Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens Complete the Coastal Vibe

16+ Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens with Fish Scale Patterns

A collage of blue and white integrated with two-tone cabinetry achieves a dynamic visual scheme in this transitional kitchen. The fish scale mosaic backsplash in resonance with the color scheme features subtle and radical color transformations, acting as the centerpiece of the design. The stainless steel range hood pops against the backsplash, while white quartz countertops brighten up the overall look with a sense of optimism. At the heart of the kitchen, the island mirroring the perimeter counters serves as a utility object, providing ample storage and housing a beverage cooler. The island also gives direction to homeowners on how to use the space. Paired with modern and understated pendants, it sits in harmony with the rest of the space, while light wood flooring injects color and warmth.

Gray Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Cabinets

This beach-style kitchen combines white, blue, wood, and brass, offering another white-blue kitchen to pull inspiration. In the rear, the gray mermaid backsplash makes a statement between the white shaker cabinets. All-white kitchen island furthers the fresh look of the perimeter counters, while brass fixtures tinge them with glow and warmth. The dark wood flooring lends a visual drama, and the backless bistro stools with white-blue stripes add a fun element to make for an impactful look.

Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

Blue and white kitchens are popular as they provide a soothing and serene atmosphere where you can rest your eyes and find a restful repose both for yourself, your family, and your guests. In other words, if you love white kitchens and want to introduce an accent color to the kitchen, blue is one of the best options. While benefiting from dark and light shades of blue, you can inject completely different vibes into your home. For example, you can go with lighter shades and pastel tones like powder blue for a coastal vibe or dark shades like navy blue to add a dramatic and edgy personality. But of course, there is another crucial piece you need to consider, which is the backsplash. Here we have a list of backsplash ideas for blue and white kitchens that will familiarize you with some inspiring design projects.

Speaking generally, backsplash ideas for blue and white kitchens include white subway tiles, marble and quartzite backsplashes, blue glass tiles, mermaid patterns, and more. Coastal designs, transitional kitchens, and contemporary kitchens particularly love shades of blue to add a splash of color, imply the design’s association with beach life, or integrate fun elements to entertain the space. Below you will find multiple design projects that concretize these suggestions; just scroll down to discover some, and don’t forget at the end of the day it all comes down to you and what kind of narrative design you want to develop for your kitchen.

Coastal Design with Light Blue Subway Tile Backsplash and Bistro Stools

In coastal kitchen designs, sticking to lighter shades and white cabinets make it easier to give the space a coastal flavor. In this kitchen, for instance, the light blue subway tile backsplash brings just the right amount of color in soft shades to create a gentle look between the white shaker cabinets. Glass-fronted top cabinets and glass pendants bring a layer of transparency that alleviates the overall look, while chrome hardware adds a glow. All-white island enhances the openness, offering a laid-back eating space that suits the vacation spirit. The bistro stools give you the feeling of a restaurant or a beach bar. If you would like to enrich the overall look and give the kitchen a bit more summer effect, you can use glazed glass tiles that emphasize the shimmering effect. Also, if you want to add more dimension to the wall, you can benefit from wooden floating shelves.

Mosaic Backsplash for Two-tone Cabinetry and White Quartz Countertops

The vivid tone of the cobalt cabinets brings a breath of life to this serene kitchen design, while the use of two different backsplashes adds diversity without overwhelming the space. The white ceramic subway tiles along with the blue patterned stove backsplash add character tinged with rustic flavors. White quartz countertops introduce sleek lines without breaking the harmonious look. A little further, the blue kitchen island in total synchrony with the perimeter counters makes the space look cohesive.

Statement gold hardware contributes warming shades to spice up the design without causing any clutter. The floor tiles bring more pattern to coordinate with the stove backsplash and retain integrity.

What backsplash goes with a blue and white kitchen?

In blue and white kitchens, backsplashes generally feature neutral and light shades, such as light blue, powder blue, gray, off-white, and printed ceramic tiles. But of course, if you love dark colors and pops of color, you can color your walls with bold blue shades that will create a very contemporary look.

