Outdoor Patio Tiles Add Personality to Your Patio with Tiles

15+ Outdoor Patio Tiles

White and Blue Outdoor Patio Tiles in Stylish Design

Located at the back of a two-story detached house, this patio overlooks wooded areas. While the building is completed with rough plaster and light color paint, there is a simple, minimal facade with white joinery applied. An interesting and stylish space is created by laying white and blue patterned tiles on the veranda, which is bordered by black iron railings. It adds color to the space in a soft way. There is a dining table with a wooden top, black legs, and black chairs. Black detailed, lantern-like sconces are mounted on the building walls and complete the authentic concept. Add vitality to the patio with a few potted plants. A veranda with minimal elegance is formed.


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Wood Outdoor Tiles in Modern Concept Patio Design

In this patio design, which is a complete backyard design, the garden borders are determined by the white stone walls, while the vines that hug the walls enliven the cold stance of the stone with greenery. There is a minibar and a preparation area for barbecue. Consisting of a black bar and counter, this area is both useful and stylish, accompanied by a round dining table and modern chairs. Medium-toned wooden outdoor tiles laid on the floor of the patio provide a warm atmosphere and are a very functional and useful material choice. With plants in black pots, this hard floor area becomes a living environment.

Outdoor Patio Tiles

The outside of your home is your most free space where you can do whatever you want. Here, it can be a fun party space, a kid-friendly playground, or a lush garden filled with plants and colorful elements. No matter how you envision your home’s outdoor space, when everything starts with the right foundation, you will get unmatched results. Outdoor patio designs are areas that make the general concept and style of the house feel. It is created by establishing a harmonious relationship with the general structure of the building. There are many options available when furnishing your outdoor space, from stone to brick or turf, concrete, and wood. However, the selected outdoor tiles highlight a patio with unique effects. Outdoor patio tiles are easy to maintain and are also durable materials. It’s an effortless way to combine color and style.

Unique spaces have been provided by considering the area where the veranda is located, the structure of the building, the purpose for which it is used, and the tastes of the users. There are many types of materials such as stone, cement, terracotta, marble, porcelain, ceramics, and wood. There are options in many colors and styles, such as solid-solid tiles in a soft style or tiles with patterns and motifs. From modern to classic, vintage styles to an authentic patio concept, outdoor patio tiles are just as important as any other element to achieve the desired effect. It makes the user feel the desired effects directly.


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White and Black Effect in Elegant Style Design

The veranda formed in the backyard of the building, which is formed in a simple line, is a complete breathing space. The patio, which consists of black and white square tiles resembling a chessboard, has a cool style. The contrast elegance of black and white tiles is eye-catching. Passing through the door leading to the veranda, a small area is reached, then two steps to the sitting area. While the armchair with a black classic-style frame provides a nice look with its gray cushions and ethnic patterned pillow, the coffee table with black legs and glass table immediately creates a corner of pleasure. Potted plants add vitality to the area.

Dynamic and Elegant Effect with Patterned Tiles 

In a spacious backyard design, there is a large veranda in the greenery. On the floor, motif tiles consisting of white and gray are laid. The patterned flooring provides mobility in the area, while at the same time achieving a sympathetic appearance. It is separated from the side garden by white wooden panels. The borders of the veranda are determined by a low parapet wall. The wooden garden seating group with white cushions is placed, creating a perfect conversation, pleasure, and relaxation area. A black rug is placed in the sitting area. With the style of the tiles on the floor, it exhibits an interesting stance as it is applied on the entire patio and covers a large area. Light bulbs hanging on the strings add a sympathetic atmosphere. It is a calm, feel-good patio design.

Can tile be used on an outside patio?

An existing concrete patio can be tiled as long as the water flows and the cracks inside are stable and level, ie the surface is smooth. Cracks normally expand and contract slightly with the seasons. But if they are expanding from year to year, it is necessary to renovate or repair the hard floor from the tile. Otherwise, it often creates cracks in the tiles. You can get successful results with a good substrate and a thick quality tile selection suitable for outdoors.


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Patterned Tiles with Red, Gray and White Tones 

The veranda formed with sharp lines, while the facade of the building is covered with red aged brick, it is combined with black joinery. As outdoor patio tiles, patterned square tiles of red, gray, and white create clear and sharp effects. By planting green plants in small soil areas, vitality is added. By adding plants in black modern pots, a combination of dark tones and greens is provided in this small space. two black sun loungers are a great option for rest hours. The style is a patio design.

