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41+ Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas with Subway Tile Backsplash and White Cabinets

This white-dominant kitchen uses white for a sacred reason: to make the space look more sizeable and brighter. This way, it compensates for its smallness and it does so without overwhelming the space with cabinets and creating secret storage. And what it does smartly is to clad the in-built storage cabinet with the white subway backsplash tiles that make it look like part of the wall. To accentuate the backsplash, it also uses a two-tiered black shelf, creating a bookcase of sorts for cookbooks. Right next to it, the fully exposed stainless-steel hood comes with a wide trim that is again used to accommodate a few accessories to add a punch of character without causing clutter.

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Monochromatic Kitchen with Wooden Utensil Rack and Chrome Hardware

This monochromatic yet approachable kitchen design imparts a sense of calmness to its users. The chrome hardware, bridge faucet, and wooden utensil rack stylize the walls and countertop, giving hints about the quotidian life of the kitchen and thus, subtly injecting a sense of life.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sizeable kitchen where we can get multiple cabinets spanning the space while still leaving enough room to move around. But don’t despair if you have a small kitchen. With storage ideas for small kitchens, you can easily compensate for the lack of space. Small kitchen storage ideas focus on the interior design of the cabinets and efficient use of the countertops and see any bare wall or space as a potential storage space.

Knowing that not every kitchen is wide enough, designers also come up with small kitchen storage ideas and design cabinets accordingly to maximize storage space and use every inch of the kitchen to the fullest. From kitchen islands with viable models to utensil racks, pegboards, floating shelves, baskets, and ceiling-mounted racks, each of those additions is gathered under the category of small kitchen space storage ideas. Plus, in addition to them, alternative ideas for storage in small kitchens encompass double-duty pegboard backsplashes, plate racks on the sides of the cabinets, repurposed curtain rods, and rolling pantries. Yet, probably the best storage ideas for small kitchens are linked to the interior cabinets designed to pack everything in a certain order and in an accessible way.

Summing up, we all know that kitchens are the heart of our homes in need of designs with consummate functionality. And no one would feel motivated to cook in a chaotic place, especially in a small kitchen. That being said, considering how much we need to keep up with the updated kitchen storage ideas, here we gathered over 30 small kitchen storage ideas that will sparkle your imagination for your own kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens.

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Cream Cabinets with Brass Hardware and White Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, the cream cabinets punctuated by brass hardware set the tone of the kitchen with the white countertops. The upper wall units and cabinet shelves with oak-designed interiors make great additions to optimize space within the kitchen without compromising the aesthetics in the meantime. Plus, the arched form of the open cabinet adds a soft aesthetic feature, creating a cozy storage space for personal items for a healthy dose of characteristic touches.


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Wall-Hung Rail with Brass Hood and Subway Tile Backsplash

If you want to add extra storage and also aim to use it as an aesthetic decorative addition, why not try one of those wall-hung rails? You can take cues from the other design features and match the rail’s material to the rest to achieve a visual continuum. This country-style kitchen, for example, puts its brass rail into dialogue with the eye-catching brass hood, while the ceiling-height white subway tile backsplash peeks out behind these statement features to create a neutral background. On the sides of the hood, what accompanies them are also the picture frames, a kitchen plant placed in a basket, and copper-brass kitchen items hung above the stove. These standout features stylize the main design frame of the kitchen constituted by the taupe shaker cabinets, black countertops, and stone-look porcelain tiles. And finally, one last touch comes through a traditional runner to add comfort and warmth underfoot.

How to add more storage to the small kitchen?

Any space in your kitchen could be turned into a storage space, but the important part is to create the right balance to avoid any clutter. For example, if you have empty walls, you can install hooks and hang your cutting boards, dry leaves, and other kitchen utensils that will also personalize your bare walls. Or you can just install pegboards available in a wide range of colors that bring a modern and contemporary voice to your kitchen.

Secondly, you can store some of your stuff on the countertops as well, especially the ones you frequently use while cooking. You can place a lazy Susan, a tiered basket, or a shelf riser in some corner and put your spices and sauces on it for convenient accessibility.

Wicker baskets placed on the floor could also pack some of your stuff and introduce a nice texture at the same time. Also, if your upper wall units don’t reach the ceiling, you can use the top of the upper cabinets to store some of the non-used items in wicker baskets.

