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38+ Penny Tile Bathroom

Penny Tile Bathroom with Beautiful Wood and Gold Details

This traditional penny tile bathroom looks adorable and cozy. The black penny tile floor and walls look good with white walls. Using black and white together always works to add contrast to the space. The harmony between the wood bathroom vanity and gold accessories adds elegance to the bathrooms. Also, white items in the bathroom such as the water closet prevent a dark bathroom look and add light to the space.

Transitional Walk-in Shower Design with Gray Subway Tiles

Prefer neutral colors for the black and white penny tile bathroom to make the space look coherent and elegant. The black hexagon bathroom floor looks stunning with the nude-colored subway walls and black and white penny tiles in the shower area. The black shower equipment like the showerhead and wooden stool adds a contemporary and fabulous look to the bathroom. Choosing glass as the shower cabin material makes the space brighter and cooler.

Penny Tile Bathroom

Nowadays, returning to the old interior design trends is becoming popular. One of the most preferred interior design elements of the 1900s, penny tiles are one of the most popular tiles for classic and adorable kitchen, or bathroom spaces. Penny tiles are timeless and provide a classic look to modern bathrooms. This tile fits perfectly in any styled new or old bathroom. It is cheap and easy to install. Penny tile bathroom has various materials such as porcelain, glass, stone, and metal, but the most popular material is porcelain. You can prefer unglazed porcelain penny tile to have a vintage or traditional bathroom.
Even though the penny tile bathroom is for a classic black and white look, it has lots of different color and pattern options. In the contemporary interior design world, the most preferred penny tile bathroom colors are white, black, gray, and blue. These colors add fabulousness and texture to the bathroom spaces. Also, multicolored penny tile options give a bold statement to the bathrooms. The most advantageous feature of penny tile bathrooms is penny tiles provide non-slip surfaces. Thus, you can install the penny tile on the floor, or in the shower area. Thanks to its features, penny tile is one of the best choices for stylish bathrooms.

Elegant and Dramatic Monochrome Bathroom with Gold Details

The black penny tile floor blends perfectly with the black wallpaper. Combining black and gold helps to create an industrial bathroom look. The white marble wall in the shower area provides lightness to the space and supports the luxurious look of the bathroom. The black glass shower and the golden mirror make the space look more spacious and lighter. Also, the white detail on the penny tile floor completes the fresh look of this stunning industrial bathroom. So, black is the perfect color to have a stunning black penny tile bathroom.

Beach Style Bathroom with Gorgeous Accent Wall

This blue bathroom looks phenomenal thanks to its blue penny tile floor. Penny tile bathrooms help highlight a specific area in the space. The blue penny tiles highlight the stunning flower-patterned wall in the shower area. Also, the penny tile floor is harmonious with the blue bathroom vanity with a white marble counter. It supports the blue look in the bathroom. Also, choosing a neutral color for other areas in the bathroom prevents having too much blue in the space.

White Vanity with Shiplap Walls and Unique Floor Tile Design

Penny tile bathroom gives uniqueness to homeowners. This white bathroom owns its charisma to the black and white penny tiles. The penny tiles look adorable with the white bathroom vanities and white walls. The “beach” writing on the penny tile floor is compatible with other black items such as the mirror and vanity handles. Also, the writing helps to create a contrastive look in the space.

Black and White Penny Tiles in A Minimalist Bathroom

Penny tile bathroom is the key element of having a cool and stylish house environment. The black and white penny tiles in both shower walls and shower floor add texture and uniqueness to the space. Also, the penny tiles match perfectly with the black and white plaid floor tiles. Having two different patterns in one area makes this bathroom bald and extraordinary.

Minimalist Bathroom with Monochrome Color Scheme

This minimal penny-tile bathroom looks spacious and fresh. The beautiful black penny tile floors with white penny tile walls create a classic and contemporary bathroom look. Choosing black penny tiles for the floor is a good way to prevent the space look tiny and dark.

Color Options for Penny Tile Bathroom

The vibe of the bathroom space depends on the color choice of penny tile. Penny tile has a variety of color ranges such as white, black, grey, blue, and red. However, the most popular color options for penny tile bathrooms are white, black, grey, blue, and marble. For a classic and vintage look choose white penny tile with black grout. Use grey, marble, or black penny tile to have an elegant and modern bathroom space. Prefer blue penny to achieve an adorable and warm bathroom look. Also, choosing more than one color provides a unique and eye-catching bathroom space. Multiple color options for penny tile bathrooms make the interior design process easy and fun. You can create stunning bathrooms with the right penny tile color.

