Gray Cabinets Countertop Backsplash Idea

Gray tones kitchen with glass subway backsplash tile.

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PHOTO ID #: 6076Gray Subway Backsplash Tile Cabinet Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Eisner Design LLC

Gray Color Cabinet Countertop & Glass backsplash Tile

The tactful use of 3×6 gray glass backsplash tile along with the gray shiny granite countertop in this kitchen results in a chic touch that is absolutely alluring. The gray glass subway backsplash enhances the lighting in the room, giving it a pallid look. In addition, the use of the gray kitchen cabinetry blends well with everything and gives a highlight to the stainless steel appliances in the room.


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  • Amy Gravitch

    Gray Cabinets Countertop backsplash Idea Photo…
    Please let me know what brand/color, etc. for the backsplash tiles.
    Thank you.


      Hi Amy Thats 3×6 glass subway backsplash tile. I attached large view for that tile. We can supply it for you. Please let us know. Thanks

      Tile Size: 3″ x 6″
      Tile thickness – 5/16″ (8mm)


    I attached large view for that tile.

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