Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror Make Stylish Touch Behind Mirror with Tiles

17+ Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

White Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror and a Wooden Floating Vanity with Vessel Sink

Flooded with natural light thanks to the skylight, this soothing bathroom design abounds in white. The white wrap-around backsplash caresses the walls, while the wooden floating vanity douses the space with organic vibes. The frameless accent mirror with curved edges breaks up the formality and regularity of the rectilinear forms for a sense of change. The brushed nickel wall sconce brings a lived-in feel. The white vessel sink nestles on the white quartz countertop, adding dimension. If wished, the half-empty countertop can be completed with a second sink making it perfect for a master bathroom, or used as an open shelf to place personal items such as lotions and towels.

Ensuite Bathroom with Mint Green Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

In this ensuite bathroom, the mint green backsplash breathes life into the space. Its horizontally stacked subway tiles introduce a sense of order, wrapping the whole bathroom to bring the space together. The light wooden vanity leans against the green backsplash peacefully, feeling at home. The open feature of the vanity offers a visually aesthetic spot to place the towels or other accessories such as wicker baskets. To enrich the repertoire of warming elements, brass finish and wall-mounted taps are added to punctuate the backsplash, supported by the brass finish mirror frames.

Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

Bathrooms are where the human body meets an abundance of water that relaxes the muscles and all the tension accumulated due to the heavy schedules of urban life. Sometimes all we need at the end of the day is to have a relaxing shower in a relaxing atmosphere, which makes bathrooms one of the favored spots that give us spa-like treatments to wash the day off. For that reason,  bathroom designs get more special. In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at bathroom designs with a specific focus on the backsplash for the bathroom mirror.

The backsplash for the bathroom mirror is one of the most defining features of the bathroom that sets the tone of the design. Whether you desire a chic, luxurious, modern, rustic, or minimalist design, all are shaped with the backsplash and mirror choices, of course, alongside the other complementary elements. To see how scroll down to discover some inspiring design projects.

Modern Bathroom with Floating Vanity and Brass Hardware

Rich in patterns, this modern bathroom design’s narrative is built upon the black and white palette enriched and given color with brass accents. To assist this combination, a white floating double vanity serves as the main bone, suggesting a sense of movement and opening up the space. It is complemented with brass finish hardware and wall sconces that add extra interest to the vanity. As for the background, the white ceramic tiles with geometric patterns reminiscent of flowers recontextualize classic elements in a modern context. A little further on the side, the bathtub and shower combo offer a spa treatment. This walk-in-style shower is delineated by glass doors that preserve the visual connectivity skilfully as the tile and wall tiles are kept the same. The black hexagon flooring adds beautiful texture underfoot to feel and stimulate the five senses of its users, while the soft rug provides extra comfort.

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Natural Bathroom Design with Green Vanity and Wood Panel

Awash with natural colors and textures, this visually pleasing bathroom design consists of a green floating vanity and wood panel backsplash. The off-white beadboard panels dress the walls, while a wood panel accent wall serves as the backsplash right behind the white vessel sink. Right next to it, 3 layers of wooden shelving add an extra dimension to the wall.

The open cabinet with wooden interior and open shelving with legs here and there provide a sense of intimacy and help navigate the needed items. Wicker baskets support the natural vibes already present through modernized farmhouse elements of wood and beadboard panels. Lastly, the white-black checkerboard flooring adds an unexpected pattern and color combination, creating a modern appeal along with the LED mirror.

Backsplash Color Options for Bathroom Mirror

The color options for a backsplash are limitless. Depending on the impact homeowners desire, the market offers all sorts of materials to provide the look they aim for. From bold colors to the pastel shades, multi-colored patterned tiles, natural materials (wood, stone, and marble), and wallpapers, each option offers a unique expression and character. Now let’s discover some of the most popular ones, starting from the neutral tones to the more colorful and exciting backsplashes for bathroom mirrors.

White Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

A white backsplash in bathrooms makes for a sanctuary of sorts, especially when combined with other white fixtures creating a monochromatic look. Available in both tile and slab versions, two of the most soothing materials are white marble and quartz which provide an excellent background for a bathroom mirror. Especially, if you opt for a frameless mirror that blends with the backsplash, white slab backsplashes are worth considering. The white backsplashes and mirrors also make a great team to enhance the spaciousness and openness of the space while slowing down the pace of the time. Additionally, for a more contemporary look, in white monochromatic design bathrooms, you can also go with a frameless or metal black-finish mirror.


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White Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror and Wall-hung Basin

In this white-black small bathroom design, the floor is almost kept free with the wall-hung basin and WC that feed the feeling of spaciousness. The white ceramic metro tiles create the outdoor vibes, while the wall ledge offers a shelf without taking too much space. This multi-functional ledge is a great addition to make efficient use of the available space, while the oversized wall-to-wall mirror adds depth to the bathroom, making the interior look brighter and more spacious. To add more movement to the space, on the ground level, the busy patterned floor tiles ornament the floors until the shower area. The shower zone with a black-framed division brings an industrial subtext that matches the metro tiles. Lastly, the potted plants are incorporated to add some color and natural vibes.

Wooden Vanity with White V-groove Wall Panels and Penny Tile Floor

Looking for an alternative for backsplash tiles? Why not try painted V-groove wood paneling? This elegant bathroom utilizes the white painted panels to clad the walls that create a blank canvas with a flow. The wooden vanity features stains that run vertically in contrast to the horizontal panel borders. This contrast creates a visual contrast that dynamizes the space, while black accents add nuanced details to bring more character. Ranging from the black-framed mirrors to the black wall sconce and cabinet handles, the black features retain the consistency and bring the space together. On the floor level, the white penny tiles provide a traction high flooring that is non-slippery and safer. But to create a comfort zone and friction-free spot, you can place a soft rug to rest your feet.

Do you tile behind a bathroom mirror?

It is highly recommended to tile behind a bathroom mirror which helps with the uniform look and keeps things simpler in the future. Assuming that something happened to the mirror or you got rid of the current one and want to replace it,  you can change the mirror easily.  It is because tiling behind the mirror saves you from a lot of trouble. For example, you won’t have to worry about getting a mirror of the same size or tiling the uncovered part of the backsplash.

From that perspective, designing requires always being one step ahead to prevent further problems from happening or at least minimize them. Even though tiling behind a mirror is not a rule of thumb. It is just better to keep things simple in the future.

Chic Bathroom Design with a Round Mirror and Black Floating Vanity

In this chic bathroom design, everything almost looks like a single piece complementing each other. The black lacquered suspended vanity with brass accents and hexagon patterns is topped with a marble countertop and white marble vessel sink. Composed of various materials, it communicates a sense of luxury and sophistication. A little above, the hexagon-shaped mirror with a round black frame featuring the same patterns as the vanity accentuates the wall surface. To assist the vanity and provide lighting to the basin, the white glass lighting fixture lands on its brass legs. On the opposite side, the composition feels complete with a black cushioned legless seat that offers a spot to rest. Lastly, the modern print hung on the opposite wall is reflected in the mirror which creates an interactive space that visually flows into each other.

White Kit Kat Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror and Brass Accents

In this immersive modern bathroom design, the white Kit Kat mosaic tiles on the wall extend to the shower side, achieving beautiful integrity, while the half-glass door marks the shower side. This glass division continues with double wooden vanity to add a sense of warmth. Topped with white round-shaped vessel sinks and a wooden countertop, it makes the design look neat and approachable. The round-edged double accent mirrors, likewise, brighten up the space, making it look larger. Plus, the brass taps and other plumbing fixtures bring a pop of color and extra charm to the bathroom.

Gray Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

Starting from dark soapstone, marble, gray geometric-patterned tiles, penny tiles, glossy glass tiles, and stone-look porcelain tiles, a gray backsplash comes in various shapes, shades, and patterns. For a more natural look and sophisticated look, soapstone, stone-look porcelain tiles, and marble stand out among their counterparts, while penny tiles create a texture-rich backsplash for the bathroom mirrors to lean on. For a moody and edgy look, gray backsplashes load the kitchen with the necessary backdrop to be highlighted by a bathroom mirror.