When it comes to the patterns, mermaid, subway, herringbone, chevron, arabesque, Moroccan, and penny round mosaic tiles get along well with the blue-white kitchens. As for the material options, marble, quartz, glass, ceramic, porcelain, and cement are the most preferred materials.

Backsplash Ideas for Blue and Kitchens with Timeless Subway Tiles and Wood Open Shelving

Building a punching character with the blue and yellow contrasts, this transitional kitchen shines a light on the blue cabinets that introduce an edgy character to the design. The white ceramic subway tile backsplash and white quartz countertops ensure a sense of flow, while symmetrical placements of the wood open shelving make sure to add dimension to the backsplash, taking advantage of the lack of overhead cabinets. The waterfall kitchen island is paired with brass lighting fixtures that coordinate with the brass cabinet handles. But the most unexpected fun addition comes with orange counter stools that pop out, entertaining the overall look playfully.

Backsplash Color Options for Blue and White Kitchens

If your kitchen already features two main colors such as blue and white, you can stick to these two colors not to break the harmony while choosing the color of the other main features. But if you like pops of colors and whimsical elements, you can integrate bold shades of blue for white cabinets to make a statement. But in general terms, among the most popular backsplash color options for blue and white kitchens, we can count powder blue, light gray, and white.

White Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

If you have two-tone cabinetry in white and blue shades, you can benefit from a white backsplash to preserve balance and integrity while enhancing the openness and spaciousness of your kitchen. A white backsplash will also provide a blank backdrop for every element to work harmoniously and blend in effortlessly.

Modern Kitchen with Marble Backsplash and Countertops

The soothing design of this modern kitchen exudes elegance, presenting a well-balanced and cohesive look. The blue cabinets are paired with a white marble countertop and backsplash that blend seamlessly with the rest, while the apron-front sink is an unexpected addition that subverts what you expect to see in a modern kitchen. But when done properly, borrowing from other styles helps integrate various vibes that enrich the look. Another example of it is the incorporation of wooden touches and brass hardware that adds extra character and warmth, allowing homeowners to personalize the space and create a more sensible atmosphere that directly connects with its users.

Should your backsplash match your countertop?

Designing a kitchen is fun and a complicated process that requires a lot of thinking to ensure a flow between the different materials and colors. To accomplish this flow, matching a backsplash with your countertop could be one way. This way, you provide a continuous flow, assuring a uniform look. But this isn’t a must. As long as the countertop and backsplash feel coordinated with each other and the rest of the kitchen, they don’t necessarily have to feature the same color, pattern, or design. Below are some of the tips you may find helpful.

Use Complementary Contrasts

When coordinating your backsplash with your countertops, you can bring contrasting colors together such as off-white Moroccan tiles and soapstone backsplashes. And you can soften this contrast with wooden applications. Or another example is pairing handmade terracotta tiles with honed granite countertops that will anchor the look immediately. Additionally, while doing so, don’t be afraid to introduce a third color that will add depth and dimension to the kitchen.

Go Monochromatic

Another alternative to capture depth is to go monochromatic and use different shades of the same color such as yellow, pink, blue, green, and gray. This way, your space not only gains depth but also its architectural features feel emphasized which creates a very modern appeal. If you want to bring in natural touches, you can use marble and granite as countertops that come with lots of natural and unique patterns, which make them inherently gorgeous.

Bring Different Colors Together

A backsplash doesn’t have to feature just one color; so, feel free to use tiles of various shades. For example, you can use a backsplash of pink tiles of dark and light hues and pair them with white and gray lightly streaked marble countertops or white quartz and laminate. If you love organic shades reminiscent of nature, you can couple green tiles with butcher block countertops. Another practical design hint while coordinating colors is to use a color wheel to check which colors blend harmoniously with each other.

Blue and White Transitional Kitchen with Brass Accents

If you aren’t for extra bold statements and patterns, you can use a light shade and less dramatic material. Here, for instance, white herringbone backsplash is added to ease the color transitions between blue and white. Likewise, the brass cabinet handles pop on both white and blue cabinets to initiate a dialogue between them. Coming to the center, the designers go with bolder pieces to complement the island. To exemplify, the futuristic-looking statement finish light fixtures are contextualized in an industrial and modern subtext and are given a brass finish to match the hardware and the faucet. The diagonal turn of the kitchen island is another interesting addition to make a statement, while light-colored herringbone flooring in large format doesn’t make itself foregrounded. Rather, it only brings a subtle hint of color as a warming shade to complement the brass accents.

