Pink Kitchen Ideas Gorgeous & Stylish Kitchens with Lovely Pink Shades

18+ Pink Kitchen Ideas

White and Pink Kitchen Cabinets with Terrazzo Tiles

A splash of pink always brings joy! In this minimalist kitchen, the pink color acts as a neutral and provides a modern appeal. The pale pink base cabinets and the pink kitchen island are paired with terrazzo countertops and backsplash. The terrazzo tiles perfectly create a harmonious look with the soft shade of pink and add a nice textural look. The white upper cabinets and the white floating shelf as an extension, create a bright and clean atmosphere and make the space feel larger and taller. The unique lighting fixture above the island adds a personality to the design while the brass fixtures complement it. The herringbone wood flooring creates a warmer atmosphere while the greenery plants enliven the space.


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Pastel Pink Kitchen Ideas with Black and White Checkboard Floor Tiles

You might think that using the same shade for cabinets and walls might be overwhelming. However, if you will pick the right shade and find the right approach, you can reach a perfect look, like this design! Here, the pastel pink color is used on both kitchen cabinets and walls. Thanks to the soft shade, the pink color is not overwhelming. Also, the white countertop, the 4-inch backsplash, and the farmhouse sink bring a fresh look between the pinks to freshen up the space. The black and white checkboard patterned floor tiles add more visual interest.

Pink Kitchen Ideas

If you are designing a kitchen and looking for a different color then think pink! In recent days, pink kitchen ideas are boosting their popularity. At some point, pink becomes neutral when it’s in a blush tone, and it can be a gamechanger with a variety of hues. From very light pastel pink to hot magenta, pink can add a boost of personality and energy to your kitchen and provide a cute yet stylish and elegant look!

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it deserves much more attention. And the color palette will play a huge role in defining the overall look. Using pink in your kitchen may seem like a bold move, but this versatile color can work with plenty of different colors, and thanks to its large array of hues, you can find a pink color that suits your taste. Yes, floor-to-ceiling pink kitchens may look like a Barbie doll house, but there are plenty of different ways to incorporate this color into your adult kitchen. So, whether it is a soft dusty pink accent wall or neon pink cabinets, there are endless options to achieve your pink dream. You can even find some pink appliances! Here, we gather some beautiful pink kitchen ideas that can help you to find inspiration!

Modern Pink Kitchen Ideas with Black Accents

In this kitchen design, the soft pink cabinets and countertops create a cut yet stylish atmosphere. The black accents such as the dining area nicely contrast with the pink features and add interest. Also, the dining table and chairs complement the modern style of the cabinets with their matte black finish and clean lines. Gray floor tiles make the space feel more spacious and provide a smooth transition between the black and pink features.

Transitional Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets and Marble Backsplash

This lovely pink kitchen serves the perfect harmony of the modern and traditional style! The pink shaker cabinets create an elegant look with their brass hardware. The gray marble backsplash and countertop add a dose of luxury to the design. Also using a dark gray color as a backsplash brings depth to the room. The wood countertop on the left side brings warmth and complements the wood flooring. The black stove adds a vintage vibe while enhancing the luxurious feel. The white subway tile backsplash on the left side creates a bright and clean look and makes the space feel more fresh and spacious.

Is pink a good color for the kitchen?

Pink is a warm, playful, and versatile color. So, yes it is a good color choice for kitchens. Whether you are going to use pink cabinets or just use small pink appliances, there are plenty of different ways to incorporate pink into your kitchens.

Modern Kitchen with Black Lighting Fixture and Patterned Wood Floor

In this beautiful kitchen design, different patterns and textures perfectly come together and create a unique and stylish look! The custom-made pink cabinets create a nice textural backdrop with their paneled cabinet doors. Also, these cabinet doors create a visual illusion and make the space feel taller. The white countertop of the pink kitchen island complements the white wall and ceiling paint. The stunning pattern of the wood flooring adds personality to the kitchen. Finally, the black lighting fixture above the island creates a focal point and perfectly completes this unique design!

Pink Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to create a pink kitchen, pink cabinets might be your start point. From pastel pink to sophisticated burgundy, there are plenty of different shades of pink that you can use on your kitchen cabinets. Designing a kitchen with pink cabinets might be intimidating but with the right shade according to your style and taste, these cabinets can add a wow factor! So, whether it is a very light pink or hot magenta, pink cabinets can instantly change the mood and create a one-of-a-kind appeal for your kitchen!

Some shades of pink such as soft and pastel ones can act as a neutral, so you can combine them with plenty of different colors. On the other hand, bolder shades like magenta or deep pink are harder colors. That’s why if you are going to use these shades, balancing them with neutral colors like white will be a better option to create a stylish look.