White Penny Tile Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, white is the most popular color for penny tile bathroom designs and a white penny tile provides a bright and airy space. White penny tile is very handful for small bathroom areas. Combining white penny tiles with shiny materials makes the bathroom look bigger. Also, white penny tile is the most preferred option to create a classic, or vintage bathroom look. Blending the white penny tile with other colored bathroom tiles, or pastel-colored bathroom vanities for a contemporary bathroom style.

White Penny Tiles with Adorable Pastel Blue Bathroom Vanity

This white penny-tile bathroom looks romantic and adorable. The harmony between white and pastel blue makes the space softer and brighter. The white penny tile backsplash and the stunning patterned black and white tile flooring blend perfectly. The white countertops and faucet complete the airy feeling in the space.

White Penny Tiles in An Elegant Bathroom

The white penny tile bathroom is the right choice for those who love the contrast in the space. In this elegant bathroom, grey and white match beautifully. The mint bathroom vanities add color to the space and prevent a suffocating vibe. The wooden mirrors and golden faucets give richness and warmth to the bathroom. Also, the beautiful white penny tile floor makes the space spacious and fresh.

Modern White Shower Design with Luxurious Brass Details

A white penny tile bathroom looks breathtaking with a gold shower. The harmony between white and gold creates a luxurious and industrial bathroom look. The white penny tiles covering all the walls make the showering area look bigger and more spacious. Also, the stunning marble open shelf area on the shower wall completes this stylish look.

Gray Penny Tile Bathroom

Nowadays, gray penny tile bathrooms are very trendy. Gray penny tiles are the right choice for homeowners who want to create contemporary, industrial, or traditional bathroom looks. Gray penny tiles are very suitable for white penny tiles. The two of them look fabulous together, especially in a contemporary-style bathroom. Blending gray penny tiles with gray bathroom vanity and chrome or chopper faucet provides an industrial-styled bathroom. Use gray penny tiles as a flooring material and blend them with wood bathroom vanities for the perfect traditional bathroom look.

Gray Penny Tiles with Gray Subway Walls in a Contemporary Bathroom

Gray penny tile bathrooms always look amazing in contemporary style. The gray subway walls and the gray penny tile floor create a consistency in the space. They complete each other nicely. The silver faucets, bronze mirror, black and white sink, and wooden stools add an industrial vibe to this trendy contemporary bathroom.

Gray and White Penny Tile in A Fresh Bathroom

A gray penny tile bathroom blends perfectly with white. The combination of gray and white always work for who those want to have a fresh bathroom look. Using white penny tiles with gray penny tiles adds texture and uniqueness to the space. Preferring a glass shower cabinet makes the shower area look bigger and lighter. Also, the stunning wood bathroom vanity adds warmth to the bathroom.

Is penny tile good for the bathroom floor?

Penny tile is good for the bathroom floor. It adds texture and a fashionable look to the bathroom. Penny tile is an amazing option for homeowners who want to achieve a vintage bathroom look. Also, you can use the penny tile for contemporary bathroom spaces too.

Gray Penny Tile Floor in A Vintage Bathroom

A gray penny tile bathroom is a great choice to create a vintage look in your home. Using neutral colors in the space completes the vintage look. The combination of wood details, gray penny tile floors, and marble sinks looks very stylish and beautiful. Also, the white walls and cream bathroom vanities support the romantic look of the bathroom space. This vintage bathroom looks phenomenal and cozy thanks to the color palette in it.

Stunning Gray Penny Tile Floors with White Subway Walls and Black Bathroom Vanity

Gray penny tile bathrooms always go well with light and dark tones. In this stunning bathroom, the harmony between gray, black, and white plays a vital role to create a trendy bathroom look. The gray penny tile floors blend amazingly with the black bathroom vanity and white subway walls. The white subway walls and gray penny tile floors make the space look fresher and more spacious. The black and white details on the gray penny tile floor add texture to the space and complete the modern look of the bathroom.

Blue Penny Tile Bathroom

A blue penny tile bathroom is the best choice to bring the seaside effect into the bathroom space. Combining blue penny tile with other colors helps homeowners to bring any style to their bathrooms. For a modern look, use a blue penny tile with white subway-style walls and white bathroom vanities. Also, you can use blue penny tiles in the shower area to create an ocean vibe in the space. Blend the blue penny tiles with a wooden bathroom vanity to have a romantic style. So, a blue penny tile bathroom gives homeowners multiple bathroom styles, and it is easy to work with in the interior design world.