ID# 140813

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas in Contemporary Kitchen with Gray Cabinets

The storage sections of the cabinets dictate how one can organize stuff efficiently to save more space and keep the countertops clutter-free. That’s why what demands attention as much as how the exterior design of the cabinets should look and come together with the existing narrative design is the interior design of the cabinets. In this contemporary kitchen, for example, the oversized cabinet has plenty of pull-out drawers that provide convenient use for kitchen users. Plus, it is a smart addition to keep the interior and exterior design in two different colors since the white interior allows for easy spotting of the items searched for.

ID# 140814

Wooden Cabinets with Drawers and Black Countertops

The deep drawers that are divided into diverse sections with plastic containers are one of the best ways to keep your stuff organized just like this natural kitchen design does. The wood-finish drawer cabinets under the sink help efficient use of space, leaving enough space on the black countertops.

How Do I Add Storage to My Small Kitchen?

Storage solutions range from built-in pantries to utensil racks, pegboards, racks on the sides of the cabinets, rolling pantries near fridges, and floating shelves. Now let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Small Kitchen Pantry Storage

Small kitchens generally have L-shaped and U-shaped layouts which leave them with corner cabinets. And to make use of these corners to the maximum, you can integrate sliding racks to create a more user-friendly option. Likewise, pull-out larders and slim and tall cabinets with roll-out options can create small kitchen pantry storage. Additionally, if you have any alcoves, you can transform them into small kitchen pantry storage and hide them via a sliding door or a curtain.


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ID# 140815

Small Kitchen Pantry Storage with Modern Cream Cabinets and Built-in Appliances

This contemporary kitchen is outfitted with clean-line cabinetry and sleek built-in appliances that constitute a super-neat and well-groomed look on the outside. Yet, the best part is the cabinet interior design which is as clean and efficient as the exterior, thanks to the small kitchen pantry storage solutions. The metal multi-tiered storage consists of six sections installed on the interior cabinet door that resembles fridges in their functioning. With this smart addition, spices, glass containers, unperishable items, and pasta packages find a place for themselves, offering convenient use for kitchen users.

ID# 140816

Modern Kitchen with Custom-Design Cabinetry and Pull-out Pantry

Not every kitchen is lucky enough to have a pantry. And when that’s the case, you can just create your version just like this kitchen does. Here the custom-design cabinetry consists of a mirrored cabinet which turns into a multi-functional pantry when you pull it out. This thoughtful addition comprises 7 levels of various sizes to fit boxes, sauces, and snacks for efficient use.

ID# 140817

Black Cabinets and Wood-Interior Pantry Storage with Brass Hardware

The contrasting color scheme makes the exterior design expressive and intriguing in this modern kitchen. The black cabinets paired with brass hardware create a solid aesthetic that offers the best of both worlds. And the pantry storage just distinguishes itself with its rich wood texture from the rest of the design. And it doubles inside with the extra storage spaces attached to the cabinet doors. This way, the number of shelves is maximized to slash more stuff within.

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Since small kitchens don’t allow for numerous cabinets, it is a must to use the available ones to the maximum. And to achieve that, the interior of the cabinets is nowadays designed to provide different compartments of various sizes. Some also come with roll-out options, shelves, and cubbies, which offer a user-friendly design.

ID# 140818

Luxury Kitchen Design with Fluted Cabinets and Storage Solutions

The overarching narrative of this kitchen is built upon the dark brown shades rich in pigments and textures as showcased by the backsplash, countertops, and fluted design cabinets. And it gets better when you see what is inside them. All that you need to do is to pull out the voluminous storage space and see a well-designed interior in three sections. Featuring a minimal footprint yet with high-capacity storage, it makes everything readily accessible. Also, the fact that it doesn’t have separate drawers for each section just makes things better and unified.

ID# 140819

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet with Green Cabinets and Brass Hardware

This thought-invested small kitchen storage cabinet feels like a secret storage space that keeps baking gadgets, cookbooks, and measuring cops within arm’s reach. The shelves and cubbies help with better organization, allowing each piece to have its specific place. And when you close the doors of the storage cabinet, what welcomes you is a uniform look with dark green cabinets punctuated by brass hardware, presenting an alluring design.

How to maximize storage in a small kitchen?

