Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware Complete the Elegance with Gold Details

13+ Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Farmhouse Kitchen with Square Tile Backsplash and Gray Cabinets

This clutter-free kitchen almost with naked walls makes a statement with the full-height backsplash. As a modern and graphic interpretation of the subway tiles, these square tiles offer an alternative to dressing the wall surfaces. Their squeezed-looking formats provide an intriguing background, while the black grout emphasizes the pattern itself as is here.
White quartz countertops topping the gray cabinets beautifully combine with the backsplash without eliminating its statement. The brass goose-neck faucet and pulls create warmth, while the running style rug adds a classic beauty. Its colorful palette and busy patterns emit cozy vibes, making you feel at home.

Additionally, in the biggest frame, the windows bring nature into your home through a garden view, while the black frames define the distinction between the interior and exterior space. It also references the black grout of the tiles but with a single difference: the window panes are colored and patterned with natural scenes.

Arabesque Tile Backsplash with White Countertops and Brass Hardware

The oriental character of this transitional kitchen stems from the white marble arabesque tile backsplash with golden grout. Even though the kitchen looks homogeneous in the biggest frame, it has nuanced details that liven up the space. To name one, three different types of hardware styles are used to embellish the cabinets, adding gestures to the cabinets’ doors.

Additionally, the gray cabinets topped with off-white quartz countertops compose a very stylish look. The wood flooring adds a sense of warmth, supported by brushed brass hardware.

Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Gray cabinets with brass hardware are one of the most favored couples, mostly employed in transitional and farmhouse kitchens. But, of course, depending on the shade of the gray, you can benefit from gray cabinets in various contexts. So, in the nutshell, this beautiful couple can build different effects as both gray has a large scale of hues and brass has a wide range of finishes to create impactful and diverse designs.

Gray-themed kitchens are a great alternative to all-white kitchens. With light-gray cabinets, especially, you can almost capture the same impact even with an additional refined beauty. On the contrary, the dark cabinets create visual drama, while building up some depth simultaneously. For example, if the cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, they bring grandeur to the kitchen drawing your eyes up, which is welcomed in industrial kitchens.

Also, for those who love monochromatic kitchens, gray-on-gray does it wonderfully without overwhelming the space. It adopts different characters depending on the complementary elements used. The brass hardware, at this point, is a great addition to lend warmth without breaking up the uniformity within the space. If you are curious about more design ideas and how gray cabinets with brass hardware accomplish unique and stylish looks, stay with us until the end of the blog to make exciting discoveries.

Gray Shaker Cabinets with Brass Hardware and Marble Backsplash

The soothing ambiance of the kitchen is welcoming and alluring, a perfect fit for large families. It also feels condensed with the maximized storage as overhead cabinets reach the ceiling. Yet, it does so without overwhelming the space. At this point, the color palette is essential to give a sense of lightness and tranquillity for a balanced look. Here, for instance, the integration of wood flooring and rattan chairs along with the marble backsplash feeds the sensation of calmness with texture and warmth.

To take a closer look at the kitchen, the gray shaker cabinets offer a sleek and stylish backdrop illuminated with brass accents. The off-white marble herringbone tile backsplash stands out between the cabinets, offering a layer of texture and intriguing pattern that suggests connectivity. This binding is also accomplished with brass finishes used for the cabinet handles, plumbing fixtures, and gold strapping on the range hood. The repetitive use of finishes and the way every piece refers to each other pulls off the harmonious integrity within the space.

Additionally, if you love transitional kitchens, without restricting yourself to one style, you can borrow different elements. Here, for instance, industrial-style pendants and herringbone tile backsplash with a modern interpretation stand out as transitional elements.

Hardware Style

Over time, the hardware styles have gone through an evolution and responded to the artistic movements which changed drastically how they looked throughout time. Ranging from embellished handles to knobs, barn-inspired pulls, and bin pulls, today, we have come to a point that we don’t even use them anymore. In contemporary kitchens, particularly, the hardware is replaced with lip pull notches, channels, and tiny round or rectangular holes to offer homogenous looks with no visual intervention.

