Metal Sheet Backsplash Cool & Modern Appearance of Metal

21+ Metal Sheet Backsplash

ID# 145607 | – Credit© Perversi-Brooks Architects

Hobart Kitchen with Stainless Steel Metal Backsplash

Energetic, colorful kitchens achieve perfect harmony thanks to the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash. The dark and colorful tones used freely in the cabinets combine with the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash to create a perfect image. A contemporary look is provided in characteristic kitchens with extra details thanks to the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash. The warmth of the blue color and wood come together with the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash to create a perfect balance. Kitchens with intensive use have the possibility of long-term use with stainless steel metal sheet backsplash. The kitchen design with the blue island and black cabinets and color transitions both creates stylish solutions and offers a great experience for crowded families with its lively storage areas.

ID# 145612 | – Credit© Naked Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Blue and Brass Backsplash

The brass metal sheet backsplash perfectly accompanies the colorful delights. The blue cabinets and the gold-reflected brass metal sheet backsplash are in perfect harmony. The black objects used and the golden reflections are the right choice for a contemporary kitchen. The natural look, emphasized with wooden details, comes to the fore with the green plants used. The kitchen, which shows the harmony of blue and gold, creates an even more lively and inviting presentation with its brass metal sheet backsplash.

Metal Sheet Backsplash

Using a metal sheet backsplash to add a sparkle to your kitchen is a great choice for modern cooking spaces. Metal sheet backsplash creates a professional kitchen impression with its unique shine, making the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable. The fact that the time spent in the kitchen is intense and cleaning becomes even more important is no longer a problem thanks to the metal sheet backsplash. It becomes the reason for preference in terms of the convenience it provides in cleaning. However, it is a very suitable choice in terms of catching a luxury accent in your home. With different color options, it can be a part of the details that can accompany every design.

ID# 145601 | – Credit© Make My House Home

Contemporary Bathroom Design with White Cabinets

More classic, more modern, and more luxurious with the metal backsplash. The combination of white cabinets with gray and black tones is the choice for those who love classical and modern lines. In the kitchen, which reflects the modern spirit of simplicity from top to bottom, the metal sheet backsplash stands out with its shine. It is the right choice to choose flowers as accessories that maintain simplicity and emphasize naturalness and elegance at the same time. In addition, wooden details make cold tones warmer.

Best Seller Mosaic Tiles

The elegant glass and marble mix rhomboid design backsplash tile

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Rustic California gold slate mixed with burgundy glass unique look backsplash tile

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Glass and metal mixed gray & copper color unique mosaic backsplash & bathroom tile.

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Multicolor light & medium travertine subway natural stone mosaic tile

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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ID# 145602 | – Credit© O.NIX Kitchens & Living

Contemporary Kitchen with Gray Cabinets and Countertops

Combining the color orange, which creates a synergy with the metal sheet backsplash, is one of the best accent methods for the backsplash. The cabinets, which go in the same color tones as the backsplash, perfectly reflect the modern lines. The orange details on the cabinets combine with the gray color to add a The cooking area becomes more enjoyable in the kitchen, where the warmth is concentrated with the wooden details table. Metal sheet backsplash is becoming much more useful in modern kitchens to provide ease of cleaning. Thanks to the reflection games achieved with metal surfaces, it offers a function beyond the kitchen visuality, which is more intriguing, offers an answer to the user, and, creates a more livable space by appealing to both the eye and the usage.

How to install sheet metal backsplash?

The metal sheet backsplash, which comes in plates, is cut according to the measurements and placed in its place. The metal sheet backsplash, which is fixed in place with a simple adhesive, is ready for use.

