Brown Glass Stone Backsplash Tile Santa Cecilia Countertops


Brown Glass Stone Backsplash Tile Santa Cecilia Countertops Brown gold copper color mixed kitchen backsplash tiles with santa cecilia granite countertop and brown kitchen cabinets. Rich color combination of the kitchen backsplash tile made connection between kitchen countertop and kitchen cabinet. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE TRAVERTINE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Bianco Romano Countertop Travertine Backsplash Tile


Bianco Romano Countertop Travertine Backsplash Tile Bianco Romano granite countertop beige kitchen cabinets with tumbled subway travertine backsplash tile. This beige brown tones subway travertine backsplash can easily blend with all brown and beige tones. Size 3×6 comes with individual pieces that way you can use any kind of pattern or installation. This is a natural stone tile you have to seal them after installation. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE TRAVERTINE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Calacatta Gold Subway Tile Backsplash


Elegant calacatta gold subway backsplash tile with calacatta gold marble countertop. This is a very unique blend of design. Calacatta gold countertop finished with same type marble backsplash tiles. If you are looking for luxury for your project calacatta marble is top choose. This is a glossy backsplash tile with white gray and gold color mixed. Unique size calacatta gold subway tile. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE MARBLE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

White Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Backsplash Tile


Elegant white kitchen wit calacatta gold mosaic tile backsplash. Calacatta gold origin is Italy. Ones the best marble tile you can find. Its very elegant natural stone for any kind of remodeling project. Calacatta gold comes with mostly white and gray tones also some gold tones and gold veins gives unique look. If you are looking something unique calacatta gold backsplash tile is one of the best option for you. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE MARBLE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Volga Blue Countertop Travertine Backsplash Tile

Volga Blue Countertop Travertine Backsplash

Volga Blue Countertop with Travertine, Metal and Glass Mix Backsplash Tile Brown kitchen cabinets and volga blue granite kitchen countertop with light color travertine, metal and glass tile mix backsplash pattern installation. Backsplash matched with stainless steel appliances also blue color accent pieces for granite countertop. Light color travertine tiles gives more luminance for kitchen. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE TRAVERTINE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

White Onyx Subway Backsplash Idea

White Onyx Backsplash Tile Idea

Mirror Polished Finish White Onyx Backsplash Tile Idea Everything about this kitchen is classy with the 3×6 mirror polished finish white onyx backsplash tile giving the wall a sparkling appearance that is not only beautiful but also magnifies the light in the room. The colonial cream granite countertop adds some texture with its specks and magically blends flawlessly well with the beige kitchen cabinets for a showy look. The choice of colors in this kitchen shows how well gold and white backgrounds can work with the white onyx backsplash for a rhythmic design. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE ONYX BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Tumbled Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Tumbled Marble Backsplash Tile-Idea

Marble Tumbled Backsplash Tile with Metal Insert The design in this kitchen is artistically thought-out for an elaborate appeal. The tumbled 2X2 marble mosaic tile with 2×2 metal insert and giallo veneziano granite countertop that has a double line 1×1 marble mosaic combines creatively to give this room a balanced and welcoming shade that is irresistible.  This also enhances the functionality of this kitchen giving it value and durability. Combine these with beige kitchen cabinets and bronze kitchen faucets and what you have is pure aesthetic extravagance. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE MARBLE BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Onyx Subway Backsplash Tile Idea

Onyx Subway Backsplash Tile Idea

Onyx Subway Mosaic Backsplash Idea The rough gold colored mosaic subway onyx backsplash tile gives this room a deep textured appeal, which makes the cooking space look lovely and arty. Coupling it with the beige quartz kitchen countertop offers this kitchen not only a beautiful outlook but also sturdy and functional features. Additionally, the use of the onyx backsplash gives the kitchen a chic and affluent appeal. WE CAN SUPPLY THESE TILES ON REQUEST For more information and pricing, please post your comment below. We’ll contact you shortly with further information. SOME OF OUR POPULAR PRODUCTS MORE ONYX BACKSPLASH IDEAS

Tumbled Stone Backsplash Tile Ideas

Tumbled Stone Backsplash Tile Ideas

Whether you want to find a way to add simple elegance to your kitchen or if you simple want to make your kitchen take on a somewhat older rustic look, you should consider the idea of putting a tumbled stone backsplash up. With tumbled stone tiles you can create any type of look you want to have. What is Tumbled Tile? It is simple. Tumbled tiles start life as large stones that have been pulled from the stone quarry and can be as much as 6×6 feet big. It’s roughly cut from the earth and shipped to fabricators who cut down those large blocks of stone into slabs or tiles. As its cut down, some pieces of the original stone will break off and they…

Travertine Backsplash For Kitchen Designs

travertine tile backsplash design

PHOTO ID #: 6126 2×4 Honed Subway Backsplash Tile 2×4 walnut dark travertine backsplash with brown cabinets and quartz kitchen countertop. For anyone entering the kitchen, the place that first captures your attention is the kitchen backsplash. It is for this reason that the choice of the backsplash material and designs should be thoroughly selected in order to come up with the best results possible. Travertine backsplash is one of the most ideal options when it comes to the material choice and this is due to a number of reasons. It is also important to point out that travertine tiles are also used in a number of places and projects such as flooring and countertops installation. These tiles are generally known for their gorgeous look…

Travertine Tile Backsplash Ideas


    This is a elegant travertine tile installation. 3×6 subway travertine tile. Beige brown color mixed. Visit Product Page ” Subway Travertine Backsplash Tile“ When it comes to home remodeling, a few changes can help breathe a new life into the entire building giving it much needed renewal and value. It is amazing how backsplash changes can help give the kitchen space a refreshed look but the materials used and how the project is done determine this. With this having been said, it is important to know that you have many options to choose from with travertine tile backsplash being one of the most suitable option to consider. Travertine is one of the unique materials that you will find in the market and there are…