Blue Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

Have you been dreaming about a blue and white kitchen? With a blue backsplash, you can create an accent wall for your white cabinets and coordinate the backsplash with a blue island that will achieve effortless harmony within the space. As for the material of the backsplash, you can go with porcelain, ceramic, and glass which will bring a clean and sleek look. To enrich this white-blue color scheme, you can integrate bistro stools, wooden accents, and chrome finish hardware.

Blue Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens with Moroccan Tiles

This well-curated coastal kitchen comes as a mélange of various materials saturated in a white and blue palette, where you could easily see yourself having a fresh drink in this soothing design caressed with a coastal breeze. To start with, the white modern cabinets along with the glass-fronted cabinets create transparency for a sense of intimacy. The blue Moroccan tiles bring a subtle Mediterranean feel, supported by antique-brass fixtures and dark wood floating shelves. The white quartzite countertops with bluish underrated veins harmonize beautifully and bring a sense of cohesiveness, while dark wood flooring coordinates with open shelving and X-detailed wood edges of the kitchen island.

What is the most popular backsplash?

To be extremely specific, ceramic subway tile backsplash is the most popular backsplash, and here is why. To start with, the most popular backsplash material is ceramic tiles since they are affordable, easy to maintain, durable, and easy to clean, which makes many things easy for homeowners. In terms of patterns, subway tiles, also known as metro tiles, are the most popular backsplash patterns that you come across almost everywhere, be it commercial or residential, private or public, indoor or outdoor. Based on these, a ceramic subway tile backsplash stands out as the safest choice to go with if you are not feeling adventurous at all for your home improvement project.

In short, whether you want a modern, traditional, beach-style, or farmhouse look, ceramic subway tiles will just make things easier for you. With the right additions, you can get any look you want out of the ceramic subway tiles.

Open-Plan Contemporary Kitchen with Blue Backsplash and White Cabinets

This contemporary open-plan kitchen presents a very communicative design that directly draws attention, thanks to its blue walls popping. To soften this bold accent wall, designers go with white and light-tone wood flat front cabinets with a sleek and clean look and use contrasting elements to distribute attention. To achieve this, black appliances, accents, and black-white floor tiles are brought in as another strong color, and the all-white kitchen island is given another dimension with a wooden countertop featuring black metal legs that give it a peculiar stance. Choosing the countertop wood retains the integrity both within the kitchen and the apartment characterized by wood flooring and wood cabinets.

Gray Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

If you want to inject a third color into your blue and white kitchen without overwhelming the space, then gray is your color. For a soft transition between colors, gray provides the most neutral shade whether your kitchen features navy blue or powder blue. If you stick to the light shades of gray and use gray marble, for example, it will give you a pleasant, well-balanced, and cohesive look.

Light Gray Herringbone Backsplash with Retro Stove and White Cabinets

If you can’t decide how to incorporate color into your kitchen, why not try it on a stove? Getting a blue retro stove with brass detailing as here brings all you need for a ripple of color, glow, and personality. If you want this piece to remain as a statement piece, just keep the rest simple. Here, for example, white shaker cabinets and light gray herringbone pattern backsplash with white grout create a neutral background for the stove to feel like a centerpiece. Antique-brass cabinet handles, dark wood island, and rustic flooring complement the retro vibes of the stove that steals the heart of its users.

Tile Materials for Blue and White Kitchens

To accompany the gentle nature of blue and white kitchens, the best materials are marble, ceramics, quartzite, and glass. All of them will allow you to play with patterns, tile formats, and colors. Depending on the impact you aim for, you can choose what suits your interests best. For instance, if you want to shine a light on the material, you can consider glass. But if you aim to give a luxurious finish, then go with marble or quartzite slab backsplashes. To complement them, for a more cohesive look, stick to modern fixtures such as glass pendants or modern-rustic elements that will preserve the refined look of the blue-white kitchens.