What kind of tile is best for outdoor use?

Tiles suitable for outdoor patios contain both natural and artificial materials, cut into specific shapes and thicknesses, and adhered to a solid, flat foundation. Often outdoor patios are built like some form of masonries, such as poured concrete, brick, or stone pavers. However, it is also possible to apply a variety of tiles on patios to offer more design options and different styles. Tiling can be a good option for decorating an old concrete slab or brick patio when it’s getting old.

When choosing your outdoor patio tiles, decide by considering the general style of the house, the size of the patio, and the purpose for which it will be used, for example, whether it will be placed only in the living area or my dining table, or whether it will be placed together, and choosing according to the desired concept, it is a choice that will complete the design correctly. factor. If we count the main outdoor tile material options, we can count natural stone, marble, cement, porcelain, ceramics, wood, and terracotta. All of them help you achieve successful designs with unique effects and uses.

Stone Outdoor Patio Tiles

Stone outdoor tiles come up with many alternatives from large sizes to small pieces. With its natural form, some varieties are all furnished in different sizes, as well as options in neat forms prepared by cutting in standard sizes. It is a type of product that is easily preferred outdoors with its robust and durable feature of the stone. It also matches the desired styles with various color options and it blends harmoniously into any style, from the modern to the classic farmhouse. Stone outdoor tiles, which are chosen according to the shape, width, and general concept of the patio, are a very useful choice.


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Beige Stone Tiles at The Entrance of a Simple-Style House

The hard floor areas in the garden of the building, which consists of white rough building walls and brick cladding details, are laid with beige stone outdoor tiles. Astonishingly laid tiles add movement to the walkway, creating a clean and fresh look due to its light color. In wooden pots, potted plants combine beige and green, while the hard floor is complemented by the surrounding landscape. Living space is provided.


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Cozy Backyard Design with Comfortable Furniture and Pebble Stone

In the patio design, which is in the concept of a full summer house, the garden is limited by white walls. Around the walls, there is a vegetative landscape, while the medium large area is made of hard ground, resulting in a patio design. The most important element that makes a patio feel the whole style is the material applied on the floor. The natural stone tile, formed by combining small stones, resemble cobblestones. The entire patio area is paved with these stone outdoor tiles. Thanks to these tiles, an authentic, natural ambiance is created. In one part, sun loungers are thrown to create sunbathing areas. Just beyond, the authentic style is completed with a sofa made of wood, very light beige cushions, a wooden table, and stool poufs.

To create a shaded area, a black steel porch frame is covered with wicker flooring on this seating group, creating a simple and sympathetic design. A magnificent place is created for warm summer evenings with the lighting suspended from here.

Porcelain Outdoor Patio Tiles

Porcelain outdoor tiles are a type of material that is often confused with ceramic tiles. Although their styles, laying styles, and appearances are very similar to each other, they have certain differences. Porcelain tile is almost always subjected to a surface glazing process, namely a coating of liquefied glass material. Porcelain tiles are more impermeable than ceramic tile and therefore less exposed to water penetration.

It is an ideal product for stylish terraces in hot climates. Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures than standard ceramic tiles and are made from finer clays. It has a dense and strong ceramic form. Thus, many of the porcelain tiles suitable for flooring provide suitable and successful designs for a variety of patio applications. Since it is used in the open, textured, matte tiles with a non-glossy surface that is slippery when wet would be appropriate. Most porcelain tiles are thick and strong enough to be used for floors. However, when choosing your porcelain tiles, you should pay attention to whether they are outdoor tiles.

When we look at the cost of porcelain tiles, it varies quite a lot. However, when we compare it with standard ceramic tiles, it is more expensive, while it is more suitable than natural stones. At the same time, porcelain tiles can be produced very similar to the appearance of marble, granite, and other materials, offering beautiful design flexibility.