ID# 145603 | – Credit© Sola Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Gold Backsplash

White cabinets and a gold backsplash are the perfect pair for a bright kitchen. The combination of clean-inspiring white cabinets with a metal backsplash is the combination where the emphasis on cleanliness is best demonstrated. The time spent in the kitchen, which manages to capture both modern and classical as well as luxury accents, is quite enjoyable. The naturalness of white and the luxurious accent captured by the metal sheet backsplash are colored by the use of elegant floral accessories. The kitchen, which is warmer with the stylish effect of the shiny gold-looking metal material, becomes more lively and inviting by presenting a wonderful composition with small decorative elements. Lighting and decoration elements integrate the design and contribute to the space both functionally and visually.

Can u use sheet metal behind the stovetop as a backsplash?

Metal sheet backsplash can be used in all areas of the kitchen between countertops. Its resistance to heat and scratches, easy application, and longevity make metal sheet backsplash suitable for use in all areas.

ID# 145604 | – Credit© smarterBATHROOMS+

Traditional Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Mirrored Backsplash

With a mirror backsplash, it is possible to make your kitchen space look wider. The high reflective backsplash acts as a mirror. The metal sheet backsplash reflecting the daylight, the golden reflections, and the golden details used in the cabinets achieve perfect harmony. It becomes the choice of small or large kitchens with its practicality and luxury emphasis. The use of dark cabinets adds warmth to the environment and emphasizes the backsplash. The choice of material that provides harmony with the golden handles and the backsplash adds a richer atmosphere to the kitchen, while the visual created touches both attractive and intriguing feelings. The completion of the design with warm wooden parquet on the floor and white shelves allows us to feel the kitchen in a full and also pleasant atmosphere.

Types of Metal Sheet Backsplash

Metal sheet backsplash stands out as a useful choice. However, it has many more advantages due to the properties of the materials it is composed of. Metal sheet backsplash provides a big plus in cooking areas where there is constant heat and water and where it is used. It becomes a good option because it provides home cleaning and ease of use. The industry, which has developed further with the use of metal in kitchens, not only provides convenience to kitchens and designers but also helps us to obtain useful and long-lasting spaces with its richness of materials. The fact that most of the metal types are suitable for this allows us to offer more alternatives for kitchens, and it helps our kitchens to be cleaner and more sterile day by day.

Stainless Steel Metal Sheet Backsplash

Surfaces in cooking areas and kitchens inevitably come into contact with humidity, air, and water frequently. Therefore, materials suitable for the conditions should be preferred for long-term use. It is a good choice to use stainless steel metal sheet backsplash in kitchens where humidity, air, and water are intense. Your cabinets and decoration products that can easily adapt with the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash that makes your kitchen perfect will give you pleasant moments.

ID# 145605 | – Credit© Huw Lambert

Contemporary Kitchen with Stainless Steel Backsplash Panels

Large counters, and wide stoves, which make those who love to spend time in the kitchen feel like a professional chef, offer a unique harmony with the stainless steel sheet backsplash. In kitchens that are used frequently, the oxidation effect created by the use of water, air, and humidity is eliminated by the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash. Stainless steel metal sheet backsplash, which will accompany you for years, is the perfect choice for your long-term kitchens. You welcome your crowded guests at the long and wide dining table and enjoy your clean and luxurious kitchen with the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash. In addition, the perfect harmony of gray tones with wooden details also allows for a warmer environment.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

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Sleek brown metal and glass mixed modern kitchen backsplash & bathroom tile

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Gray white marble & metal kitchen backsplash tile for modern projects

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ID# 145606 | – Credit© 5rooms

Dramatic Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Wood Flooring

Extremely modern industrial kitchens have very luxurious accents thanks to the combination of stainless steel backsplash and black cabinets. In addition to the stylish appearance of open-plan kitchens, the clean appearance provided by the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash creates a perfect kitchen. The harmony provided by the wooden floor ensures a perfect whole. With pendant lighting, the shine of the kitchen, emphasized by the stainless steel metal sheet backsplash, comes to the fore. Gold details and metal-colored pieces used in some of the shelves and cabinets both harmonize with the backsplash and manage to break the cold air of black a little by giving the kitchen a warm texture. The resulting design is also integrated and turns into a warmer and more inviting kitchen.