Marble Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

Coming in tile and panel versions, marble backsplashes offer statement finishes, creating an upscale atmosphere. The best part of the marble is that there are various ways to integrate it into your kitchen. Whether you want to create a continuous design by matching marble countertops with a marble backsplash or envelop the range hood with marble tiles or a marble slab for a uniform look, each strategy pays off well for a sophisticated atmosphere.

When it comes to blue and white kitchens, white marble backsplashes with slightly bluish veins create a perfect balance with blue-white color palettes. Fish scale, hexagon, and subway tile patterns are commonly used to achieve a stylish, modest, and sophisticated look for blue and white kitchens.

Marble Backsplash for Blue and White Cabinets and Wood Detailing

The aesthetic of this transitional kitchen is guided by a marble subway tile backsplash that offers a statement finish, enveloping the range hood for a sense of integrity. Below, the white and cobalt blue cabinets engage in an interactive dialogue alongside the stainless steel appliances that create a luminous effect. The design places the natural elements at the center without causing any clash with the white and blue shades. This way, the wood trim of the hood gets aligned with wood open shelving that adds extra character to the wall.

How do you pick a good backsplash?

A backsplash is one of the key elements of the kitchen design as it is at eye level and the first thing you directly see as you enter the kitchen. Secondly, it provides a backdrop for other elements to settle in and helps a smooth transition between the upper and base cabinets, particularly in kitchens with two-tone cabinetry. Given how essential it is to choose a good backsplash you have to keep in mind certain things when choosing one:

What is the style of your kitchen?

Backsplash colors, patterns, and materials are the main defining features of a backsplash aesthetic. When choosing what is better for your kitchen, just focus on what kind of look you aim for. Rustic, contemporary, modern, traditional, beach-style, or transitional? Decide on the patterns and colors, accordingly, which will define the outlook of your kitchen.

Benefit from Pops of Color

Feel free to mismatch. Especially if you have a contemporary kitchen, don’t hesitate to add pops of colors that will bring a new dynamic to the space. In retro styles, for example, you can use variously colored square tile backsplashes to make a statement.

Pay Attention to the Tile Format

The format of the tiles is another thing to consider. Larger tiles seem to have taken the place of the mosaics and are recommended more as they make the space feel larger, working as a visually expanding factor with unbroken lines. If you want a modern kitchen, larger tiles, again, serve the space better, whereas the small tiles are more popular in traditional kitchens.

Go Green

You can consider eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass tile and bamboo backsplashes. This way, you can make a statement and reduce the burden on nature, minimizing the carbon footprint of your kitchen.

Choose Your Material Wisely

Another thing to consider is how often you can clean and seal your backsplash. As each material has different nature and requires various care routines, it is an important detail to keep in mind. If you are looking for a material with low maintenance, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are your best options. Also, you may want to stay away from stacked stone backsplashes.

Matte or glazed finish?

Matte or glazed/gloss finishes are another defining features of the backsplashes. If you have a small and enclosed kitchen and need to open up the space, a glazed finish can do that for you. It also provides easy-to-clean surfaces but is more prone to show stains of water and dirt. Matte or honed and tumbled finishes, on the other hand, give a natural look, hiding stains better. But matte tiles are not as easy to clean as glazed ones. In other words, the finish styles play with how backsplashes function and determine their nature, which might affect your decision-making process.

Statement Island with White Cabinets and Brass Cage Pendants

This vast transitional kitchen is conceived as a modern space with periodic elements to create an old-world charm. More specifically, the modern and sleek lines are enmeshed with cottage-style features such as X-detail glass-front cabinets and brass finish cage pendants for a rustic taste. To build a contrast, the marble diamond pattern backsplash achieves a stylish look with white cabinets, while blue gets integrated into the form of a kitchen island that adds a modern and entertaining color. Thanks to the trees towering over the house, which cast their shadows on the gloss-finish countertops, the kitchen embraces natural vibes as well. Lastly, the wood flooring and brass accents enliven the white-dominant space, creating warm liveliness and softening the refractive white shades.