Minimalist Kitchen Desing with Gray Herringbone Floor Tiles

Plain, sleek, and simple! This kitchen serves a beautiful minimalist look with its clean and straight lines and neutral color scheme. Using light pink for cabinets adds a nice color without overwhelming. White countertops bring a fresh look with the white wall paint while the wood details of the cabinets add a warm touch. The gray herringbone floor tiles add a nice textural look while completing the minimalist approach of the overall look.


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Farmhouse Pink Kitchen Ideas with White Beadboard Backsplash

With its pastel pink cabinets, rubbed oil bronze hardware, beadboard backsplash, and small accessories, this kitchen serves a welcoming atmosphere with a vintage vibe! The pastel pink cabinets are paired with a white countertop, white farmhouse sink, and black appliances. The white beadboard backsplash complements the country vibes of the design while creating a clean and fresh backdrop. The glass-fronted upper cabinets display the beautiful kitchenware and add visual interest.

White Subway Tile Backsplash with Wood Floating Shelves and Farmhouse Sink

Thanks to the pastel pink cabinets, this transitional kitchen offers a cute and lovely look. The pink cabinetry is paired with a white countertop, white subway tiles, and a white farmhouse sink. These white features balance the pink color and create a cohesive look. For a final touch, brass hardware, faucet, and sconces above the window add a dose of sparkle and enhance the luxury level. Using wood floating shelves instead of upper cabinets gives an open and airy feel to the atmosphere. The pink runner complements the cabinets while adding an authentic

Are pink kitchens fashionable?

You might think that kitchens with pink cabinets look like a ‘Barbie Doll House’. Yes, some of them may look like this. However, if you will use the right shade of pink and figure out how to balance this color with other features, pink cabinets can be fashionable!


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Transitional Pink Kitchen Ideas with Yellow Backsplash and Wood Countertop

You might think that yellow and pink are not a perfect match, but with the right shades, you can create an eye-catching solution with these two colors and this kitchen is a perfect example of that! With its blush pink cabinets, yellow backsplash, and brass finishes, this transitional kitchen is hitting all the right style points! The pastel shades of the pink cabinets and the yellow backsplash tiles complement each other and create a cohesive look. The vertical placement of the subway tiles adds dimension to the cabinetry. The wood countertop and the wood flooring complete the harmonious look by adding warmth to the atmosphere.


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Glossy White Backsplash Tiles with White Countertops

The perfect harmony of the pink and gray hits in this transitional kitchen design! The èpastel pink cabinets, glossy white backsplash, and gray wall paint serve an 80’s vibes while the bright white countertops and kitchen island add a fresh look. Thanks to the glossy finish, the white backsplash tiles reflect the light and make the space feel larger. The brass hardware perfectly completes the vintage atmosphere. The metallic pendant lights above the island bring some industrial vibes.

Patterned Kitchen Backsplash with White Countertops and Hardware

With pink cabinets, patterned backsplash, and unique hardware, this kitchen is a show stopper! The patterned backsplash tiles create a focal point between the pink cabinets while adding visual interest. The white cabinet hardware completes the cute vibe of the pink color and adds a retro feel. The white countertop complements the cabinet hardware. Colorful decorations and greenery plants enliven the atmosphere and bring personality.

Pink Kitchen Appliances

If you want to add a splash of pink to your kitchen but think that using pink cabinets is too much. Then, you can incorporate this lovely color into your kitchen with appliances. Yes, in today’s market, you can find even pink kitchen appliances! From a refrigerator to a kettle, there are plenty of pink appliances that you can incorporate into your kitchen. With these little details, you can create a pink kitchen without overwhelming!

Pink Kitchen Appliances with Black Backsplash and White Cabinets

In this white kitchen design, pink appliances and the black backsplash stand out and create a one-of-a-kind design! The pink stove, range hood, and fridge provide a cute and romantic feel while bringing a vintage look with their gold details. These gold details also complement the brass cabinet hardware. On the other hand, the black glass backsplash nicely contrasts with the white shaker cabinets and adds a luxurious vibe. Also, thanks to the glossy surface of the subway tiles, they reflect the light and complement the bright atmosphere which is created by white cabinets. The marble countertops enhance the luxurious feel of the room.


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White Cabinetry with Pink Stove and Range Hood

This kitchen serves a lovely blend of white and pink! The pink stove and the range hood add a unique appeal to the white kitchen cabinets. The cabinetry is paired with white countertops and a white subway tile backsplash. The brass hardware of the white cabinets and the brass details of the pink appliances add glam to the design. The wooden floating shelves complement the wood flooring and bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Pink Kitchen Backsplash

In today’s market, kitchen backsplashes come in endless color options and pink is one of them. And, if you are thinking to create a pink kitchen, you can create your dream design with a pink backsplash. Whether it is a classic subway tile or a modern hexagon tile, pink will look good on your tiles and create unique appeal!