Though, hardware styles preserve their popularity since they add personality to the kitchen’s design. Barn-inspired pulls are reminiscent of farmhouses, while bin pulls are more traditional ones with an ergonomic design allowing an easy grab. Knobs, likewise, beautifully accentuate the cabinets and can be paired with display cabinets.

When we talk of hardware styles, there are three things to keep in mind. The first is the hardware style or how they are shaped. The second is the material, whether they are stainless steel, chrome, nickel, or brass. The third is the finish if it is polished, lacquered, or weathered. Deciding for each step is essential for it impacts the look drastically. For the same reason, if you want to make small changes in your kitchen without making a mess, you can start with your hardware. Even a tiny playful change like this does make an impact on the overall look.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware Pulls

Hardware pulls are practical and ergonomic, offering easy grabs and preventing your cabinets from getting dirty. They are especially beneficial in zones like kitchens where human traffic is dense. These pulls, coming in various styles, also add a stylish look. Sleek line, tube, square, and barn-inspired pull finished with brass are some of the most popular ones. They pair well with gray cabinets, bringing out the warmth of the gray.

Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware and Quartz Backsplash

This naturally well-lit kitchen knows how to feed on natural light while the white and gray combination provides the kitchen with a fresh background. In this context, the gray suggests a lilac shade that adds a sense of warmth, making the kitchen feel more approachable. The brass pull hardware and dark wood flooring also help bring out the warmth of the cabinets’ colors. The ceiling height white quartz backsplash with slight veins creates the illusion of naturally cracked silhouettes that adds depth to the space, while white quartz countertops bring optimism and joie de vivre with their homogenous look.

Also, the staple element of transitional kitchens, shaker cabinets, exhibit a sense of modesty. The dark wood flooring creates a visual drama on the ground level. If you prefer to add a darker tone, you can use it on the floor level. Also, to suggest the lived-in look as well, you can choose discolored and distressed-looking wood pieces. It, in return, will suggest that you make frequent visits to the kitchen that serves as the heart of your home.

Industrial Kitchen with White Quartz Backsplash and Dark Gray Cabinets

Not too bold, not too boring. This kitchen captures a feeling somewhere in the middle. The combination of crispy white worktops proposes an anti-thesis to the dark gray cabinets that dominate the kitchen without overwhelming the space. The cabinets frame the white quartz backsplash, which lends a modern appeal. The brass pull handles add a sense of warmth to cancel the dark cabinets’ gloomy effect.

On the floor level, the variously sized off-white ceramic tiles coat the ground. Their larger and smaller sizes give the impression of natural stones to evoke the ambiance that the outdoors would exhibit. It also helps build a more industrial feeling that loves concrete and wood. However, if you like a melancholic and moody atmosphere, you can choose dark wood flooring to create more drama and wood countertops instead of white quartz.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware Knobs

Knobs are stylish and cute features that add a modest look to the cabinets with various design options. Brass hardware knob is one of them that makes for an impactful look with gray cabinets. Together they do create homey and cozy vibes, making you feel welcomed from the first moment you enter the kitchen.

When compared to bar pulls, they are easier to apply and don’t require a complex measurement. But on the other hand, they are not as ergonomic and functional as the pulls because they are harder to grab.

Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware and White Backsplash

In this visually stunning kitchen, gray stops being gray but almost turns into a forest green that portrays a natural scene with brown-painted walls above. The vertically stacked white backsplash catches a regular rhythm and suggests a sense of order and regularity. By doing so, it establishes a bond with the past; though contemporary at the core, it is tinged with a touch of nostalgia.