Blue Penny Tile Floors in A Relaxing White Bathroom

A blue penny tile bathroom is the secret to invite the ocean into your home. This monochromatic white bathroom doesn’t look dull thanks to its blue penny tile floor. The blue penny tiles give color and a fresh look to the space. They prevent white from being too much in the space. So, the whiteness in the bathroom doesn’t make your eyes tired. On the contrary, the harmony between blue and harmony provides a relaxing bathroom look.


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Stunning Blue Penny Tile Bathroom Walls for The Underwater Effect

This blue penny tile bathroom looks stunning! Using the blue penny tiles on all walls adds an underwater effect to the bathroom. The white bathtub and white closet help to highlight the breathtaking blue penny tile. Adding glass into the space makes the space bigger and increases the underwater effect in the shower area.

Harmonious Blue and White Penny Tile Floor in A Tiny Blue Bathroom

Blue penny tile bathrooms are trendy for tiny bathroom areas. Because blue gives a relaxed feeling, using it for both floor and wall makes the space roomy and adorable. The wooden bathroom vanity matches perfectly with the blue, and it gives coziness to the space. Hanging a big mirror on the wall increases the spacious vibe in the bathroom and completes the look.

Is penny tile good for bathroom walls?

Yes, it is. You can cover the shower area or all the bathroom walls with the penny tile. It provides a chic look to your bathroom.

A Romantic Bathroom with Blue Penny Tile Floor and Floral Walls

For those who love romantic feelings at home, a blue penny tile bathroom is a must-have. This beautiful blue penny tile floor looks stunning with the blue floral walls. The combination of the two makes the bathroom space charming and eye catchy. The white large window and door complete this romantic style, and make the space look airy and fresh.

Adorable Blue Penny Tile Shower Floor with White Herringbone Subway Walls

White herringbone subway walls are ideal for blue penny tile bathrooms. The harmony between the two makes the bathroom unique and stylish. Preferring a glass shower cabinet completes the look and prevents a small bathroom look. Using blue penny tiles on the floor with white walls is a fantastic way to create a clean and sweet contemporary bathroom area.

Black Penny Tile Bathroom

The black penny tile bathrooms are very popular among minimalist and contemporary style lovers. Black penny tile is very easy to work with because it looks amazing with everything. You can combine a black penny tile with a wooden bathroom vanity. Or you can use it in a white monochromatic bathroom. Black penny tiles add texture and fun to the minimalist bathroom space. If you want a minimalist and contemporary bathroom, black penny tile is the best option for you.

Black Penny Tile Floor in A Minimalist Bathroom

Black penny tile bathrooms are the heroes of minimalist bathrooms. They add texture to the space, so the bathroom doesn’t become boring or too simple. The choice of black penny tiles as flooring adds elegance to the simplicity of the space. The black penny tiles match perfectly with the light wood bathroom vanity. Also, the black mirror and faucet complete the stylish look. The white walls and the large white window make the room lively and open. The green plant hanging on the wall adds color to this trendy minimalist bathroom.

A Vintage Bathroom Look with Black Penny Tile Walls

Covering all bathroom walls with black penny tile is an amazing way to create a stylish vintage bathroom look. This black penny tile bathroom is phenomenal and cozy with its wood bathroom vanity. To continue the blackness, putting some black decorative items such as a mirror and vases is a genius choice. The white closet, sink, and door balance the look and make the space look bigger and more breathable.

Black and White Penny Tile Bathroom

Pairing black and white together is the secret to having an elegant and stylish bathroom. To blend black and white together, you can use black and white penny tiles for flooring. In this way, you prevent a chaotic look, and you give your bathroom an aesthetic look. Black and white penny tile bathrooms add different patterns to the bathroom. You can design the flooring or wall patterns the way you want. So, they give a character and a unique look to the bathroom space. If you want to have a stunning bathroom black and white penny tile is the perfect option for you.

Black and White Bathroom Design with Wood Vanity 

The black and white penny tile bathroom look aesthetic with the wood wall-mounted bathroom vanity and open shelf. The black metal handle matches the shower area. The use of black color with the white subway shower walls makes this bathroom unique and light. The black and white penny tile floor supports this stylish look, and also it gives texture and beauty to the bathroom space.