Can you use sheet metal as a backsplash?

Metal sheets can be used in the desired area in kitchens. Thanks to the flexible and easily workable structure of the metal, metal sheets that can be easily integrated into every area can be easily used in the desired area as both cabinet doors, countertops, and backsplash.

ID# 145608 | – Credit© Larissa Johnston Architects

Modern and Stylish Designed Kitchen with Wood Cabinets

Kitchens with modern, simple, and stylish lines have a longer life with stainless steel backsplash. Light-toned cabinets and a stainless steel backsplash in the cleaning area emphasize cleanliness, creating harmony with its stainless steel finish. The kitchen, which prioritizes simplicity and modernity, highlights naturalness with plant accessories. The stainless steel metal sheet backsplash perfectly reflects the emphasis on naturalness. The kitchen, which gains a warmer and more inviting look with the visuality arising from the combination of raw wood texture and metal, becomes also more useful with plenty of storage space.

Brass Metal Sheet Backsplash

A very popular choice for modern kitchens, a brass metal sheet backsplash becomes indispensable for classic kitchens. However, with its shiny reflections, the brass metal sheet backsplash is the perfect choice for a luxurious accent in kitchens. It offers you a more enjoyable environment in the cooking areas and the moments spent in the kitchens. While it is very efficient for a brighter kitchen appearance, it stylishly accompanies the decoration of your kitchen.

ID# 145609 | – Credit | © Kitchen Revolutions

Dark Blue Cabinets with White Countertops and Marble Island

Brass backsplash easily harmonizes with the cabinets of your kitchen and creates unique integrity with the countertop textures used in the space. The harmony achieved with the white countertop, the island chosen in light tones, and the brass metal sheet backsplash looks perfect. The backsplash gives a different atmosphere to a warm cooking area dominated by both light and dark tones, with its glittering structure and luxury accent. Brass metal sheet backsplash also plays a unifying and complementary role in kitchens where all tastes can come together easily.

How do you seal a metal backsplash?

It is applied with the sheet backsplash bonding method. Some models may have joint gaps, and in them, metals can be fixed permanently by bonding or riveting.

ID# 145610 | – Credit© Шакирова Елена

Eclectic Kitchen Design with Wood Countertops and Brass Accents

The brass backsplash, which meets the wooden details of warmer, more intimate kitchens, adds color to the classic lines. Brass backsplash and cabinet accessories, whose colors make up unity, provide a perfect unity like a part of a picture. The combination of copper and gold reflections with the white color brings the details to the fore. Preferred simple kitchen utensils perfectly complement the small parts of the integrity. As you go up from the floor, providing a warm environment and integrating with the brass metal sheet backsplash provide pleasant moments in the kitchen. The kitchen, with its eclectic design, contains lively and warm stories, while at the same time it has a strong aura that allows us the audience to write our own stories.

Can I use galvanized steel as a backsplash?

Galvanized steel can find its place in kitchens as a very strong and durable material. There is no harm in using galvanized metal sheets as a backsplash. Galvanized steel sheets suitable for the design to be made can be easily applied and great results can be obtained.

ID# 145611 | – Credit© Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors

A Masterpiece of Gold, Kitchen Design With Brass 

For kitchens that emphasize luxury, the perfect brass metal sheet backsplash is a perfect choice. The golden details used in the kitchen area make the open kitchen turn into a work of art. The golden reflections continued with the brass metal sheet backsplash allowing the space to appear wide. Preferring a light color on the floor helps to highlight the details of the kitchen. The brass metal sheet backsplash and gold reflective cabinets create a radiant glow in the area  The kitchen with its unusual design uses metal sheet backsplash and metal in a kitchen, and it also proves how flexible and workable metal is.