To maximize storage in a small kitchen, just focus on the negative spaces and how you can integrate them into the kitchen as a usable area. For example, you can start with windowsills that can offer an alternative storage place. You can display your kitchen plants, cookbooks, personal accessories, and some kitchen utensils on the windowsills. Likewise, over-the-door cabinets could make fantastic additions if you would like to expand your storage space.

Secondly, backsplashes can effortlessly turn into storage with a pegboard and utensil rack. The same goes for the ceilings. You can drop down the pot racks over the kitchen islands, which especially work well in farmhouse and cottage-style kitchens. But if you love industrial looks, you can replace them with suspended shelves.

And of course, thirdly, kitchen islands are another popular option when the aim is to maximize storage. Today’s market offers a variety of viable island models that can pack a lot of stuff with drawers, typical cabinet bases, and open cabinet shelves. Of course, with custom-design ones, you can make them more efficient and more adapted to the layout.

Apart from those, ladder shelves, freestanding cabinets, and floating shelves fitted into the small corners, including corner shelves, could serve as other alternatives to make efficient use of every negative space.

ID# 140820

Soothing Kitchen Design with Black Soapstone Countertops and Cream Cabinets

This soul-appeasing kitchen owes its soothing look to the cream cabinets and black soapstone countertops. To maximize storage space, the wall units reach the ceiling, adding to the grandness of the kitchen. Right below the top cabinets, the reeded glass cabinetry builds extra interest to bring intriguing aesthetics in, letting a glimpse into the cabinets without revealing what is inside completely.

ID# 140821

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas with Roll-Outs in Modern Kitchen

This modern kitchen offers consummate functionality with custom-designed cabinetry that consists of a series of roll-outs and an additional flat roll-out shelf that serves multi-purposes. You can put your spices, jars, and containers into a certain order, and the flat roll-out is just a practical solution to provide a space for unpacking the grocery bags, which makes it a pretty ergonomic design. This way, you also get a very integrated pantry that is easily accessible.

How to design storage in a small kitchen?

To design storage in a small kitchen, you can benefit from pull-out drawers, roll-out shelves, wicker baskets, and rolling pantries integrated into the cabinets for consummate functionality. The built-in shelves inside the cabinets can keep your electronic appliances in one spot. You can also get cubbies that will help you gain better organizational skills. Overall, dividing slim cabinets into sections fixes most of the storage problems and gives you little compartments you can navigate as you wish.

ID# 140822

Functional Kitchen Design with Wooden Cabinets And Gray Countertops

This comfort-oriented kitchen offers a sleek look with flat-front wooden cabinets and gray countertops that have a masculine edge to them. And inside the cabinets are hidden smart storage solutions that use every inch of the space to the fullest. These pull-out shelves that house bowls make the kitchen pro-efficient.

ID# 140823

Modern Kitchen Design with Wine Storage And White Cabinets

This modern kitchen not only has a tranquil aesthetic design with heartwarming features but also is filled with ideas for functional design without compromising aesthetics. First, the wine storage and beverage cooler integrate beautiful details, enriching the white modern cabinetry. Secondly, the bifold cabinet style of the upper wall unit provides a smooth opening system that leads to shelf units hosting stunning glassware. And the rest of the space is fitted with an island and a floating shelf that serve as additional storage spaces in different forms.

How do you organize a small kitchen with a few cabinets?

You can start by using the sides of the cabinets like pockets. If there is any space left around the fridge, you can get a custom-design rolling pantry to store your canned goods, snacks, and spices. You can also work around the island units if you have one. Rolling cart islands could be another alternative. Additionally, repurposed curtain rods can be installed in front of an unused window. And floating shelves also stand out as a good substitute for cabinets.

ID# 140824

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas with Built-in Pantry and Wood Cabinets

Given that kitchens are the heart of our homes, a viable design is a must, and achieving that comes with good organizing skills and well-designed cabinetries. Here the built-in pantry seems like a great solution to optimize the small kitchen layout, keeping the plates well-organized and separated according to their functions. And when they are all recessed and the door is closed, it all feels neat and clean within the wood flat-front cabinets.

ID# 140825

Pull-Out Organizers for Base Cabinets and Granite Countertops

This small traditional kitchen is characterized by white cabinets paired with granite countertops and subway tile backsplash. Though small, it compensates for it with pull-out organizers designed for base cabinets. And the total number of these organizer cabinets is not just one but four. So, if you are one of those who are in love with spices, sauces, and so on, these pull-out units will be your best friend in the kitchen.