Black and White Penny Tile Floors in A Stylish and Classic Bathroom

This black and white penny tile bathroom look romantic and Victorian. The bench area with white cushions makes you want to spend your all-time in the bathroom. The cream walls, subway shower tiles, and sink give coziness and softness to the space. The black and white penny tile floor adds an adorable look to the bathroom.

Is penny tile outdated?

Although we match penny tile with the 1900s, it becomes very popular today. The penny tile looks perfect in modern bathroom spaces. So, it is not outdated. You can use penny tiles in your bathrooms easily.

Adorable Black and White Penny Tiles in A Small and Classy Bathroom

This adorable black and white penny tile bathroom looks gorgeous. The adorable black and white penny tile floor makes the space unique and textured. Preferring white subway walls in the shower area highlights the penny tiles on the floor. The wallpaper behind the mirror and the gold details in the space create an elegant environment. Also, the combination of white walls and glass enclosure shower makes this classy tiny bathroom look more spacious.

Black and White Penny Tile Floors in A Fresh and Minimalist Bathroom

This minimalist black and white penny tile bathroom are beautiful. The neutral-colored shower area with creamy subway shower tiles blends stunningly with the black and white penny tile floor. Preferring a shower curtain instead of a shower cabin fits the minimalist and sweet atmosphere of the bathroom. The wooden chair and golden shower fixture support the simple and cute look.

A Classic and Elegant Bathroom with Black and White Penny Tile Flooring

White is the dominant color in this elegant black-and-white penny tile bathroom. The black-and-white penny tile floor highlights the attention grabber claret red bathroom vanities and fireplace in the space and supports the classic and elegant bathroom look. This classic bathroom doesn’t look old-fashioned or dull thanks to the modern bathtub and white walls. Also, the gold glass chandelier and black lamps complete this classy and modern bathroom.

Marble Penny Tile Bathroom

The marble penny tile is the star of the bathroom. It adds shine and elegance to the space. The marble penny tile looks stunning in white monochromatic bathrooms. A marble penny tile bathroom is an ideal choice for contemporary and industrial-styled bathrooms. If you want to have a soft look in your bathroom space, you can use the marble penny tile on the floor and combine it with pastel bathroom vanities. Also, it looks amazing with a black shower cabin to contrast.

Marble Penny Tile Shower Floor with Marble Subway Shower Walls and Hexagon Bathroom Floor

Marble is the best material to have a stunning bathroom. This marble penny tile bathroom looks phenomenal with marble subway shower walls and white hexagon bathroom floors. Blending marble and white color makes the space look richer and brighter. The wood bench with white cushion adds color and warmth to the space. Also, using a glass enclosure shower highlights the marble penny tile shower floor and marble subway shower walls.

Stunning Marble Penny Tile Shower Floor in A Contemporary Bathroom

Providing a contemporary look to your marble penny tile bathroom is very easy. Combine the marble penny tile floors and marble tile walls with silver shower fixtures and a large window. The black framed window and black glass enclosure shower match the modern style of the bathroom. The glass and marble make the space enormous and bright. Also, being able to see the beautiful plants outside while taking a shower gives you peace of mind.

Is Penny tile hard to keep clean?

Penny tile is not difficult to clean if you don’t install it in large gaps. If you put them in wide gaps, it is easier for dirt to accumulate in the gaps. Thus, try to install them in small gaps.

A Dreamy Pink Bathroom with Shiny Marble Penny Tile Floor

The marble penny tile bathroom is very adorable with its pink walls and white bathroom vanities. The rose gold details on the vanities and sink blend perfectly with the pinkness of the bathroom. The gold framed mirror and the stunning white gold pendant complete the dreamy pink look. Also, the marvelous marble penny tiles on the floor add richness to the space.

Penny Tile Bathroom Floor

The flooring is very important for the look of the bathroom. The choice you make affects the visual aesthetic of your bathroom. Thanks to the penny tile bathroom floor, you can have a beautiful and trendy bathroom. Also, the penny tile bathroom floor is affordable and easy to install. Thus, it is very popular in the interior design world. The penny tile gives you a lot of interior design options. You can style your bathroom by using penny tile flooring without being limited because it is customizable. For instance, you can use a marble penny tile on the floor to have a stunning and classic bathroom look. So, the penny tile bathroom floor provides a stylish and charming bathroom space through its harmony with other shapes and materials.

Simple and Neutral Bathroom Look with Cute Penny Tile Bathroom Floor

The pink tile shower wall looks adorable thanks to the penny tile bathroom floor. The neutral-colored penny tile floor matches perfectly with the bathroom vanity. Also, it supports the neutral and calm bathroom look. Painting the walls white prevents a dull look and makes the space modern and romantic. The gold details in the bathroom such as shower fixtures and the mirror add sparkle and richness to the space.