Gray Porcelain Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror with Wooden Vanity and White Standalone Tub

This sleek bathroom design offers a minimalist palette, highlighting the beauty of simplicity. The stone-look gray porcelain tiles provide a backsplash with clean lines both durable and aesthetic. The wooden vanity continues with a white standalone bathtub, complemented with a wall-mounted black tap and valve.

Colorful Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror

Are you a retro lover who wants your bathroom to strike you with a punch of color? Or, are you bored with neutral colors and looking for something exciting and different? If so, you can always change the aura of the room with a ripple of color. As the bathroom designs are inclusive in terms of bringing various elements together, you can feel free to combine different patterns and colors.

So, if you want to color your bathroom and are not sure how or where to stop, here are some tips. To begin with, when coming up with a colorful composition, you can use a colorful wraparound backsplash to bring the space together. Or, you can apply the backsplash only to the in-between space between the cabinet and mirror to make a statement.

Thirdly, apart from the tile backsplashes, another option to create a colorful backsplash for the mirror is to use wallpapers available in today’s market in a myriad of exciting color and pattern options. The best part of the wallpapers is that they create a sense of coziness and homey vibes that spread all over the space that warms your soul. If you wish to create diversity and don’t want the wallpaper to overwhelm the space, you can make a combo of the tiles and wallpaper as well. The most popular colors include pink, green, blue, light orange, and yellow tones which not only color the space but also evoke various feelings in homeowners.

What type of mirror is best for bathrooms?

Mirrors are the essential pieces of the bathroom that accentuate the backsplash. A mirror not only has to serve as a mirror but also can be uploaded with other functions. For example, a medicine cabinet mirror, lighting integrated smart mirrors, and ledge mirrors are some of the multi-functional exemplars.  Thus, when choosing the mirror type, what you should consider is its size, shape, and function and what you prioritize while getting a mirror.

The second important detail is the quality of the glass. For safety purposes, it is better to ensure that mirror you are getting is made of tempered glass or double-glazed glass, also known as laminated glass. Since the humidity level changes after taking steam baths or showers, the glass needs to be strong enough to withstand these changes. Now that we have covered the key points, we can take a look at the mirror types.

Types of Mirror

Pivot mirrors: Adjustable pivot mirrors are secured to the wall with a swivel rod, offering a functional use.

Framed vanity mirrors: They are easy to install, teaming up with the vanities for aesthetic values.

Magnifying mirrors: They make it ideal for shaving and putting make-up on while showing everything precisely.

LED mirrors: Ranging from phones to home appliances, while everything is getting smarter, why not should mirrors get smart too?  A mirror with integrated LED lighting will show everything clearly during make-up applications and shaving.

Frameless mirrors:  They provide flexibility in aesthetic terms. Even if the backsplash or the vanities change, you don’t have to worry about if the mirror frame is going to match with the rest.

Framed medicine cabinet: If you want an extra storage space coming with the mirror for a clutter-free look, a framed medicine cabinet is a great alternative.

Ledge mirrors:  For those who don’t want the medicine cabinet to stick more than necessary due to its extended width, ledge mirrors are another option that provides a shelf to keep the personal items within an arm’s reach.

Overall, it is hard to tell which one is the best as every homeowner prioritizes different features of bathroom mirrors. Though the above-mentioned mirror types can guide you to some extent, and all you have to do is to pick whatever suits your interests best.

Sophisticated Monochromatic Bathroom with Blue Glass Tiles 

Reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s paintings that melts the time, this surreal-looking mirror adds an interesting touch. Being kept frameless, it suggests an unrestricted flow and movement almost with a philosophic context. At the back, the dark blue glass backsplash exudes elegance. It provides a sophisticated background with an edgy side to it. On the right, a dark blue painted wall continues. It houses a brass-finish towel holder that neighbors the wall-hung black basin. It is complemented with brass plumbing fixtures to bring some warming shades. If you would like to keep the dark theme intact, you can use black matte-finish accents. Or, for a more luxurious look, chrome-finish fixtures will do it for you.