The matte-finish cabinets, backsplash, and countertops form a serious ambiance, which is upscale in the meantime. The colors are complementary to each other, preserving a rigid look, but still feeling inviting. The greenish-gray cabinets are accentuated by brass hardware knobs. They look like small buttons adding gestures and a warming tone to the overall color scheme. A small, white round-shaped table introduces a different geometric form to soften the visual scheme while lightening it up in the meantime. The mid-century style lighting fixture with white glass in addition to the contemporary cylinder-shaped accent lighting delivers a stylish look on the ceiling level.

Black Stone Slab Backsplash and Countertop with Gray Cabinets

This transitional kitchen skillfully combines elements of different styles and showcases the harmony of togetherness beautifully. Even though the flat-front gray cabinets bring a modern appeal, the brass hardware knobs, floating shelf, and wall-hung bronze-finish kitchenware form a rustic look that resonates with farmhouse kitchens. Except for the cabinets, every element has a rustic flavor to bring into the space, which ties gray cabinets to the theme as well. And this proves that mix and match methods do serve well when they are done thoughtfully.

At the rear, the 4 inches of black stone slab backsplash and countertops add depth, building a contrast to the gray cabinets. The strikes on the backsplash seem to be chalk-drawn, which almost looks like a blackboard where you randomly draw stuff. It is a serious yet playful touch at the same time. The stone’s subtle beauty also helps draw a visual drama, particularly in this context where the industrial, modern, and cottage flavors are synthesized.

Another eye-drawing detail of the kitchen is the window-to-window floating shelf supported by brass legs that ensures connectivity. It introduces nostalgic feelings with the exhibited copper and brass-finish kitchenware suggesting they had a long life. The symmetrical look achieved with windows’ distribution and the industrial-style gold-finish wall sconces flanking the range hood present a sense of order. And the exhibited kitchen items capture randomness. Lastly, the light tone wood flooring softens the color scheme, injecting a healthy dose of warmth to the space.

Hardware Finish

Hardware finishes, ranging from polished to brass, antiqued, satin-brushed, and lacquered, are what make the hardware more characterful. Let’s see what kind of personality they feature. To start with, unlacquered finishes develop a patina over time, suggesting a lived-in look. Satin-brushed provides a matte finish while lacquered and polished hardware features a glossy look. The con of the polished hardware is that it shows water stains and fingerprints and needs to be cleaned regularly. When choosing hardware, you should also consider what kind of textures you prefer most. Silky smooth or textured? If your answer is silky smooth, polished, and lacquered finish is what you are looking for. For the latter, antiqued and satin-brushed finishes will offer a more textured surface that will evoke tactuality.

What hardware looks good on grey cabinets?

Silver, bronze, brass, stainless steel, chrome, and nickel-finish hardware make for stylish designs with gray cabinets. Though silver handles are the most common and popular ones, it wouldn’t be fair to think of silver as the best suiting material. To decide what looks better on gray cabinets, you need to look at your kitchen from a wider frame and see every element in itself and their interaction with other materials thoroughly. It is particularly important because you can only compose a harmonious look when the contrasts and pairings work well together. And this is achieved with the interaction of thoughtfully chosen elements. So, it resembles cooking in one sense. Just like if you put too much salt or a different spice that doesn’t go well with other ingredients in your dish, then it will ruin the whole taste.

Before deciding what looks good on gray cabinets, check your whole kitchen theme, the color palette, and the cabinets’ door styles. Brass, copper, and bronze, for instance, contribute warm tones and suggest a lived-in look and feel. The antique brass, for instance, features an aged look. If you love traditional elements, wood countertops, or need sparkle to suggest warm, brass, copper, and bronze are great options. Farmhouse, beach-style, transitional, and traditional kitchens love integrating them. However, if you want a more stylish and shiny look, chrome finish hardware might be what you are looking for.

