Black Galaxy Countertops Backsplash Ideas

This black galaxy countertop is not only gorgeous but also versatile thus allowing you to combine with a number of suitable options. The benefits of this black colored countertop is that you can choose different colored kitchen cabinetries, backsplash tiles and floor tiles to bring out your artistic imaginations without any limitations. Installed here with a brown 6X6 stone backsplash tile and metal insert, the countertop will work elegantly well with white marble, white glass backsplash tile, or even same colored backsplash for a rich looking and textured kitchen.In case you opt for the black galaxy countertop installation, you have a wide range of options in terms of colors and designs to choose from as far as backsplash tile and cabinetry are concerned.1- Contrast the countertop color by using white glass or marble backsplash tile.2- Opt for dark colored backsplash tile, such as dark gray or black. You can also go for the same black galaxy granite mixed backsplash tile.3- Complement the black galaxy countertop tile with cabinet color. You can use brown cabinet in case the tiles used are dark or light brown travertine, marble or glass tile.
black galaxy countertop backsplash
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Photo Credit | Diamond Kitchen & Bath, P. Selitskiy

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