Open Shelves

Also known as floating and cantilevered shelves, open shelves are very practical additions to bring depth and character to the walls. Since they are open, they don’t encroach on the space, unlike the upper cabinets. But they rather provide more breathable space, which is important in small kitchens. Available in timber, glass, metal, and more, they are also highly customizable. And depending on their thickness and material, they can hold up a good amount of kitchen items. But the key point is that just because they can take heavy weights, don’t fill every single spot on them, which will cause clutter and result in a chaotic look on the shelves.


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ID# 140826

All-White Kitchen with Glass-Floating Shelves and Wicker Pendants

This all-white kitchen is ready to make you feel as if it is always summer. From the white cabinets to the shiplap-clad walls, wicker pendants, and the beautiful island, it all comes together as part of a beach-style kitchen. And in the background, the glass floating shelves add a gentle touch that feels barely there but still looks sophisticated.

ID# 140827

Beadboard Open Cabinets with Shelves and Black Countertops

This beautiful farmhouse-style open cabinet serves as a dry home bar that houses a coffee machine, plenty of mugs, and colorful bowls that add a dose of personality to the kitchen. Below, the black countertops topping the cream cabinets with black hardware serve as an anchor for the cabinet. The beadboard panel interior adds a nice detail to the background that packs so much stuff without causing any clutter.


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ID# 140828

Timber Floating Shelves and Cream Cabinets with Stacked Backsplash

Nothing would suit this arched niche wall better than a duo of timber floating shelves, while the handmade ceramic tile stacked backsplash just peeks out behind them. The shelves expose the beautiful kitchenware organized nicely, and below, the antique brass taps, terrazzo countertops, and cream cabinets complement the overall design aesthetic.

ID# 140829

Shaker Cabinets with Small Kitchen Storage Ideas and Butler Sink

When you have a small kitchen, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm it with an abundance of wall units, and thus would just let go of upper cabinetry. And while replacing them, you can choose another storage solution, which is a floating shelf, just like this kitchen does. Capitalizing on its high ceiling, it deploys a trio of floating shelves supported by brackets. They house candles, synthetic flowers, glassware, and anything you can imagine, adding nice personal touches to the wall. Right below, shaker cabinets, a butler sink, and white natural stone countertops accompany them, resulting in a cozy and well-balanced look. And this soothing look just blends perfectly with the stunning arched window with dainty frames that lend enough natural light to make the storage space shine.


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ID# 140830

Dark Cabinets And Wooden Cantilevered Shelves with Wicker Baskets

This modern kitchen is outfitted with dark blue shaker cabinets that colonize the walls. The timber floating shelves installed on the side of the full-height cabinet add extra coziness and homeliness while also channeling a sense of warmth. They are filled with mason jars, glass containers, and spices that give clues about the cooking habits of kitchen users. And on the floor, a duo of wicker baskets introduces new texture and warmth, evoking extra interest.

Kitchen Racks

Kitchen racks are especially helpful to organize counter spaces by creating extra storage on the walls. These racks are particularly popular in shabby chic, country, and traditional kitchens, but nowadays their modern versions are also available, which are suitable for contemporary kitchens. For example, ladder shelves are popular in modern Nordic aesthetics, making great additions for better organization and adding a punch of character.

ID# 140831

Wet Bar with Kitchen Racks and Thick Black Countertops

This little and sweet home bar accommodates a beverage cooler and cabinets topped by thick black countertops. And a black kitchen rack above them just feels at home, adding an elegant gesture to the walls. The flowers crown this beauty spot, honoring the overall look.

ID# 140832

Timber Floating Shelves and Butcher Block Countertops with White Shaker Cabinets

This soothing kitchen has plenty of storage forms that enrich the kitchen’s furniture vocabulary, from the white shaker cabinets to timber floating shelves, and a rack above the stove. These additions bring a dash of character and create a lived-in feel rather than something distant and too-organized. To achieve consistency, the butcher block countertops are brought into dialogue, while the black wall sconces provide accent and task lighting for the cantilevered shelves.