Gray Porcelain Outdoor Patio Tiles Effect on Modern Design

The building has a modern design and a large outdoor patio. Since it is very close to the side buildings, a more specialized area is provided with the cupboard and the herbal landscape created in the flower pots. The gray concrete-looking walls of the building and the wooden coverings under the eaves create a cool appearance. In this sophisticated quality space, the patio floors are tiled with gray porcelain outdoor tiles. These tiles, which are laid in different sizes, have a stylish and very stylish stance. The space is completed stylishly with light beige cushions with a black frame. With the stylish processing of the herbal landscape, a stylish breathing and relaxation area is provided.

Can outdoor tiles be laid on concrete?

An outdoor tile patio installation needs a solid floor to be healthy. A concrete slab is a right choice for this. If you do not already have such a base, you will need to prepare your floor with a hard and smooth surface for tiling, and then proceed to lay tiles.


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Modern Backyard Design with Black Furniture

The veranda, which has a modern line, is separated from each other by the side garden with its elegant appearance, a dividing separator formed with dark gray thin laths. Along with wooden storage cabinets and gray thick marble countertops, a garden bar takes its place in a way that is both stylish and functional. In the middle, a table with a marble top, black legs, and black chairs are positioned in a modern style and style. On the floor, gray porcelain outdoor tiles are laid surprisingly in different sizes, providing a cool and stylish look. In potted plants, pots covered with porcelain tiles go together with the ground, creating an eye-pleasing landscape. It is a very stylish veranda with modern lines.

Cement Outdoor Patio Tiles

Cement outdoor tiles are a strong, durable, and highly useful product designed to give homeowners a characteristic style while at the same time resisting scratches, moisture, dirt, and human traffic. They provide an endless variety of colors, patterns, styles, and flooring options for beautiful results anywhere in your outdoor spaces. You can turn a cozy backyard into a sanctuary, a private space, or a sophisticated vacation spot if you have a large, expansive garden.

Cement is a material widely used outdoors, as it is very durable and can withstand the elements. If you do not want an ordinary outdoor area, cement outdoor tiles are the right choice. Another benefit of using cement on an outdoor floor is that if any of the tiles show some damage or wear over time, you can easily repair it by simply replacing one tile, without needing all the cement.


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White and Blue Combination with Patterned Cement Tiles Effect 

Located in a high area with a view, this patio design adds a natural feel with its wooden roof covering and exposed beams. White wrought iron railings surround the entire patio. A complete relaxation area is formed with hammocks and comfortable seats. On the floor, the blue and white motif of cement outdoor tiles provides a lively and heart-warming summer energy. A characteristic patio atmosphere is provided.

Terracotta Outdoor Patio Tiles

Terracotta derives its name from the old Latin word “terra cotta” and is translated into Italian as “terra cotta”. Its real meaning is terracotta. It has been used in many parts of buildings since ancient times. Especially in Anatolia, terracotta was the most preferred building material. It is a material produced by firing clay-containing materials found in nature at high temperatures.

It is a type of tile that is frequently used outdoors. The terracotta material adds vitality to the areas applied with the tile color. It creates beautiful designs with different joint color options applied. It is very easy to use and maintain. Since it is a durable material, it is an ideal product for the outdoors. It has the convenience of being applied in many areas such as verandas, walkways, pool surroundings, and stairs. Different stylish designs are obtained in various sizes and options.


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Terracotta Outdoor Patio Tiles Effect for Resting Area Design

It consists of a stylish house design, with white exterior walls and black joinery. Arched and slatted windows add a traditional modern flair. A black, authentic lantern-style sconce on either side of the door is an elegant detail to illuminate the patio. The hard floor area created among the trees creates a patio that you can access from your bedroom, where you can breathe and relax when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed in the evening. Terracotta tiles laid on the floor create a natural effect. The bamboo armchair creates a detail that provides a completely serene environment.

What is the difference between pavers and tiles?

Pavers are thicker materials than regular tiles. However, with a sufficient substrate, it can be thinner. Unlike traditional tiling, no adhesive or fixing technique is usually required when placed on the area to be applied. Before the paving stones are laid according to the chosen pattern, a concrete foundation is poured. It is covered with sand or soft earth.

The tiles, on the other hand, are laid by preparing a hard and flat surface, gluing, and completed by applying joints. Although tiles are generally indoor products, successful designs are obtained with options suitable for many outdoor spaces today.