Lastly, it is also important to consider the tone of the gray cabinets. If they feature light shades, the brass or gold-finish handles serve much better with them. On the other hand, stainless steel, silver, and chrome finish hardware look better with dark gray cabinets in most cases. But this, of course, isn’t a rule of thumb.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Brushed Brass Hardware

Brushed brass hardware, unlike other finishes, offers a textured surface with a matte look. Without looking too glossy, they bring warmth to the gray cabinets to make the design more inviting. If you like matte looks, the satin finish is also another option. The difference between the two is that the brushed brass reveals brush strokes, while the satin doesn’t.

Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware and Antique Range Hood

This transitional kitchen owes its firm and strong look to the marble backsplash and antique elements that take its users back in time. Gray and white cabinets topped with white marble countertops exhibit layers of texture and provide smooth transitions between different elements. While the marble backsplash features pronounced veins that make a statement, the countertops with slight veins serve better for prep surfaces without leading to any confusion due to the bold patterns and causing eye-sore.

At the rear, also, the range hood with antique gold strapping and cabinets with brushed brass hardware add much-needed warmth to the gray-white palette. Though the kitchen mainly features cool vibes, the use of different materials also changes the aura of the space. Here, for instance, marble, quartzite, and wood build up sophistication and speak to the five senses of the homeowners. In addition to the marble backsplash and quartzite countertops, the light-tone wood flooring brings depth and warmth underfoot.

Does gold hardware go with gray cabinets?

Yes, definitely. Gold hardware is used to accentuate gray cabinets, either dark or light tone ones. It evokes warming feelings and earthiness that offer an anti-thesis to the cool vibes of the gray cabinets. So, gold cabinet handles help bring out the warmth that is implicitly present in the space to make a counterpoint and emit cozy vibes.

Small Kitchen with Two-Tone Cabinetry and Quartz Countertops

The color and material vocabulary of this small kitchen are refined which lends sophistication to the space. Small yet functional, it captures a stylish look, evoking different feelings. Dialoguing with the living area, it exposes its users to an intimate living zone, where the functions of socializing, cooking, and eating are mixed. This blending, in return, suggests the modern feature of the home.

To look at the elements one by one or in groups, the off-white and brown cabinets, and matte and glossy finishes all coordinate well to make a statement. White quartz backsplash and countertops encourage the space to feel more spacious, blending seamlessly with the white walls. So, they are a smart addition to give an illusion of a more spacious area. To accompany the rest, brushed brass hardware is added to orchestrate a sense of warmth, while the diagonally-laid medium wood flooring creates a visual drama, complementing the overall look of the kitchen.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Polished Brass Hardware

Polished brass hardware features a chic look that communicates a sense of luxury and highlights the cabinets’ presence. Especially when you have gray cabinets, which are versatile yet neutral elements, you can effortlessly make a statement by coupling them with polished brass hardware. They will, in return, liven up the space and add some glamour. Plus, they together also grab a sense of sophistication that can be used in many different contexts, ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary kitchens.

Gray Cabinets with Polished Brass Hardware and White Quartz Backsplash

This gorgeous and roomy kitchen unfolds in various textures and patterns cocooned in a white-gray palette. As the kitchen oozes in whites and grays, it also drags wood, beadboard panels, and textured materials with itself. Ranging from brass hardware to sconces and dark gray range hood, everything is well-coordinated and in harmony with each other.

On closer investigation, the first prioritized issue of this kitchen is the proportion, where everything feels relatively balanced and sized to each other. For instance, the long drawers and large cabinets feature hardware almost at the same height, while display cabinets have rather knob-shaped handles to match the cabinet style.

Secondly, the spatial distribution of the space is cleverly designed. While the island is placed right across the stove region, the dining table is opposite the display shelves. The perimeter of the kitchen is equipped with white cabinets that are accentuated with polished brass hardware. The gray island, on the other hand, is placed in the heart of the space as an organizing object, also anchoring the design.

