Black and White Quartz Countertops Timeless Elegance with Luxury

14+ Black and White Quartz Countertops

White Cabinets and Black Quartz Countertops in Contemporary Kitchen Design

The white cabinets and black countertop create a very striking effect. In the kitchen, which consists of flat-panel cabinets, the quartz counter with black and white veins has a cool appearance. Cool integrity is formed by continuing the quartz backsplash between the countertops. It adds a luxurious look with its glossy texture. White square tiles are applied on the floor, black quartz is applied between them, while an elegant flooring resembling a chessboard is applied. Black built-in appliances, black under-counter washbasin, and black washbasin mixer are blowing black winds. It is completed in detail with metallic accents, glass lighting, and black cabinet handles. In addition, a stylish design is created by catching black and white harmony in the space.

White Cabinets with White, Black Veined Countertops Design in Transitional Kitchen

In the transitional kitchen, which is formed by the elegant stance of the recessed-panel white cabinets, the white, black veined quartz countertop impresses with all its elegance. Especially on the counter, the island shows itself with its vascular texture. Gold-colored equipment brings a luxurious wind to the place. Under-counter sinks and built-in appliances are used. Between the countertops, the diamond-patterned backsplash in white-gray tones adds liveliness to the space, while a separate pattern is created behind the stove, making it attractive.

Black and White Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops, these versatile countertops are used to blend beautifully in a variety of kitchens and bathrooms. A classic style can be achieved with the durability of these marble-looking countertops. Quartz countertops create a wonderful, timeless design effect in kitchens and bathrooms. It is also available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and styles. Quartz countertops are stain and even bacteria-resistant. Surface stains can be easily removed and easily cleaned with soapy water. Unlike other natural stones, it requires less maintenance.
For those who want something a little more dramatic, black and white quartz are always popular choices and always indispensable. These counters have a clean white background and dark veins. The charcoal and black tones of the veins stand out boldly, giving the space a contemporary look. Another alternative is to create a cool look by applying white veins on a black background. Successful designs can be created by adding movement to the noble elegance of black with white veins.

White, Black-Streaked Countertop, with Black, White, and Wood Combination in Modern Kitchen Design

The kitchen design consists of white flat-panel cabinets, black-sized cabinets, wooden island counter cabinets, and three-color cabinet combinations, making a warm kitchen effect using a light wood parquet. The black cabinets are quite stylish with the nobility of color, while the white cabinets create a stylish space with the air that looks great in every way. Stainless steel, anchors, and under-counter sinks are used. Black cabinet handles, black sink battery and black bar chairs are the details that give the place a cool feel. And finally, the white, black-streaked quartz counter and backsplash app just look amazing. The hood back and hood box, which form integrity with the counter, all of it from the same material, making it look fancy. In addition, with its marble-looking quality, it also gives the place a high-end feel.

Top Black and White Quartz Countertop Colors

Black quartz countertops are a popular choice, in both houses and commercial areas. Black worktops act as a natural camouflage against scratches and stains and are advantageous to use. It is also a highly preferred product in commercial areas with dense circulation areas. It’s very useful both in design and in function. Some of the most popular black quartz countertops are examples such as vanilla Noir, Empire black, Eternal Marquina, and Black Coral.

White quartz countertops add fresh and calm air to the area used in contrast to dark colors. Light-colored worktops make smaller areas feel larger. Because light colors reflect light and make the place look bigger than it is. In addition, light-colored countertops have recently become very popular with the minimalist aesthetic perception that many designers are looking for. White worktops are a great option because they are out of fashion and are compatible with almost any style, or color you want to match. And some of the most popular white quartz countertops are examples such as Calacatta Botanica Quartz, Empire White, and Arabetto.

