A brand new kitchen is anyone’s dream comes true. Regardless of the frequency of its use, sparking, up-to-date and welcoming kitchen is the focal point of a household. A beautiful countertop, convenient cabinets, and attractive kitchenware are all indispensable items for a good kitchen. But for a spectacular kitchen, what you need is the perfect glass tile backsplash to make all the things pop!

There is no need to go all out and refurbish every item in your kitchen to revitalize your space. Instead just changing the color scheme and textures surrounding you can make all the difference in the world. Out with the old in with the new! And for the new, modern and Über chic feel in your kitchen go for the glass tile! Incorporate glass in cabinets, decor and appliances! Or just invest in a beautiful glass mosaic backsplash; it is the perfect way to uplift your kitchen without having to spend thousands.

Your Basic Guide to Glass tile Backsplash!

Although many consider investing on a good backsplash to be for esthetical reasons only, it is however completely understatement. It cannot be denied that with the beautiful colors and patterns now available in glass mosaic tiles, it does add to the visual aspect of your kitchen but the greasy splatters and messy spills that frequent of an in-use kitchen also benefit from the glass tile backsplashes. One of the easiest-to-clean materials for tricky places like behind a cooking range or sink, glass tile backsplash is a much-needed guard for walls against sprays of oil and water.

Another reason for choosing glass backsplash tile ideas is because of its permeable properties, glass is like ceramic tiles and therefore resistant to mildew, stains, and mold. But compared to its ceramic and natural stone alternatives, glass tiles present much more convince. They are budget friendly and easy to maintain with a minimum of upkeep required to keep them in their original shiny and beautiful condition.

The glass backsplash provides perfect protection from unwanted moisture from water usage in trendy kitchens as well as any area around the house that comes in frequent contact with water like poolside areas, outer walls adjacent to plantations and even designated eating, drinking, and littering areas for house pets.

Trendy or Traditional: The choice is yours!

The best aspect of glass tile backsplashes is that they allow you a wide variety of choices.  From color to finish, from size to shape and even texture, Glass mosaic backsplashes enables its designers to create any ambiance that their heart requires. Be it trendy, cutting edge modern designs and appliances that need a perfect backdrop to showcase their beauty or laid back and traditional muted kitchens that are always in use as a cooking and eating place as well as a walk-in sitting area, glass tile backsplashes can accommodate both features. Also many waterjets mosaic tile use glass materials to create a unique mosaic tile.

Even how much and how many walls to cover are entirely up to you. Have it from wall to wall or just behind the cooking range and sink area. The colors variety available is glass tiles enable you to merge it with surrounding environment without any glitches.

Revitalize your kitchen

Glass tile backsplashes are versatile and beautiful. Whether it’s a homey, cozy look you sought or the precise and contemporary finish you require, Glass backsplashes can merge beautifully with all types of settings and bring out the best in your kitchen. Get more kitchen backsplash ideas from our blog. Furthermore, you can also utilize the reflective properties of your glass pieces most effectively by strategically placing them in spots that reflect most sunlight and florescent light to brighten your kitchen area. Visit our glass tile product listing to view one of the vastest collections of tile backsplashes along with pictorial depictions of these backsplashes in real kitchens.

Choosing a good backsplash is not a daunting task, in fact, it is one of the most enjoyable errands you can pick up. There are a few facts you need to remember before you decide to finalize your glass tile backsplash.

First and foremost don’t try and play ‘matchy-match’. Monotonous colors and shapes can look uninspired and severe. Not to mention from a nonprofessional designers point of view, they usually lack soul and are much more expensive. Colors that complement each other are much more attractive and allow you to play your strength. The designs available on are a great amalgam for both professional and layman. The designs BA1025 travertine backsplash tile and BA1043 feature travertine glass backsplash tiles, and designs, BA1201, BA1202 and BA1204 feature glass and marble stone backsplash, just the perfect examples of beautifully contrasting tiles.

If you are on a tighter budget, you don’t have to splurge. Instead try to focus your attention on designs available on the site that put more focus on areas over the cooking range and sink, as these are the two focal points that draw most attention when entering the kitchen. The Tumbled Travertine Subway Kitchen Backsplash using designs BA1142 or BA1134 is the perfect way to make less seem more.

But if you can afford to splurge, backsplashes is the way to do it right. The extension of backsplash tiling across the room is the perfect way to make even the smallest kitchens seem more spacious. This optical illusion is a great way to make most of your money.

A big plus point of Glass backsplash tile is that they can help to procreate the ambiance of your home in general in your kitchen area as well. Glass tile backsplashes are the perfect way to modernize even the earthiest looking places. Look at the many varieties available on to choose the one that matches your needs perfectly. For modern yet light look try the Elegant Modern White Backsplash Tiles for a modern espresso kitchen with marble glass backsplash. On the other hand for darker futuristic appeal go for BA1017 which is Black Galaxy Granite & Dark Blue & Gray Glass Mixed Backsplash Tile, a magnificent mix of glass and granite.