The third characteristic feature is the repetition of the elements to retain integrity. The beadboard paneled walls are used to clad the island, while the white quartz countertops top the island and perimeter cabinets. The vertically-laid wood flooring plays a contrast to cut the horizontally expanding scheme of the kitchen. This vertical layering is also evident in the beadboard panels that add a sense of movement. This implicit contrast and subtle conflict within the space help ground the look with a sense of legacy.

Is brass kitchen hardware trendy?

The answer to this question is YES! Brass kitchen hardware is around and most likely will be around too. It is mainly because they lend a sense of warmth to the space. Even if the whole color theme is built upon the neutral colors of gray, white, and off-white! Plus, they serve as very characterful additions and are adaptable to any context with a high level of flexibility. Depending on the complementary elements, for instance, they can bring stylish looks or rustic flavor.

Transitional Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Floor

In this transitional kitchen, the gray and white companionship gains a farmhouse personality, while the kitchen is characterized by wooden applications, glossy surfaces, and a matte finish. It is a mixed diversity of materials that add various values while achieving harmonious integrity. For instance, gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances, despite their cool vibes, lend warming feelings. The wood trim of the range hood also is coordinated with these materials to retain integrity. The polished brass hardware adds extra texture and supports the wood elements to add a rustic flavor.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Antique Brass Hardware

Antique brass hardware, also known as weathered brass hardware, is an excellent fit for traditional, farmhouse, beach-style, and transitional kitchens. They suggest a sense of time, building up delightful designs while mixing with other elements. Since gray cabinets, depending on the context, can give the image of a discolored or distressed look, they go well with antique brass hardware.

Gray Cabinets with Brass Hardware and Beadboard Wall Panels

This cozy kitchen filled with soft elements and painted with muted colors composes a theme where you can rest your eyes just for the sake of pleasure. The textured surfaces stimulate the five senses of its users, while the neutral color palette emanates warmth. Tying together traditional and farmhouse pieces, it composes a curated scene where nothing feels out of place. Ranging from cabinets to the hardware colors and the island’s anatomy, it is all coordinated and in synchrony.

As the space for this open-plan kitchen is relatively restricted, all elements are placed closely, which forms a cozy space. The furniture-looking island’s bottom, for instance, is kept open to suggest a sense of openness. Rather, it has drawers to bring additional storage space. The second priority in the kitchen creates some visual dynamism, which comes with beadboard panels adding movement. Also, the floor-to-ceiling off-white cabinets make the kitchen feel taller, while brass hardware, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures suggest a lived-in feel.

Does antique brass go with grey?

Yes, it does. Especially if you would like to bring a flavor of an aged look that gives you hints about the past, antique brass does it while entertaining the space. It also goes well with gray. For a sense of airiness and lightness, you can combine antique brass with light gray cabinets. Also in such kitchens, antique brass has more potential to be a statement piece as it changes the aura of the kitchen. But if you seek a visual drama, you can couple dark cabinets with antique brass and use them to lighten up the space in a way.

Marble Island with Subway Tile Backsplash and Gray Cabinets

This stylish kitchen masterfully brings various textures harmoniously, while marble stands out as the statement piece enveloping the island and the hood’s dressing. As two colossal structures of the kitchen, they dominate the space while communicating a sense of luxury. Particularly, the natural grayish-blue veins bring elegance and sophistication, referring back to the gray-white palette of the kitchen.

On the perimeter of the space, the floor-to-ceiling cabinets offer generous space to hide all the kitchenware, letting material combinations take the center age and add personality. The running-bond style laid marble backsplash brings a timeless look, while marble countertops enrich the visual scheme. Except for the stove, the stainless steel appliances remain out of sight to preserve the integrity and uniform look. The top-to-toe marble island’s wood extension highlights the organic aspects of the kitchen, enriched with brass accents. The gold-finish wall sconces, hardware, and plumbing fixtures achieve a stylish look. The industrial-style pendants are finished with gold and recontextualized in this kitchen to add a more chic look.

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