A Striking White and Black Grained Countertop and White Cabinets in Modern Kitchen

In the contemporary kitchen, which was designed using recessed-panel white cabinets, the floor is applied with white wooden parquet, thus providing a spacious look. The farmhouse stove and sink add an original feel to the place. At the hearth, the black countertop and black backsplash harmoniously combine. The glossy texture of the backsplash provides an elegant look. On the large island located in the middle, a white and black large-grained bench is used. This countertop, which looks quite remarkable, draws all your attention from the moment you enter the kitchen. Apart from this, the kitchen design in a modern classical style is created with the details such as the hood box, pendant chandeliers, and bar stools with the golden color chosen.

Is black and white quartz in style?

It is one of the biggest trends of recent times. It is one of the classic combinations that never go out of fashion. Black and white quartz countertops are timeless. It is applied in harmony with every style and appeals to everyone. For this reason, it is the most used variety for designers and successfully adapted everywhere.

Popular Black and White Quartz Countertop with Black and Wood Cabinets Combination in Contemporary Kitchen Design

There is always a cool effect in the space where black is used. Black countertops are used in a modern kitchen design consisting of black and light wood flat-panel cabinets. Stainless steel built-in appliances and black cabinet handles are the details used. The hexagonal backsplash used between the bench and the hexagonal patterned backsplash is used and is a nice detail that adds movement to the space. On the island designed in the middle, the black and white veined quartz countertop style, known as the Eternal Marquina, speaks for itself. It gives a cool effect to the place. The light-toned wooden parquet used on the floor together with the wicker chairs placed around the island brings a warm atmosphere to the space.

Backsplash Colors for Black and White Quartz Countertops

Black and white quartz countertops are fairly easy to maintain. This makes it a suitable option for people who do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning. It is known that it is more uniform in terms of color palettes and patterns. When pairing a quartz countertop with a backsplash, quite a bit of care must be taken. The connection between the counter and the backsplash should be adjusted in harmony. Since the grainy structure of quartz countertops adds mobility, backsplashes that can harmonize with it should be chosen. These quartz countertops, which are in a stylish and cool atmosphere, can provide a successful combination with backsplashes with colors in white, black, and gray tones.

According to the concepts of the spaces, it can be preferred in vivid colors such as blue and green. Another option that harmonizes with black and white quartz countertops is quartz backsplash. It can create a perfect appearance by speaking the same language as the countertop.

White Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops

Black and white quartz countertops provide a very stylish appearance in spaces with their quality appearance and contrast harmony. They also achieve good harmony with the use of white backsplash. They give the desired effect when used with the right products chosen following the kitchen style. Black and white are an indispensable and always accepted duo. Many styles of white backsplash models such as subway, hexagon, and honeycomb can create the right combination with kitchen styles and quartz countertops.

White Subway Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops in Beach Style Kitchen Design

White shaker cabinets are used in the kitchen, which is in the style of a very large and spacious summer house. A sweet concept is created by using the Farmhouse stove and sink. On the floor, very light wooden parquet and wicker bar chairs create a warm and energetic effect. While white quartz countertops are used on the island, black is preferred on the other sides, creating a nice contrast. The white subway backsplash used between the counters harmonizes with the concept of the space and creates a beautiful combination with the black quartz countertop. It looks very stylish with its glossy texture.

Do black quartz countertops stain?

Black quartz countertops can be stained, although they are more useful than others. What should be known, when buying quartz countertops, be careful not to buy from a wholesaler. Because stone slabs from these vendors are often improperly sealed and more prone to staining or discoloration.

Black and white quartz countertop and white backsplash with black and white cabinets in Contemporary Kitchen Design

In the modern kitchen design, which consists of black and white flat-panel cabinets, white-veined ceramics are used on the floor. A black basin mixer is used together with stainless steel appliances and an under-counter basin. In the kitchen, which consists of a U-bench, some dishes are used for cooking. A cool and stylish kitchen is created by using black and white veined quartz countertops. Leather bar chairs in navy blue tones create an elegant detail. The pendant lighting that coincides with the dining area creates an elegant atmosphere by the concept with its minimalist style. And in addition to these, the white subway ceramic backsplash applied between the countertops combines with the black quartz countertop in harmony.