ID# 140833

Black Ladder Shelf for Small Kitchen Storage Ideas and White Cabinets

The storage solutions don’t always have to be built-in or floating shelves. Ladder shelves, like in this modern kitchen, also provide aesthetic and functional storage solutions. Plus, their freestanding forms make them look more expressive and independent of the rest of the look. And to emphasize them, you can get them in contrasting shades. For example, here the black ladder shelf is used in contrast to the white flat-front cabinets.

Hanging Pot and Utensil Racks

Backsplashes and ceilings can serve as alternative spots to propose different storage solutions. For example, hanging pot and utensil racks generally installed on the stove backsplash provide a practical storage option and keep frequently-needed items at your fingertips. But if you wish, you can also mount rounded hanging pot racks to the ceiling and drop them down over the island to build extra and interest overhead.

ID# 140834

Mirror Backsplash with Utensil Racks and Hanging Pots

This mid-century-inspired kitchen pays homage to the wood with a dedicated assortment of wooden cabinets topped by white marble countertops. Yet, the protagonist of the design stands out to be a mirror backsplash, paired with a utensil rack hosting copper pots that add a splash of color and character to the mirror.

ID# 140835

Small Kitchen Storage Solutions with Utensil Racks and Floating Shelf

If you love splashes of colors without them feeling over the top, this contemporary kitchen manages to integrate dark blue and yellow in a harmonious way. The flat-front blue cabinets and a blue floating shelf lean on the white-painted backdrop, while the yellow geometric patterns on the white base add a nice nuanced detail. The brass utensil rack complements this yellow-tinged backsplash perfectly, along with the yellow kitchen utensils exhibited on the floating shelf.

How do you organize a small kitchen counter space?

Lazy Susan, utensil racks, baskets, a cake holder, wicker trays, and shelf risers help you organize a small kitchen counter space. Plus, over-the-sink cutting boards also serve as an ingenious fix to save some space on the countertops for other items and gadgets.

ID# 140837

Dark Blue Beadboard Backsplash and Ceiling-Mounted Rack with White Countertops

No other design can compete with the rustic beauty of this kitchen defined by the stunning dark blue beadboard backsplash, a retro-style stove, and a ceiling-mounted pot rack. Not to mention the copper pots and brass stove buttons and accents that deliver charm and result in a delightful look arresting its users at very first sight!

ID# 140838

Natural Kitchen Design with Light Wooden Cabinets and Utensil Rack

In this cozy kitchen, you can just immerse yourself in the soothing natural wood shades of the cabinets and white marble countertops. Above, the wall-to-wall utensil rack ditches the upper wall cabinetry, owning the entire wall, which also provides a lot of breathing space for the kitchen. And personal items distributed here and there inject life into the kitchen, while the oversized rattan carpet almost blankets the whole floor that adds homeliness. Likewise, the pendant dropped down in the heart of the kitchen adds a nice detail without cluttering the space.

ID# 140839

Eye-Catching Green Backsplash with Scalloped Butler Sink and Blue Cabinets

This kitchen prides itself on the stunning green backsplash that consists of ceramic square subway tiles in large formats. These tiles reach up to the ceiling to achieve full impact, punctuated by a brass-finish rack and copper pots of various sizes. Adding to them are the floral-shaped shade pendants, the scalloped butler sink, and the dark blue cabinets that create a well-articulated farmhouse flair, while the brass taps and hardware converse with the brass rack.

Small Kitchen Island with Storage

Designed to be entirely functional, small kitchen islands offer alternative storage opportunities, available in multiple design possibilities with drawers, open cabinet shelves, and a basic cabinet base. And you can use all these sections to your advantage. For example, open cabinet shelves can display your cookbooks, kitchen plants, and baskets, while the cabinet base can accommodate your fragile glassware. Plus, since an island unit is a freestanding element, it offers more flexibility. Particularly, portable ones such as rolling island carts can be transferred to different parts of the kitchen when needed.

ID# 140841

Small Kitchen Island with Storage and Dining Space

This small kitchen island is rigorously proportioned to the kitchen’s compact square footage, placed next to the window so that it can benefit from the outdoor views. Making it more functional is one of its legs kept wide to create shelves for extra storage accompanying the miniature dining space that can accommodate two people.