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Black Penny Tile Bathroom Floor with White Subway Bathroom Walls in A Modern and Stylish Bathroom

The black penny tile bathroom floor is always a good choice for having contemporary and stylish bathrooms. The harmony between the black penny tiles and the white subway walls looks phenomenal. Preferring a glass enclosure space makes the bathroom space more spacious and airier. Also, the wooden stool and hanging plant add color and coziness to the space.

How do you clean penny tiles in the shower?

Using a steam mop is the best and easiest way to clean penny tiles in the shower area. Steam helps to remove dirt. Also, you can pour vinegar into the area and clean it with the help of a brush.


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A Traditional Bathroom with Unique Penny Tile Bathroom Floor

Creating unique patterns in the space is easy thanks to the penny tile bathroom floor. This traditional bathroom looks unique because the penny tile floor adds a different and rare look to the area. The white and blue wall-mounted sink adds a calm and cool vibe to the space. The white horizontal paneling walls match perfectly with the adorable penny tile floor. Also, the walls mix the traditional look with the contemporary style.


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Black Vanity with Brass Accents and Black and White Floor

This bathroom looks fresh and characteristic thanks to the patterned penny tile bathroom floor. The black-and-white penny tiles provide a unique and cute look to the space. Also, the tiles and the white walls help to highlight the stunning dark green bathroom vanity. The choice of white is very clever to make the room airy and bright. And the gold mirror and handles on the vanity add richness to the space.

Penny Tile Bathroom Walls

Walls are very important to create a stylish bathroom. A wrong choice may cause a claustrophobic look in the bathroom space. But do not worry; penny tiles exist, and they are the easiest way to have a stylish bathroom. The penny tiles have various colors, sizes, and shape options. They match perfectly with any style. One of the best ways to use penny tiles is to install them on the bathroom walls. Penny tile bathroom walls change the whole look of the space, and it gives you lots of options. For instance, you can combine two different colored penny tiles on the walls to add a unique look to your bathroom. Or you can use marble penny tiles to add a shiny and elegant look to the bathroom walls. Also, metallic, or white penny tile bathroom walls are phenomenal options to have a contemporary bathroom space.

White Bathroom Vanity with Tiny Green Shower Tiles 

The green penny tile bathroom walls are the star of the space. The white walls draw attention to the beautiful green penny tile shower walls. Painting walls white and choosing white bathroom vanity with white laminate and sink make the space look fresh and spacious. Adding gold details to the space provides a romantic and cozy look. Also, the gold and white floors complete this lovely penny tile bathroom look.

A Minimal and Trendy Bathroom with Blue Tiled Walls

Blue penny tile bathroom walls look stunning with the blue vertical subway tiles. The choice of blue adds uniqueness and coziness to the space. Also, the white walls and the white bathtub highlight the blue penny tile and subway tile shower walls. The silver shower fixture completes the minimal and trendy look of the bathroom.

Are penny tiles a fad?

Installing penny tiles is very easy on the bathroom floor or walls. They look very elegant and stylish in the bathrooms. Also, they are budget-friendly. For these reasons, penny tiles aren’t a fad; on the contrary, they are trendy and timeless.

Modern White Shower Design with Black Accents

This modern white shower look is stunning. Covering all walls with white penny tiles is a great way to create an industrial and minimal bathroom. The white penny tiles make the shower area very open and clean. The skylight and the mirrors on the left wall make the area lighter and cooler. Also, the combination of black shower fixtures with glass increases the simple and industrial bathroom style.


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Monochromatic Bathroom Design with Modern Pedestal Sink

The white monochromatic bathroom doesn’t look boring and ordinary thanks to the white penny tile walls and floor. The white walls and floor provide a style to the space. The rounded theme makes the space look fun and unique. The rounded sink and the penny tiles create a futuristic and simple vibe in the bathroom space. Also, the orange and green circles on the wall add color and support the rounded bathroom look nicely.

How to install a penny tile bathroom?

You can install penny tiles on your bathroom floor or walls. To install them first you need to arrange the sizes before installing process. Install the penny tile section by section to avoid any problems during installation. Use the same color for both penny tiles and grout. Therefore, you can cover the mistakes that happen during installation. Be careful with mortar. Do not apply too much mortar; try to apply it thinner.

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