Quartz Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops

The black and white quartz countertops and the quartz backsplash duo create very cool designs. The backsplash, which is completed by forming a whole with the counter, creates a depth and softer appearance in the space. Quartz countertops are very cool and stylish materials with their marble-like appearance. In this way, it gains a rich and luxurious appearance in the spaces used. It is also very comfortable to apply the combination of black and white quartz countertops and quartz backsplash, which is quite trendy and preferred by many designers.

Shaker cabinets with white, black large grain quartz backsplash in Transitional Kitchen

In the kitchen design, which consists of three color cabinets black, white, and wood, shaker cabinets are used. The kitchen, which has a large area, looks very spacious with its high ceiling. Wooden beams from the ceiling add a stylish warmth. While stainless steel appliances and an under-counter sink are used, the sink faucet is black and the cabinet handles are gray. While white countertop is used, Ada countertop and hood back are white, intense black veined quartz countertops and backsplash provide a very striking appearance. And it also reflects very active energy with the effect of dense black veins. In addition, the light wood on the floor adds a warm calmness to the space.

Black Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops

We know that black always leaves a soft and cool effect in places where it is used. Black and white quartz countertops and black backsplashes are a beautiful design duo. It has a wide range of options with various material types and shapes. The stylish ambiance added by the quartz countertop, the modern, classic, traditional style, whatever the concept of the kitchen or bathroom, a suitable black backsplash will make the nobility of black speak.

Black – Wood Cabinets and Black Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops in Contemporary Kitchen

In the modern kitchen design with wooden and black flat cabinets, the quartz counter with black and white veins creates a very stylish effect. The hexagonal backsplash applied between the countertops creates a stylish space while providing a magnificent effect, especially with its matte texture. We can see the harmonious combination of black backsplash and black and white quartz countertop. Wooden parquet and wicker chairs applied on the floor add a warm atmosphere. Also, three pendant lights used on the island create a stylish look with their black and gold details.

What backsplash goes with black and white quartz countertops?

If you choose a black quartz countertop, choose lighter color tiles such as gray or white for the backsplash. When using a multi-grain quartz countertop, it is useful to choose backsplash tiles that complement the veining of the counter. If you choose a white quartz countertop, choosing colors that complement the veining of the counter will provide a pleasing appearance.

Black Subway Backsplash with Black and White Quartz Countertops in Farmhouse Kitchen Design

A beautiful farmhouse kitchen design uses white shaker cabinets and glazed built-in cabinets. Natural wood parquet is in sweet harmony with the concept. The wooden details on the sides of the island bench and around the hood are also the elements that complete the space. Farmhouse uses sink and stove. An original pendant lighting used on the island gets full points for its authentic atmosphere. In addition, the combination of black quartz countertop and black subway backsplash blends beautifully into the space as a successful duo. Also, the nobility of black is embroidered into a typical farmhouse design.

Cabinet Colors for Black and White Quartz Countertops

Black and white quartz countertops are varieties that can be used easily with all styles and models. They have a very luxurious and cool appearance with their marble resemblance. Having black and white veins inside, these are the models that should be chosen more carefully than plain colors. Especially with white, gray, black and wooden cabinets, very successful and good designs are obtained. It can be easily harmonized with modern, rustic, traditional, and many different varieties. When the cabinets and the countertops used correctly complement each other, they create eye-catching effects. Therefore, it is very important to know what you want and use it correctly.

White Cabinets with Black and White Quartz Countertops

When it comes to kitchen design, white cabinets are a timeless and always loved choice. White, which is the most suitable color for all cabinet types, is easily used by users and designers. Black and white quartz countertops are one of the most suitable options for white cabinets. While the white cabinets and the white quartz countertop give a spacious, bright, pure, and clean effect, when applied with the black quartz countertop, it adds a contrasting elegance. Since these quartz countertops have a very elegant atmosphere, they exhibit a quality stance in the environment they are applied.

How to clean black and white countertops?

As with all countertops, it is quite damaging from using harsh acidic or chemical cleaning solutions. To keep your black and white quartz countertop clean, all you usually need is dish soap mixed with warm water. Or you can also purchase a special surface cleaning solution.