Modern White Cabinets with Pink Backsplash and Counter Chairs

The romantic feel of the pink meets with the modern style and creates a sleek and elegant kitchen design! In this modern kitchen, the pink backsplash and pink upper cabinets create a focal point between the white features. The backlit lights under the upper cabinets add drama to the design while bringing interest through the pink accent wall. The modern white cabinets provide a clean and sleek look while the pink counter chairs complement the backsplash. The wood waterfall countertop of the white kitchen island creates a continuous look with the wood flooring. The unique pendant lights above the island complete the modern style.

What backsplash goes with pink cabinets?

Pink is a versatile color, so it can work with plenty of different colors. However, if you think that one bold color is enough for the kitchen and want to go safe, white will always be a life saver. You can easily balance the color scheme with a white backsplash. Also, this way you can create a more spacious atmosphere. On the other hand, gray and black are also a perfect couple for pink. If you are using dark pink cabinets, a light gray backsplash also will help you to add a fresh look to your cabinetry. If you are using light pink cabinets, then you can incorporate darker shades to create a contrasting look. Black and dark gray backsplashes will be a perfect choice for this. This way you can balance the cute vibe of the pink with a bold, dramatic, and sophisticated color.

Oversized Range Hood With Pink Subway Tiles

Even the pink subway tile backsplash is glamorous, the oversized range hood is the star of this kitchen! The white raised-panel cabinets, brass hardware, pink and gold stools, and globe pendant lights perfectly complete the vintage look of the range hood. On the other hand, the pink tile backsplash brings a fresh look with its glossy finish while adding a modern feel. The marble countertops enhance the luxury which is created by brass details.

Pink Onyx Slabs as a Backsplash and Countertop

This kitchen is a perfect example that you can create a stylish and elegant kitchen with a pink color palette! Even if the whole kitchen features pink materials, the overall look isn’t overwhelming. In this kitchen, the stunning pink onyx slabs are definitely a game-changer! The pink onyx slabs are used as a backsplash and countertop. They perfectly complete the sleek appeal of the pink cabinets. Also using a pink onyx is a perfect way to balance the cuteness and luxuriousness! The built-in stainless steel appliances complete the modern look of the cabinets while the white floor and ceiling balance the design.

Pink Kitchen Walls

Painting the walls is the easiest way to give a whole fresh look to interiors. Painting the walls is a great way to add color to your space without the long-term commitment. That’s why, whether you are designing or renovating your kitchen, don’t underestimate the power of wall paint! Even if you have plain white cabinets, you can instantly change the atmosphere with pink wall paint and elevate your design! As we said, you can enliven your white cabinets with walls or be brave and paint also your cabinets pink!

Green Cabinets with Pink Walls and Marble Slabs

This kitchen is filled with gorgeous sorbet hues! The green kitchen cabinets and the pastel pink wall paint create a contrasting yet cohesive look together. The marble backsplash and countertop perfectly complete this color scheme and add a dose of luxury. The floating shelf is also painted green which complements the cabinets. The wood herringbone floor parquets complete the naturality of the green while enhancing the warm feeling in the room.

How to decorate a pink kitchen?

Decorating a pink kitchen might be more challenging than a simple white kitchen. But do not worry, with the right decorations, your pink kitchen will look like a ‘Pinterest Kitchen’! So, if you are thinking to create a pink kitchen, here are some tips that can help you!

Pink Cabinets: When designing a kitchen, cabinet colors are one of the most important details that define the overall look. That’s why, if you want to give a big impact with the color pink, using pink cabinets will do the job.

Pink Backsplash: If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen design and create an accent wall, a pink backsplash might do the job. Although not as much as pink cabinets, a pink backsplash can also create a big impact on your kitchen. This way you can create a focal point with stunning pink tiles and elevate your kitchen.

Artworks: If you want to incorporate color into your kitchen but don’t want to use this color on the kitchen furniture. Then, some artworks will be a perfect solution. You can decorate your kitchen walls with pink artwork to spruce up the atmosphere. Also, this is the most affordable way to use some color!

Appliances: In today’s market, you can find kitchen appliances in many different color options and pink is one of them.


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Black and Pink Kitchen Ideas with Marble Countertop and Farmhouse Sink

Loved the black and pink combination! This color combination serves a balanced look between elegance and romanticism. The black kitchen cabinets provide a sophisticated look with brass hardware, a marble countertop, and a 4-inch marble backsplash. The white farmhouse sink and the brass faucet complete the òuxurious appeal of the cabinetry. On the other hand, the pink wall paint softens the sharp look of the black cabinets while adding a romantic feel. The glass-fronted cabinets and the floating shelf display the kitchenware and accessories to add an extra personality.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design with White Floor Tiles

In this unique kitchen design, the minimalist design approach is livened up with the bold and vibrant look of hot pink. The pink cabinets, floating shelf, and pink wall paint create a sleek yet effective backdrop. Using the same pink shade for all these features provides a continuous and completed look. The soft yellow kitchen island adds another splash of color between the pinks and elevates the design. The white floor tiles brighten up the space and provide a spacious atmosphere.

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