Terracotta Outdoor Patio Tiles Effect in Stylish Farmhouse Design

A farmhouse-style two-story home with a large patio. There is a large garden among the trees, a swimming pool, and a veranda that runs throughout the building, accessible from all windows on the lower floor of the house. Terracotta tile floors are a suitable choice for a complete farmhouse style. It envelops the space with all its warmth. Two different types of garden furniture sitting groups are placed on a wooden dining table with black chairs. It is a beautiful patio design that can be used easily for spacious, crowded organizations.

Wood Outdoor Patio Tiles

Wood presents a warm, friendly, and sympathetic appearance in its applications on verandas as well as everywhere else. There are several types of options for the outdoors.

Wooden decks are the most popular options with their quality and stylish stances. They consist of large square timber or composite planks, usually with interlocking edges, attached to support strips. They are flooring tiles that are usually made of wood that can withstand weather conditions, such as cedar or alder. These wooden tiles also do not need infrastructure. However, it is quite easy to install them on a concrete patio that is already in place, If you want to install them in a new area you will need to do some leveling and leveling work.

Apart from these, wood-like tiles of many varieties, which have been used quite often recently, are among the most preferred for verandas. With its different color tones and different wood patterns, it creates stylish spaces by giving a feeling of wood.

Dark Wood Outdoor Tiles in Modern Style Patio Design

Wooden outdoor tiles create a cool elegance in the patio design, in which rectangular tiles in dark tones are laid in the form of a chevron. Garden furniture with metal frames and light gray cushions takes its place elegantly. Green plants in gray pots add vitality and energy to this space dominated by dark tones. A characteristic area is also formed.

Large Outdoor Patio Tiles

Large tiles make the applied areas look wider and more spacious. Since the joint lines are less due to the large pieces, it creates a feeling of spaciousness as the tiles draw attention without cutting the eye. In this way, it gives the impression of a larger space and creates a feeling of comfort. There are several types of materials for large-size tiles. Patio designs can be made by supplying the desired large sizes in various types such as natural stones, marble, ceramics, and porcelain.


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Beach Style Home Veranda with Large Gray Marble Tiles

The house, which has a large veranda, has a spacious atmosphere with sea views. In this area, which is closed and high on its side wall, large gray marble tiles are laid. The same tiles continue on the floor, creating a luxurious space that provides integrity. The larger tiles create a more spacious feel. A natural, authentic concept is provided with a long L Seat and cactus plants behind it. The double rattan coffee tables settle into the space elegantly. It is also a stylish and useful summer space design.

How long do outdoor tiles last?

Outdoor tiles are flexible and fit tightly together. Placing it on a smooth hard floor is an important factor that prolongs its usage time. With correct, proper installation and careful use, you can use it for up to 10 years.

Three Types of Large Outdoor Patio Tiles Effect in Gray and Wood Combination Modern Design

We are faced with a living patio design. In this area, which is surrounded by wooden garden walls, greenery is added in certain areas with herbal landscaping. The exit to the veranda is at a high elevation and is paved with gray tiles. When we go down a step, a wooden floor is laid up to a part, while the wooden dining table is positioned in this area. The table and chairs are chosen from the same wood, creating a neutral chic look. Just then, black and white patterned tiles add movement while adding stylish air. An L armchair with gray fabric is placed to create an intimate seating area. A modern space is also provided by a modern wooden coffee table. It is a modern, useful, living space.

How to tile the outdoor patio?

When laying tiles on an outdoor patio, you first need a sander, sponge, fine-tuning mortar, notched trowel, tape measure, wet saw, grout gauge, and grout sealer. Then you need to thoroughly clean the application area to create a smooth surface.

If you have a tile to reveal by creating a pattern, place the tiles elsewhere and create the layout before you start building. In this way, you can understand which parts should go where, and you can make a healthier flooring process. Then, starting from one corner, tiles begin to be laid.

You can lay the tiles on the mortar by spreading the adhesive mortar in small sections with a notched trowel. And follow these steps until you have covered all surfaces. If a joint is used, care should be taken to ensure that the joint lines are straight and straight with the help of a laser or wood.

Tiles are placed by adjusting the bonding depth according to the joint gap. After the adhesive has dried and the floor tiles are fixed, the flexible joint filler is spread on the surface with a rubber spatula and the gaps between the tiles are filled. Excess mortar residues are wiped off with a damp sponge or cloth.

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