countertops

The small kitchen design consists of white flat-panel cabinets, a black countertop, and a light green vertical tile backsplash. The vertical placement of the tiles creates an illusion and makes the space feel larger. Also, the glazed finish of the tiles enhances the brightness of the room. The black countertop contrasts with the light colors and the black range hood complements the countertop.

How do I choose a tile backsplash size?

If you plan to preserve the design for a long time, it is a good idea to choose a timeless and always fashionable classic tile size. For example, a subway tile layout might have a size of 3″x6″. However, if you want to add your personality to your space, you can act boldly by thinking about something beyond the square and rectangle.

White Cabinets with Blue Ceramic Tile Backsplash Effect in Small Kitchen Design

Stainless steel appliances and under-counter sinks are used in the kitchenette design, which consists of white recessed-panel cabinets and white countertops. In addition to these, metal cabinet handles and metal sink mixers are preferred. Stylish bar chairs made of gray fabric are placed around the peninsula-shaped bench. White-capped pendant lights are beautiful details that adapt to the space. Dark wood parquet is used on the floor. In this way, the blue subway ceramic backsplash also attracts all the attention. In this kitchen, where all the simplicity of white is felt, blue adds color by opening up the person like a sea and sky. It also looks very stylish with its glossy texture.

Small Kitchen Slab Backsplash

Slab backsplashes in the kitchen have been becoming a glamorous trend over the past few years. Composite stone surfaces offer a much more durable and equally fascinating alternative. A slab backsplash can easily change the look of a kitchen. From traditional to contemporary design and eclectic to a farmhouse, tile kitchen backsplash appeals to any style. It is also very ideal for application on plates, especially in small kitchens. It is an ideal product by showing the small kitchens wide by standing wholly without cutting the eye. Also, it helps to create successful designs with its stylish and cool stances.

Modern Design with Small Kitchen Slab Backsplash

In a stylish kitchen design consisting of brown flat cabinets and black island cabinets, a cool look is provided by using black countertops on the island. While the other countertops are used white, the slab backsplash between the countertops creates integrity with the countertop, while creating an elegant space at the same time. The fact that the slab backsplash is in the form of a whole plate not only makes the applied area wider but also creates an airy stance. Herringbone-tiled wooden parquets used on the floor also add a warm atmosphere.

Do small tiles make a room look bigger or smaller?

Large tiles deceive the eye and make a room appear larger. In the same way, small tiles, on the other hand, leave a more cramped feeling by creating more density in the applied area, as they consist mostly of joint lines.


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Small Contemporary Kitchen Design with White-Wood Cabinets and Slab Backsplash Effect

In the modern kitchen design, where the warm effect of wood is reflected in the entire space, dark flooring is used on the floor. It consists of wooden and white flat cabinets and white countertops. The slab backsplash used between the countertops exhibits a quality and stylish stance with its marble-like appearance. While its veined structure adds mobility, its jointless large-sized structure creates expansionary effects in this small kitchen. While built-in appliances and under-counter washbasins are used, metal cabinet handles and sink mixers are used. Open shelves are used over the sink. A successful and pleasant kitchen design is also created with the sincerity created by the wood and the cool stance of the slab backsplash.

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