ID# 145613 | – Credit© Hills Design Studio

White and Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Backsplash 

In the kitchens that accompany energetic and colorful designed houses, the brass metal sheet backsplash is in perfect harmony with its glittering reflections. Brass backsplash stands out as a good option to create a stylish look in open kitchens. The warm environment created by the wooden details and the naturalness and cleanliness of the white color stands out with the brass metal sheet backsplash. Efficiency from lighting and daylight gives a sparkling appearance with the reflections of the brass backsplash, day or night. Thanks to the brass metal sheet backsplash, it also becomes easier to achieve a stylish look in simply designed spaces.

Copper Metal Sheet Backsplash

The metal sheet backsplash, which is preferred by those who want to add a contemporary look to the kitchen, allows for warmer kitchens with the copper metal sheet backsplash option. Copper metal sheet backsplash is an excellent choice for those who want to add color to their cooking areas. By integrating with various decoration ideas and accessories, providing perfect integrity provides a much brighter and more luxurious look with copper metal sheet backsplash.

ID# 145614 | – Credit© Blakes London

Copper Sheet Backsplash in Kitchen Design Full of Eclectic Vibes

Including the copper backsplash, the unique harmony of light and dark tones gives it a flawless look. While adding a more authentic atmosphere with its copper reflections, it manages to capture a modern line with the cabinets used. The harmony of the lighting with the copper metal sheet backsplash makes the kitchen a warmer environment. However, it seems that wooden details are indispensable for a warm environment. Offering plenty of storage and working space with white countertops and cabinets, the kitchen offers also a useful and stylish space with its copper metal sheet backsplash, offering a quality experience to users.

Hammered Metal Sheet Backsplash

While stylish kitchens are possible with metal sheet backsplash, hammered metal sheet backsplash is the perfect choice to elaborate more elegance. In addition to luminous reflections, it becomes possible to create extraordinary cooking areas with hammered metal sheets. Perfect integrity with kitchen cabinets and countertops chosen in a modern style gives a much more unique experience with hammered metal sheet backsplash.

ID# 145615 | – Credit© TS Design | Тарас Безруков и Стас Самкович

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Gold Hammered Backsplash

In the kitchen where wooden details are dominant, the kitchen cabinets chosen in modern dark tones, and the hammered metal sheets are in perfect harmony. While emphasizing naturalness, the luxury accent provided by the y hammered metal sheet backsplash creates perfect unity. Black cabinets and a hammered metal sheet backsplash with gold reflection provide a stunning contrast. The light tones preferred on the floor highlight the warmth of the space. The kitchen design, which uses black inlaid cabinets and the whole countertop and hammered wood, creates also an extraordinary design by enlivening the simple form with a hammered metal backsplash.

Brushed Metal Sheet Backsplash

With a Brushed metal sheet backsplash, you can make both stylish and robust designs for your kitchens. With the visual and durability of the metal material to be used, it is possible to create more useful and stylish kitchens. Brushed metal sheet backsplash, which is a material that designers now enjoy using more, seems to be in front of us more in the future. This user-friendly and long-lasting material offers many options with different colors and textures.

ID# 145616 | – Credit© Nexus Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Red Cabinets and Gorgeous Brushed Metal Backsplash

The kitchen, which stands out with its red cabinets and brushed metal backsplash, dazzles with its pleasant and impressive atmosphere. The kitchen design, which has a nice and stylish look with the contrast created by the white countertops and red cabinets, crowns its modern lines with the brushed metal sheet backsplash they use. This design has a more elegant appearance with the pendant lighting on the ceiling and the parquet on the floor, offering large storage areas to the user while creating a pleasant and unique design with its catchy visuals. While the resulting design is original and extraordinary, it comes with rich and useful solutions in terms of usage.