How big should a mirror be over a bathroom vanity?

The size of the mirror depends on the size of the bathroom and the vanity. For example,
if you have a small bathroom, the mirror should be smaller as well not to overwhelm the space. In case the bathroom has a double vanity, it is recommendable to either choose a larger rectangular mirror or two mirrors of the same kind for the integrity of the design.

Secondly, the height of the bathroom is also a determining factor. If the walls are higher, then a vertical mirror or full-length mirror provides a more proportionate option to feed the needs of the space. On the contrary, if the space has a low ceiling and feels rather enclosed, the solution is to get a small mirror.

But above all, the key detail is to keep the mirror narrower than the width of the vanity for aesthetic purposes and a well-balanced design look.


Luxurious Bathroom with Black and Pink Color Scheme

This hard-to-put-into-words luxurious bathroom design is awash with a soft pink making a beautiful combination with black. Ranging from the multi-colored backsplash to the vanity and colorful floor tiles, each piece is mercilessly stunning in equal measure. The high-gloss irregular structure of the vanity consists of solid black bubble-shaped forms of various sizes that unconventionally mimic a tree shape. At the edges of the structure, the brass bubbles add an extra glow to communicate a sense of luxury. The round-shaped mirror with an interesting design suits the overall theme. The floor-to-ceiling backsplash with softened pops of pink makes the design more lovable.

White Freestanding Vanity with Brass Hardware and Double Basins

The white washstand punctuated by brass handles fades into the background gently thanks to the white-painted walls. Double basins and mirrors increase the utility of the bathroom, creating a compact yet comfortable design. The star-shaped multi-colored backsplash protects the wall from any splashing, adding a jolt of character to the space. White glass miniature wall sconces and black-finish metal framed mirrors improve the contemporary appeal of the bathroom that ensures the relevance of the space in the long term with minimal and simple touches.

Backsplash for Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Frameless bathroom mirrors offer design flexibility, assisting the vanity and backsplash and working as a space-enhancing factor. Coming in various shapes from rectangles to oval and round, they introduce different geometric patterns. Additionally, LED illuminated and light integrated mirrors are available in the market. They are an alternative that is functional and aesthetic. They provide a layer of artificial light that eases the shaving and make-up routines. Also, they provide atmospheric lighting that improves the overall ambiance of the bathroom.


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Luxurious Bathroom Design with LED Mirror and Mint Green Cabinet

The LED integrated oversized round mirror builds up a beautiful ambiance, shining against the white marble backsplash. The beautiful striations on the backsplash ooze with elegance to make a statement. Below, a green mint vanity adds a splash of soothing color for a sense of excitement. The brass tap and roses distributed here and there personalize the design to evoke visual interest. The wood-look porcelain tiles clad the floors to create a natural feel. Also, complement the marble and the roses, pulling off the whole design together.

Backsplash for Rounded Bathroom Mirror

Coming both with a frame and frameless, rounded mirrors ornate the backsplash with a minimalist touch. Depending on their style and frame, they can be associated with Mid-century, industrial, modern, and traditional designs. As they break up from the rectilinear forms and formality of the shapes, they introduce a new geometric pattern that is interesting and curvy.

Backsplash options for a rounded bathroom mirror depend on the mirror’s finishing design or vice versa. But as the backsplash is one of the main defining features and is hard to change, it has a priority, and a mirror is generally chosen to suit the rest. Backsplash for rounded bathroom mirror could be anything, be it subway tile, marble, Kit Kat mosaic, wood panel backsplashes, pink and dark gray glass tiles, or anything you can imagine.

As for the design options with rounded bathroom mirrors, the materials and finishes determine the character of the design and its suitability for the rest of the bathroom.  For example, while black-finish metal frames offer an industrial look, the ones with a decorative hoop at the top feature a contemporary appeal.

Besides, brass-finish frames go well with soft pink tones, green, and white shade backsplashes beautifully. Rattan-made frames of the rounded mirrors bring boho vibes, making it feel like a beach day. For a change, you can combine them with wooden panel backsplashes or even stone backsplashes.

However, if you don’t want something too round but rather look for something in between with long edges, then you can consider ovular mirrors.