For houses that are built around the theme of an ode to the Mother Nature, glass tiles can also help you create beautiful patterns using the Slate Mosaic Brown Rusty Kitchen Backsplash Tile with beautifully textured tiles in natural hues to better suit the household and kitchen character.

The Perfect Looks Naked Décor

The Glass mosaic tile backsplash is the perfect answer for those city dwellers that cannot afford bigger accommodations but are interested in optimizing space.   Naked décor is the best option to utilize glass backsplash. The backsplash can be done using Elegant Modern White Backsplash Tile (B1164) or even Brown Marble White Glass Backsplash Tile (BA1044) to give the design your own personal twist. The idea behind is to use reflective properties of glass to best possible results and create the feeling of light and openness. For the complete naked décor feel, the glass door cabinets should also be the same shade of white as your backsplash and can be internally lit to further emphasize the décor. A darker countertop, to break the color blocking effect and stainless steel or white colored appliances can further elevate the kitchen look. This glass tile backsplash is although ideal for apartment style buildings but it can also be themed into condos and bachelor pads.

Glass subway tile backsplash styles

The subway glass tile backsplash is one of the new style and décor trends utilized to make any dull place look more bright and interesting. Apart from making kitchens and bathrooms more functional, glass subway backsplashes normally help in giving old homes new feel. The subway glass tile backsplash is ideal for the areas above kitchen sink and walls adjacent to cooking range. By installing this backsplash from top to bottom the kitchen can be given a very modern retro look.

The color range available for subway style tiles makes the job of a designer much easier. The selection of colors from opaque to vibrant and modern dark hues makes the subway design a comfortable choice. Opaque colors are preferred for kitchens with limited space thus giving the room a feel of being larger than it originally is. These opaque glass tiles with bright adjustable fluorescent light are also suitable for cramped bathrooms where you would want to create an illusion of light and space.

The subway glass mosaic tile backsplashes are also popular among designers with heterogeneous tastes as it can be used by vibrantly mixing glass subway tiles in an assortment of colors to give the backsplash a more eclectic and contemporary appearance. These tiles can be used in wide and bright areas to connect and merge the surrounding in a coherent design. And are considered to be ideal for larger and loft style kitchens and dining areas.

Decorative Glass Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes that cover whole walls from the ceiling to the ground below are coming in as the latest fashion trend. The designers for this brave adaptation for a classic wall adornment use the backsplash in cool and pale colors to utilize this unique backdrop to showcase the most prominent features of a modern kitchen. A Window opening to a spectacular view, a much-appreciated kitchen appliance, a proud presentation of antique utensils or cutlery, are just a few of the demonstration ideas. A floor to ceiling glass backsplash can also be used to adorn the main wall of a living room or drawing room to showcase personal collections, paintings or decorative items more prominently.

Tips to maintain your Perfect Glass Tile Backsplash

Choosing the right glass tiles for your perfect backsplash is very important and as these glass tiles are usually thinner and delicate hence it is better to purchase them from a trusted vendor like Many other vendors also deal in this area but their products are below-par and are prone to breaking and cracking even during the installing is taking place.

Once you have made your choice, a glass backsplash may be the most beautiful and sensible option but it also requires a good footing, to begin with. A regular upkeep to maintain its original natural beauty and shine is essential.

A solid base for your backsplash is the best possible foundation that a glass mosaic backsplash requires. Hence a good grouting is essential to keep your backsplash spick and span for many years to come. Professionals suggest the use of urethane-based, nonporous grout; this will ensure that you do not need to apply sealant to keep your backsplash looking pretty.

Cleaning the glass tiles that come in frequent touch with soap, oil and water regularly are a must do the task. If left unclean the soap and water mineral deposits will start to gather on the surface of tile and grout and mar the beauty of your backsplash. To clean the backsplash mix equal parts of water, vinegar, and any mild soap and keep this solution in a spray bottle to use it as a cleaning agent for your glass tiles. Let the mixture sit for at least ten minutes on tiles then use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the deposits. Take special care not to use unnecessary force as you can damage the grout that way. Always remember to wipe the glass with a dry towel after cleaning to avoid unsightly streaks and spots. After this cleaning, your tiles will be as shiny as new and the grout will be the same lovely white it was when you had it fresh.

Lastly keeping your glass backsplash looking as bright and spiffy as new even after a few years is also a big task. Want to add extra shine to your glass backsplash? Many professionals swear by the use of apple cider to achieve this miracle. Clean your tiles to remove loose dust and dirt. Make a mixture of equal parts of apple cider and water and spray this mixture on the glass backsplash. Use a rag to evenly distribute the polish on the surface of the backsplash and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally remove the access mixture with the help of a cloth. You will be pleased that decided to opt for the glass tile backsplash instead of some cheaper replacement.


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