ID# 145617 | – Credit© TK Design KITCHENS | BATHROOMS | INTERIORS

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Stainless Steel Cabinets

This kitchen design, which sets an example for the use of metal in all areas, creates a more saturated space by putting the metal in different functions with the same texture. The brushed metal surfaces used on the backsplash and cabinet doors create a modern and useful space with its reflection games and wonderful texture. The kitchen, where matte tiles on the floor and metal surfaces stand out, uses brushed metal backsplash as a backsplash and also completes the design with a harsher effect on the space. Tall cabinets and a wooden-like ceiling add elegance to the kitchen while providing ample storage that makes it user-friendly.

Metal Sheet Backsplash Behind Stove

Back of stove metal sheet backsplash is one of the most successful materials in terms of ease of use. With its visual and reflective properties, the metal sheet backsplash, which offers a comfortable working area without fear of heat and contamination, succeeds in being a frequently preferred material thanks to its prominent features. While it is applied to the back of the cooking areas in the kitchens created, its easy workmanship, being light and resistant to problems such as temperature, it stands out and finds itself as a preferred material with its visual power.

ID# 145618 | – Credit© K+ARchitects

Metal Sheet Backsplash Application Behind the Stove with Industrial Kitchen Design

The sheet backsplash material, which is used as a backsplash in the kitchen with industrial design, is positioned behind the cooking area, offering both a visual feast and convenience in terms of use. While the resulting kitchen design looks simple and elegant, it offers answers to the users and their needs thanks to the quality of the materials and their ease of use. The atmosphere, which gets warmer with the wooden details on the floor and ceiling, creates a balance between the cold appearance of the metal and the hot-cold, offering a more balanced atmosphere and making the kitchen look more natural and full of life. While the kitchen, which has sharper lines with its metal backsplash, offers a sense of quality and luxury, the resulting design is more inviting by appealing to the eye.

ID# 145619 | – Credit© Into interior design

White Flat Panel Cabinets with Green Walls 

This kitchen with white cabinets has a metal sheet backsplash behind the stove. It emphasizes the cooking area and makes it more user-friendly. It creates a more livable space with its easy-to-use, heat-resistant,t and easy-to-clean backsplash. The metal sheet backsplash shines like a jewel among the green wall paint, white cabinet,s and wooden details. It also completes the kitchen and responds to the needs of the user.

Modern Mosaic Tiles

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Modern white gray color polished subway made out of skyline marble

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Modern shape white elegant honed finish marble mosaic tile

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Modern beige long porcelain mosaic kitchen and bathroom mosaic

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Modern look white marble, elegant honed finish mosaic tile

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Modern chevron backsplash tile, white gray brown color mixed chevron tile

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ID# 145620 | – Credit

Modern Kitchen with Wood Wall Panels and Gray Floor Tiles

The stainless steel backsplash stands out like a pearl among the wooden and gray cabinets. It also provides more comfortable use for the cooking area. The kitchen has a country-style design but still exudes luxury, making it a stylish option for the user. The abundant use of wood enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic, while smart solutions make it more functional. Metal surfaces in high-heat areas prevent damage and improve user-friendliness. The design of the island-style kitchen is clear and also easy to understand due to the division of areas and the use of varied materials.

ID# 145621 | – Credit© Honest Kitchens

Burgundy Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops and Open Shelving

The kitchen design makes you feel warm with its lively appearance. It creates smarter solutions by using a metal sheet backsplash behind the cooking area to be more useful. The burgundy cabinets and the gold backsplash are harmonizing in warm tones, and the visual is dazzling. The kitchen, which looks full of life with wooden simple shelves, looks more user-friendly with warm elements. The white countertop in a U-shaped kitchen creates a sleek look and offers ample space for both cooking and storage.

How thick should a metal sheet splashback be?

Metal sheet backsplashes should be neither too thick nor too thin, by the standards. Too thin can be brittle and not resistant to impacts, while too thick can be heavy and difficult to apply. Metal thickness of 1.2mm is recommended for long lengths due to use, thinner metal is more susceptible to transport damage during installation.

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