All-White Bathroom with Frameless LED Mirror and Subway Tile Backsplash

In this all-white monochromatic kitchen, a minimalist palette sets the tone of the design. The white stacked ceramic subway tile backsplash stretches from floor to ceiling creating a timeless appeal. The white flat-front modern vanity features timber knobs that accentuate the vanity doors. An ovular-shaped vessel sink nestles on the cabinet gently, complemented with a chrome-finish tap. Above, the LED integrated rounded mirror has an inserted lighting system that naturally frames it with light, which is also a practical and long-lasting solution in addition to its aesthetic role of atmospheric lighting.


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Wooden Freestanding Vanity and Frameless Half-Circle Mirror with Gray Tile Backsplash

Oozing serenity, the freestanding double vanity occupies a generous amount of space without overwhelming the space. It is coupled with a frameless half-circle mirror that enhances the openness and spaciousness of the bathroom. Topped with a white quartz countertop and double vessel sinks, the vanity features a layered look that adds more character to the otherwise bare space. The large-format gray tiles clad the walls and floors that envelop the whole bathroom to bring the space together. Lastly, the ceiling-hung white pot houses a beautiful plant whose green leaves reach out and add pops of colors.

Backsplash for Gold Bathroom Mirror

Gold bathroom mirrors pack plenty of character into the space, allowing homeowners to negotiate various design set-ups. Ranging from white to pink, off-white, and pastel tones, the soft-colored backsplashes make for stunning designs with gold bathroom mirrors. And a gold
bathroom mirror introduces charm, glows, and color to highlight the backsplash.

Furthermore, you can combine gold mirrors with bespoke statement furniture pieces to add more elegance to the space. Or, for a more laid-back and relaxed ambiance, wicker baskets, boho pendants, and vintage-style rugs alter the overall atmosphere of the bathroom instantly. MoreoBrass-finish taps, cabinet handles, and towel holders come as complementary elements to team up with the gold-finish mirror.

White Zellige Tile Backsplash for Bathroom Mirror and Golden Accents

Packed with plenty of unique nuanced and handmade details, this bathroom design is awash in whites, golden touches, and rustic vibes. At the rear, the white zellige tile backsplash provides breathing space and makes its users visually cool down. By also cladding the vanity, it brings the space together. In the rest of the design, this all-white space is peppered with brass accents. These accents cherish the space and add warmth. Flanked by brass-detailed wall sconces, the gold rectangular mirror frame enriches the design and also adds an oriental flavor.

What color should my bathroom mirror be?

Generally, the color of mirror frames is dictated by the surrounding elements such as the backsplash, the vanity, and other complementary elements, including hardware, wall sconces, and towel holders. As such, mirror frames tend to coordinate generally with the cabinet handles and the plumbing fixtures. But if you want your bathroom mirror to stand out, you can go with an intricately detailed mirror to make a statement. While silver, chrome, nickel finish, brass, and black metal finishes are the most popular mirror finishes, you can consider how one of those would suit the rest.

Also, if wished, for design flexibility, frameless mirrors and LED-integrated lights providing a layer of light at the edges of the mirror provide a secondary option. To communicate a sense of luxury and incorporate a high-tech product into your bathroom design, you can try smart mirrors with LED lighting. However, if you prefer your mirror to melt into the ground rather than having it spotlighted, a frameless and LED-free mirror stands out as the greatest option.


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Pink Subway Tile Backsplash and Gray Cabinet with Brass Tap

Soothing and sensational in equal measure, this gently colored vintage-style bathroom proposes an alluring design with the pink subway tile backsplash and gray cabinet. The glazed surface of the tiles brings an extra glow. This glow spotlights this pastel pink shade and makes it the visual focal point of the space. The brass-framed rectangular mirror vertically hung on its narrow edge spices up the backsplash. But overall, if there is anything better than this pink backsplash, it is how the brass tap poses against the pink backdrop. For a heartwarming ambiance with secure feelings, feel free to combine brass and pink for a sensational look. In addition, with a few rustic elements, you can as well take the design to another level.

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