ID# 140842

Dark Navy Island with Butcher Block Countertop and Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

This cute dark navy island poses against a white backdrop decorated with beautiful paintings, indoor plants, and bespoke cabinetry. Harmonizing perfectly with the rest, it is topped by a butcher block countertop and paired with backless stools. Though small, it features a drawer, a voluminous base cabinet, and open cabinets that provide alternative storage opportunities in multiple ways.

How can I store things in my kitchen without drawers?

If you don’t have drawers, don’t despair. There are millions of ways to compensate for that. First of all, you can consider double-duty backsplashes such as a stainless-steel pegboard backsplash. They can be used both to hang some kitchen utensils and protect the walls from food spills and splatters.

Secondly, you can attach some utensils to the interior part of the cabinet doors. And in a similar mindset, wall-plate racks attached to the sides of the cabinets are another alternative for smart storage solutions. Plus, if you wish, you can create your own drawers by using desktop drawers and containers and building little compartments inside the cabinets. Likewise, cutlery caddies are very helpful to separate forks, spoons, and knives, which you can keep on countertops.

ID# 140843

Black Kitchen Island With Wooden Countertop and Utensil Rack

Kitchen islands just like other kitchen furniture have been transforming and getting more and more functional to adjust themselves to small kitchens as well. This one, for example, has open cabinets and serves as a breakfast bar. Yet, it also comes with an additional utensil rack and pot holder that delivers extra interest, while the wooden countertop highlights and differentiates the top and bottom parts of the island.

ID# 140844

Island Storage Solutions and White Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets and islands are the main storage solution alternatives used in this kitchen. All is kept white, creating an alleviated and light atmosphere.

Small Kitchen Appliance Storage

If you love monochromatic looks and think that built-in appliances are just getting in the way, then you can just create a small kitchen appliance storage to pack your least-used appliances into a cabinet.

ID# 140845

Small Kitchen Appliance Storage with White Display Cabinets and Brass Hardware

This all-white kitchen presents a fresh and light design that instills a sense of calmness. The glass-front cabinets let kitchens users have a peek inside the cabinets, while black-and-steel appliances are stored in the storage and hidden from view to preserve the uniform look. It is only the brass hardware that adds a sense of warmth to avoid a jarring look.

ID# 140846

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas with Larder Cabinet and Cubbies

For baking lovers, this kitchen is a dream coming true. The larder cabinet placed on the white marble countertop creates a cozy spot for the baking gadget to feel at home. The measuring cups and other baking utensils are all packed here together, while shelves and cubbies provide extra functional spots to stash stuff.

ID# 140847

White Shaker Cabinets with Black Hardware and Appliances

The cozy white shaker cabinets with black hardware keep a whole other world in them. Divided into shelves, they make for a functional storage zone for electronic appliances which are readily available at homeowners’ fingertips.

Kitchen Counter Storage

Counter spaces are multi-functional. They can house small appliances (coffee machines, toasters, etc.), trays, plants, shelf risers, lazy susans, tiered baskets, and masonry jars to help you feel more organized and keep the most-used items at your fingertips.


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ID# 140848

Scandi-Boho Kitchen with Counter Storage and Butcher Block Countertops

This Scandi-boho kitchen speaks volumes. Each part is designed to offer smart storage solutions, while the butcher block countertops also play a key role. The shelf riser, kitchen plants, trays behind the stove, and appliances all find a place on the worktops.

ID# 140849

Rustic Kitchen with Open Shelf and Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Though small, this rustic kitchen manages to pack a lot of personality and style thanks to the smart storage solutions, including an open shelf, plant holders, shelf-risers, and a woven tray.

How should I arrange my kitchen items?

The pegboards, ceiling-mounted pot tacks, utensil racks, hooks, floating shelves, and kitchen islands are some of the most popular storage solutions that help you arrange your kitchen items. Plus, if you have the budget, you can get custom-design cabinetry that will cater to the daily needs of your space. Also, keep in mind that the interior design of the cabinets is important, dictating how you can organize your stuff. That’s why try to get cabinets with high performance and designed with state-of-art technology. Generally, drawer-based designs help better, so you can try to go with drawer cabinets and roll-out options for easy navigation.

ID# 140850

Small Modern Kitchen with Wooden Countertops and Shelf-Risers

Looking for a place to keep your favorite mugs? Check out this small modern kitchen that uses shelf risers to store its essentials on the wooden countertops.

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