Transitional Kitchen with Glass Tile Backsplash and Quartz Slabs

In the transitional kitchen design consisting of white shaker cabinets, a white subway glass tile backsplash is used between the white, black veined quartz countertop and the counter. These two, achieve a beautiful harmony, while complementing each other by going well with the white cabinets. The black cabinet handles are used to add a stylish atmosphere to the kitchen. While stainless steel appliances are used, the hood box is black and the bottom turns in the form of wooden arches, creating a striking appearance in the space.

Gray Cabinets with Black and White Quartz Countertops

The most important elements in kitchen designs are cabinets and countertops. Gray kitchen cabinets are just as timeless and popular as white cabinets. There are different designs according to various shades of gray and cabinet types. Creating stylish and cool designs, gray cabinets also create a successful combination with black and white quartz countertops. Thanks to the versatility of gray, it gains different dimensions. The harmony with the spaces is already indisputable in black and white quartz countertops. Gray cabinets create a fresh and pure, clean look with white quartz countertops, and white black quartz countertops create an airy and stylish space. Eye-catching effects are created with the taste of the users and the successful designs of the designers.


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Gray Cabinets Design with White Quartz Backsplash in Contemporary Kitchen Design

Built-in appliances and an under-counter sink are used in the kitchen design, which consists of glossy gray flat cabinets. Simple elegance is achieved by using a white quartz countertop and a white quartz backsplash, which blends beautifully with gray cabinets. Quartz countertops, which add a luxurious look with their marble-like structure, are the type of countertops that are most compatible with gray countertops. The dark wooden parquet used on the floor supports the cool air in the environment. Also, versatile use is provided by placing white bar chairs around the island bench and a dining table at the back. In addition, this kitchen has very modern lines and a simple style.

Black Cabinets with Black and White Quartz Countertops

Black cabinets always have a noble elegance. It leaves a cool effect on the areas where it is applied. It creates various looks such as stylish, luxurious, modern, and sport according to the shapes and styles they are applied. In this way, it can appeal to all types of users. When the black and white quartz countertops combine with the elegance they create and the cool black cabinets, very cool and stylish spaces are formed. Quartz countertops are very solid and of high quality. For this reason, it is fondly referred to by designers and users. They are the most popular duo of cool and stylish concepts.

Black Cabinets with Black and White Veined Quartz Countertops in Eclectic Kitchen Design

Black and white veined quartz countertops create a very stylish atmosphere in kitchen cabinets consisting of wooden cabinets and black drawers and cabinet doors. This application, which creates a beautiful combination, is very pleasing to the eye. The aged-patterned wooden parquet creates a modern and authentic look while black built-in and stainless steel appliances are used. Corner windows right next to the counter add vitality to the space with their light and garden view while the hexagonal patterned white backsplash used between the counter activates the kitchen, giving it a sporty look. Additionally, the red bar chairs used next to the island counter provide a striking and original look with their assertive color.

Wood Cabinets with Black and White Quartz Countertops

Wood evokes a warm feeling in every applied environment. It creates a natural, friendly ambiance. Wooden cabinets, which are used in very beautiful designs in kitchen cabinets, are generally preferred in rustic, farmhouse kitchens, and can be used in all kinds according to style and taste. Kitchens with wooden cabinets combine with black and white quartz countertops to create a sweet and stylish look. In addition, when the noble and stylish stance of quartz countertops and the sincerity of wood are combined, very successful designs emerge.

Wood Shaker Cabinets Design With Black White Quartz Countertops for Transitional Kitchen

In a transitional kitchen design consisting of wooden shaker cabinets, white quartz countertops and quartz backsplash is applied, creating a cool and stylish kitchen. Using the same material between the bench and the bench is a successful application in almost every style. The black veins of the white quartz countertop add mobility to the kitchen and display a very elegant stance. Large beige ceramic tiles on the floor blend in nicely with the space while stainless steel and under-counter sinks are used. Also. the details of the space are nicely complemented by the black-framed, gray bar chairs and pendant lights.

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