Ceramic Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

The most popular backsplashes are without a doubt ceramics that come in a wide range of patterns, formats, and color options. As such, highly customizable ceramics give you full access to design flexibility. Ranging from printed ceramics to the subway and geometric patterns, ceramic tiles present many different looks. As for blue and white kitchens, there are so many printed tiles in blue and white shades. If you love a vintage look and pattern-rich backsplashes, you can give a chance to white-blue printed ceramic backsplashes for harmonious integrity.


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Wet Bar with Blue Floating Shelves and Blue Cabinets

Do you want to create little surprises in your home? Why not turn a closet into a secret wet bar like this one? Awash with blue and white colors, this well-designed bar feels very cohesive as each material and hue come in pairs. The blue cabinets and floating shelves blend with the ceramic tiles printed in blue and white shades. The beautiful glassware, vases, brass accessories, and flowers personalize the space thanks to the open shelving. Also, distributing paired decorative elements in purposeful randomness creates a visually appealing design.


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Ceramic Printed Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Cabinets and Quartzite Countertops

In this transitional kitchen, the printed backsplash tiles create a pattern-rich background with vintage vibes, emanating a sense of coziness. To accompany the perimeter white cabinets, a powder-blue kitchen island injects a healthy dose of color in resonance with the ceramic backsplash tiles. The quartzite countertops with gentle bluish veins bring an upscale finish to coordinate with the present blue shades of the overarching narrative. The light wooden stools and brass fixtures build a sense of warmth to accompany the cool shades of the island and backsplash. In sum, posing as a collage of forms, patterns, and light shades, this kitchen executes a stylish look and a serene atmosphere, providing restful repose after a long working day.

Glass Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens

As eco-friendly materials, glass backsplashes are one of the greatest materials for blue and white kitchens. Especially if you want to create a coastal look, there is nothing better than a shimmering glass backsplash that comes in blue and white shades. But if you want to go for a timeless look, you can consider light blue and white ceramic subway tile backsplashes.

Apart from these two, glass penny round mosaic, KitKat, and picket tile hexagon tiles give a modern appeal and create texture-rich backgrounds. Also, if you want to go green and create a sustainable design, recycled glass tile backsplashes will not only minimize the carbon footprint of your kitchen but also create a unique backdrop.

Yet above all, what differentiates glass tiles from many other materials is their non-porous and easy-to-clean nature, not to mention their durability and resistance to moisture and heat.

Glass Backsplash Ideas for Blue and White Kitchens and Glass Pendants

Glass backsplashes have a unique charm of their own, coming with a glittering effect and adding movement to the wall. Here, for instance, surrounded by white cabinets, the multi-colored glass backsplash tinged with blue and pink hues creates a soft and optimist background, perfectly coordinated with the counter stools featuring floral patterns of the same shades. This vogue design and unpronounced interpretation of the patterns bring sophistication and a sense of elegance, assisted by white quartzite countertops. The gentle spirit of the materials and patterns along with the intriguing glass pendants works harmoniously to create a sanctuary of sorts that feels complete with the wood flooring.

Should backsplash be lighter than cabinets?

A backsplash could be lighter or darker than the cabinets. It is all dependent on personal preferences. Many kitchen designs combine dark gray, black, and masculine mustard backsplashes with white cabinets. Unlike what is generally assumed, dark backsplashes add depth to the walls, playing with the scale and proportion. Also, by integrating layered lighting, you can achieve more dimension and soften the contrast with a sense of warmness.

Recycled Glass Tile Backsplash for Blue Island and Gold Hardware

If you want to create a sustainable kitchen design and minimize the carbon footprint of your kitchen, why not use a recycled glass tile backsplash? In this super-chic and luxurious kitchen, the recycled glass tile backsplash makes a statement, featuring twisted tones and textures that harmoniously come together, and creates a backdrop speaking for itself. The rest of the kitchen communicates with the backsplash through white cabinets and a blue island that delivers a sense of freshness to the space, while brass detailing and cage pendants bring an old-world charm and an industrial look combined with luxury.

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