Modern kitchen cabinets white quartz kitchen countertop with 2″ x 12″ copper color quartzite subway backsplash tile. This is a unique backsplash tile quartzite gives them shimmery look. Installed with out grout line.

$ 19.50

Copper color natural slate subway kitchen backsplash & batroom tile. Projects: Backsplash | Bathroom | Floor

PHOTO ID #: P6698| ITEM# BA1030 


  • Tim

    Beautiful… how much!

  • Ellen

    Please quote price.


      Hi Ellen. price $11.95 sq,ft comes with 5 individual pieces. Any question please let us know. Thanks

      • Ellen

        Thanks for the quick reply. How porous is the tile? How does one clean it if it gets grease etc.? How can I get a sample?

  • Jon

    Interested in this product. Any chance I could get a sample sent? I’m in Maryland.

    Jon in owings mills


      Hello Mr. Jon,

      Thank you for interested in Copper Color Quartzite Slate Subway 2″ x12″ Backsplash Tile.

      We can definitely send you a sample of this item or you can stop by to our showroom. The sample for this products is $10

      Thank you and looking forward to hear from you!

  • Frank

    Need 60sqft ASAP Please le me know availabilty


      The item will be available on Friday and we can ship it to you on Monday.
      Please let us know what date would you like to have it.

      Thank you and looking forward to hear from you!

  • ForPazi

    We absolutely loved this! And the actual product was even more beautiful than the picture! ..any idea how to get a coupon code for shipping or where to pick it up to avoid a very high shipping charge?


      Hi Forpazi please contact us We’ll help you for shipping cost. Thanks

  • Linda

    Does this tile look metallic? If so, does it come in silver tones?

  • Tina

    Love this tile! What is the sealing process? Is it easy and quick? Any way to reduce the shipping charge or is their a local pick up in Denver area?


      Hi Tina, please use our contact page send us how many sq.ft you need. We’ll find better shipping rate for you. You can seal them with spray natural stone sealer thats very easy process. Thanks

  • vanessa

    Hi! I love the travertine tile dark brown glass. I’m from Arizona and the shipping costs are very high. Where can I get a coupon?


      Hi Vanessa, please use our contact form, let us know how many sq.ft you need, We’ll help you for better shipping rate.

  • Raccoon1

    how easy would this be to clean?

  • Sheila Piatt-Koch

    Love this product but I’m concerned about the shipping cost to iowa. Is there a coupon code to use. I will need several so it will be $200+ for product. Anything will help!
    Thank you!! Sheila

  • J Greene

    Was wondering how well the grout comes out of the tiles (BA1167). Planning to install but am freaked out by all the little nooks and crannies in this tile!

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